A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of 500px 'Prime' a licensing service created by the popular photography website that was designed to allow users to make some cash from their images. Originally, the service was set to offer photographers a 30% cut of image sales at a minimum price per image of $250 but a lot of photographers weren't happy with the 70/30 split.

500px Prime is now live, but in the time since announcement and deployment the terms have changed with photographers now being offered 70% of every sale rather than the original 30%. Great news on the face of it, but $250 is now a flat rate, meaning that all images sold through Prime will be sold for $250, rather than the original model where pricing could vary with $250 set as the lowest amount for which any picture could be sold. 

70% of $250 is $175, which for many casual photographers will be a pretty attractive prospect. It's worth noting though that for that fee of $250, the buyer of the image is purchasing 'a worldwide, any-media usage license'. In other words, as 500px explains: 'unlimited print and digital impressions forever'. 

Would you be happy with selling an unlimited license to one of your pictures, forever, for $175? In a week when Getty has made more than 35 million of its images free, effectively, via embedding, we'd love to know what you think.