Apple has shared a gallery of images from the new iPhone 5, one of which particularly caught our eye.

Dpreview’s own Scott Everett just recently traveled to Big Sur in California, capturing with his iPhone 4S a nearly identical image of the coastline as that which Apple shared today in the iPhone 5 sample gallery.

We thought we’d post the two side-by-side so that you can compare results from the iPhone 4S with those from the iPhone 5 yourself.

Big Sur on the iPhone 4S, taken by dpreview product manager Scott Everett. Big Sur on the iPhone 5, shared as part of the sample gallery of images from Apple.

Looking at the EXIF data of the images strongly suggests that this is a new sensor, despite the pixel count remaining the same. Close examination shows the iPhone 5 is using a 4.1mm lens to give a 33mm equivalent field of view, rather than the 4S's 4.3mm lens, which gave a 35mm equivalent view. This would suggest the new sensor is a tiny fraction larger though the difference is within the territory of rounding error. The iPhone 5 has also selected ISO 50, 1/3EV below the 4S's minimum sensitivity of ISO 64.

Read more about the iPhone 5’s camera capabilities in the story we posted earlier today.