Report: Panasonic at PPE 2011

Panasonic's presence at this year's PPE is relatively low-key and consists only of a few display stands and a small seminar area, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see. As well as the latest Lumix compacts and camcorders, photographers are lining up to play with the current range of G-series Micro Four Thirds models, the Lumix DMC-GF3, G3, G10 and high-end movie-optimized GH2

Panasonic might have a small stand at this year's show but it makes an impression. Enthusiasts crowd around the Micro Four Thirds display to get their hands on Panasonic's latest offerings.
The GH2 is Panasonic's flagship mirrorless interchangeable lens model, aimed at both still and video photographers. The rear LCD screen hinges out, which aids composition in both still and movie photography.
At the bottom end of the G-series range is the tiny GF3, seen here with the equally tiny 14mm pancake lens, which gives a field of view equivalent to 28mm The GF3 has a touch-sensitive rear LCD screen, and it is clear that Panasonic has taken the oportunity to shift a lot of operation away from physical control points, and onto the display. 
The G3 is Panasonic's midrange Micro Four Thirds model, and offers 16MP resolution with a 'traditional' DSLR-like form factor.  The G3's EVF has 1.44 million dots, and its rear LCD screen is articulated, just like the flagship GH2...
...and here's what the GH2 looks like 'exploded'. As well as the latest Micro Four thirds models, Panasonic is also showing off its range of Lumix compacts and consumer camcorders.