Ricoh popped out two new digital cameras to coincide with CeBit. The RDC-7 sports a slimline almost "Agfa look", a 3.34 megapixel CCD and 3x optical zoom lens, it's being marketed as the thinking professionals digital camera (just right for the execs briefcase). The RDC-6000 being a more typical compact digicam look with a 2.14 megapixel CCD and no optical zoom.

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Company Press Release:

Ricoh Introduces Groundbreaking 2.14 Megapixel and 3.34 Megapixel Digital Cameras

New "Image Capturing Devices" Set Benchmark for Combining Rich Multi-mode Feature Set and Affordability for Everyday Consumers, Prosumers and Mobile Professionals

WEST CALDWELL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 24, 2000-- Ricoh PC Peripherals Business Unit has designed two new multimillion-pixel digital cameras that will deliver an unsurpassed feature set to both entry level and advanced users.

Both cameras are designed from the CCD up to be optimal for their specific target markets. The RDC-6000 is for the digital camera buyer who wants quality images and dual-mode versatility in an easy to use design, while the RDC-7 caters to the mobile professional who demands maximum image quality and multimedia features in a highly portable compact form factor.

``We have taken a user-centric model to develop these cameras. By understanding the needs and wants of today's digital consumer, we have incorporated features that promise to provide the broadest range of functionality to ensure the highest level of satisfaction,'' said Jeff Lengyel, digital camera marketing manager for Ricoh PC Peripherals Business Unit.

``The 2.14 megapixel RDC-6000 promises to set a new standard of versatility, quality and affordability for the average consumer, while the 3.34 million pixel RDC-7 fits the bill for the imaging enthusiast and mobile prosumer who require high resolution and multimedia capabilities for mission critical applications.''

Ricoh RDC-6000

Ricoh RDC-6000

With an emphasis on the consumer, the RDC-6000's versatility is exemplified by the fact that it is a dual-mode camera. In other words, it may be used as a digital still camera or Web cam to broadcast over the Internet via its USB connection.

In addition, the camera captures full motion video in high quality Motion JPEG AVI file format and uses on-board interpolation to create high resolution JPEG stills equivalent to 3 million pixels to be stored on the camera's SmartMedia card.

A 4X stepped digital zoom, full featured flash and a multitude of customizable settings ensures optimal image capture flexibility. A large dial control for setting the camera modes and an easy-to-use menu interface ensures the camera is user friendly for ages 8 to 80.

``Our mission with the RDC-6000 was to bring to market a camera for the masses. We assessed that 2 megapixels is a sufficient resolution for 90 percent of today's digital consumers,'' says Lengyel.

``Affordability and lack of versatility have prevented consumers from stepping up to the 2 megapixel mark. With the dual-mode and video features of this camera, we can be assured that every member in the household will utilize it, and from a pricing perspective, we ensure everyone can afford it.''

Ricoh RDC-7

Ricoh RDC-7

Aimed at mobile professionals and power users, the RDC-7's sleek, ultra-thin design looks more like an advanced personal information tool than a camera, and its features are more diverse than any digital camera on the market today.

Starting with its high resolution 3.34MP CCD for capturing JPEG or uncompressed TIFF stills, the camera can also create ultra-sharp images or images equivalent to 7MP using Ricoh's Image Enhancement Technology, a unique on-board image processing system.

The high quality 3X optical zoom and 1cm macro capabilities provide a full range of composition while the 8MB onboard memory and SmartMedia expandability ensures ample storage. Beyond image capture, the camera is also a digital voice recorder allowing users to capture and playback unlimited lengths of digital audio in WAV file format, as well as incorporate sound into images.

The camera also supports capture of full motion video with sound in Motion JPEG file format. Another capture mode turns the RDC-7 into a portable document scanner by utilizing a special black and white TIFF file format to capture images of text and graphics with unsurpassed clarity.

``We identified what was important to business users and prosumers who would use a 3 million pixel camera. They are not your average consumers, because they use a camera as a tool, not a toy, and require the maximum in versatility relative to data capture options,'' stated Lengyel.

``Portability is important in any business tool, so we designed the camera to be highly mobile, as well as powerful, to create the perfect fit for the mobile professional and power user.''

From a design perspective, the pocket size camera is as evolutionary as it is revolutionary. Departing from traditional design, the front of the camera incorporates a secondary shutter release and a pivoting monitor to allow the camera to be held as a compact camcorder for maximum comfort when capturing stills or video. The camera is easy to hold either vertically or horizontally, for either portrait or landscape capture.

Both cameras will be available for use on Windows or Macintosh platforms and will support the optional Ricoh infrared remote control. The RDC-6000 will be available in early summer with the RDC-7 following shortly thereafter.

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