We've been taking a look at Fujifilm's recently released firmware update for the X10, which was designed to reduce the much-discussed 'white orbs' blooming effect. Our initial conclusions are troubling enough for us to pre-empt our forthcoming coverage of the issue with a quick update on our findings so far. 

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The 'white orbs', or 'white discs' issue refers to the X10's tendency to render clipped point highlights as sharp-edged white 'blobs'. Sadly, all the indications from our studio and real-world shooting so far are that the update appears to have very little effect on the appearance or intensity of these artefacts.

We're still working through the necessary studio and 'real world' shooting for an in-depth look at the differences between the old and new firmware, and we'll post comparison images as soon as possible. Until then, our friend Jeff Keller at www.dcresource.com has posted a quick before/after firmware update comparison.