With just two weeks until PIX 2015, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of our talented re:FRAME speakers. You can catch them October 6 & 7 live streamed right here, or join us in person at Seattle Center! Just pick up an all-access pass to gain entry to re:FRAME talks at McCaw Hall.

Adventure and outdoor photographer Kiliii Fish was helping lead a workshop in Guatemala when he encountered something he wasn't expecting. In the villages outside of Antigua, he and his students came across a landfill near an actively erupting volcano. Amidst the haze and decay they found waste pickers - individuals scavenging the most valuable items and recyclables from the landfill.

With over 60% of Guatemala's population living in poverty, a family can make (barely) enough to survive by waste picking. It's unpleasant work in harsh conditions, but it provides steady work and freedom, so they arrive when the garbage trucks do to find bottles and cardboard. You can see some of the photos from his series 'Scavenging Guatemala' in the slideshow above.

Catch Kiliii Fish's re:FRAME talk 'Living Wild' at 4:25pm PT on Wednesday, October 7. You can find more of his work at his website as well as Instagram.