Apple's iPhone 5c is now also available in a version with 8GB of built-in storage.

When Apple launched their latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s, they took the hardware of the predecessor, the iPhone 5, added iOS7 and a new colorful plastic body, and called the new creation the iPhone 5c. The 5c was meant to be a more affordable alternative to the 5s but it appears sales have thus far not met the expectations of Apple executives.

Today the tech giant from Cupertino has made a move to fix this and released an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c. The new model first appeared on the UK carrier O2's website but is expected to become available via all carriers that have offered the 5c until now.

Unlocked versions of the device have also been made available in Apple's online stores. In the UK store it is listed at £429 which represents a £40 saving over the 16GB version. In Germany you'll have to shell out €549 for the 5c's 8GB version, €50 less than the 16GB variant.

At the time of writing this story the new version had not yet arrived in Apple's US store. The table below provides an overview over the current pricing structure.

 iPhone 5c  US UK DE
8GB   n/a  £429  €549
 16GB  $549  £469  €599
 32GB  $649  £549  €699

Compared to the 16GB model the saving is not huge but still makes the iPhone 5c more affordable relative to the 5s. The cheapest version of the latter comes with 16GB storage and still sets you back £549 in the UK, £120 more than the budget 5c. So if you can live with the new model's limited on-board storage and want to have access to the large number of camera and image editing apps available in the iOS ecosystem the 8GB iPhone 5c might be well worth a closer look. 

In another move, Apple has also phased out the iPad 2 and replaced it with the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display as the most affordable 9.7-inch tablet in their line-up. The device comes with an A6X processor and 5MP camera. It's priced at $399/£329/€379 for the 16GB, Wi-Fi-only model.