Florida-based Olivier Duong has been blogging about a common addiction among enthusiast and professional photographers  - G.A.S., or 'Gear Acquisition Syndrome'. Among its symptoms are 'hoarding gear that you don’t really need and getting stuff for the sake of getting it'. Does this sound painfully familiar? In his blog post, entitled 'How buying cameras and lenses made me miserable and lose thousands', self-confessed former 'gear addict' Duong explains how his gear acquisition got out of control.

Are you a gear addict? What he calls Gear Acquisition Syndrome cost Olivier Duong thousands of dollars.

Photo: Olivier Duong

Among the 'confessions' listed in his article, Duong claims that his addiction to gear acquisition actually got him started in photography, when 'I had a friend that had a cool looking professional camera and one day realized that I could afford it'. Once he had his hands on his own DSLR, Duong went about collecting more, and more, and more...

Admitting that 'I can't really remember how many cameras I owned', Duong claims that 'a sure way to know you have G.A.S is that you start not only buy cameras but also everything else like bags, gadgets and other gizmos.' He goes on to detail how his own addiction wasn't limited to just cameras, but also included smartphones, PDAs and watches - a collection which ultimately cost him thousands of dollars. 

Describing gear acquisition syndrome as 'a sort of idolatry', Duong explains 'normally idolatry is anything you put in front of God (yourself, money, etc), but G.A.S is a form of idolatry in the sense that you put gear in front of photography. The main goal [becomes] not photography but the acquisition of shiny new toys.'

Does this sound like you? (Some of us here in the dpreview office are shifting nervously in our seats). You'll be pleased to know that Duong did overcome his addiction. How? Well, he's teasing that for the next installment of his blog. We can't wait to find out.