The Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app displays and sorts pictures in a very similar way to the standard Android Gallery app.

The Dropbox automatic photo upload feature is a real blessing if you work with smartphones a lot. You take a picture or a screenshot and within seconds it appears on your PC's Dropbox folder, ready for use in your content management system, without any cables or other types of physical connection needed. Of course this also means your photos are safely and securely stored in the cloud. If your device is lost or stolen you'll at least have your valuable pictures. Google (via the Plus app) and Facebook (in its iOS app) is providing similar services.

With this latest update the Amazon Cloud Photos app has joined the ranks of apps capable of automatically uploading photos to the cloud. It comes with 5GB of free storage but more can be purchased, from 20GB for US$10 per year to 1000GB for US$500 per year).

By default images are uploaded automatically after they've been captured, but you can switch to manual upload if you only want to sync specific pictures or folders to the cloud. Wi-Fi only upload is also enabled by default, but those of you with an unlimited data plan can untick the box in the settings.

The new version also gains a camera button but it only serves to open any of the camera apps already installed on your device. It's also hidden in the settings menu which somehow limits its usefulness. Overall these updates make the Amazon app a viable alternative to Dropbox and the other solutions mentioned above but arguably a switch makes most sense for current users of the Amazon Cloud service.

In the folder view you can switch between cloud and device content.
Wi-Fi only upload and auto upload options can be found in the menu.
The camera button is only a link to any camera app already installed ont he device.
Upload status is visible in the notification tray.