Samsung has posted firmware updates for the NX10 and NX5 interchangeable lens cameras adding key features from the recently released NX100. Version 1.20 offers compatibilty with the i-Function feature of the newly introduced 20mm and 20-50mm lenses. It also adds support for the GPS10 GPS module and improves AF performance. There is also a 'distortion compensate' function to correct lens distortion. The updates are available for immediate download from Samsung's website.

Click here for more information and to download firmware v1.20

Press Release:

Samsung announces firmware upgrade for the NX10

London, UK – 7 October, 2010 – Samsung Electronics has released a firmware upgrade for its innovative NX10 camera today. The new version features a number of updates to ensure consumers are kept up to date with the latest technological advances. New features include supporting Samsung’s new i-Function lens which allows users to easily adjust shutter speed, aperture value, ISO, white balance and EV at P,A,S,M mode by simply using focus ring when the i-Function lens is mounted. The upgrade will also support external GPS module which will enable Geotagging of pictures when capturing GPS.

Additional updates include improved performance of Auto-Focus with a new algorithm, providing better AF speed and accuracy. Reduced image distortion due to Supporting LDC (Lens Distortion Compensation) and Enhanced usability for retract lens (20-50mm).

To download the firmware update customers can visit -

The file can be simply copied onto the SD card which is then inserted into the camera where menu/settings 3 should be selected – users should see the option firmware update ‘select body firmware’. A screen should then appear displaying Body Upgrade? Ver .01.20, select yes and the update should begin.

The new upgrade also applies to the Samsung NX5.