Sony has helped us confirm that the cameras supplied to us for review do not match the performance of the models on sale. Following the publication of our review we became aware of reports of starting up significantly faster than any of the cameras we’d been using (despite repeated assurances that they were production standard). Having discussed this with Sony, we have now been supplied with a camera that reflects the behaviour buyers will experience and have updated the relevant sections of our review accordingly.

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After further testing we found the startup times have been considerably improved (around 1.2 seconds, rather than nearly 2 seconds). Shot-to-shot times are unchanged, however.

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Video demonstration

Camera A
A NEX-5 running firmware version 1.00 supplied for review.
Camera B
A NEX-5 running firmware version 1.03 supplied for performance confirmation.

Video shows camera startup time, followed by demonstration of the additional lag encountered if cameras are turned on again immediately after being turned off (not a delay you'll regularly encounter).