Nikon has announced two digiscoping accessories for its 1 System cameras, allowing them to be used to take pictures through telescopes. The DSA-N1 can be used to connect a Nikon 1 system camera directly to a telescope eyepiece. Meanwhile the DSB-N1 is a bracket that holds the camera behind the telescope, and includes a mechanical cable release adapter. Both will be available in December, with RRPs of £219.99 and £169.99 for the DSA-N1 and DSB-N1 respectively. 

Press release:


Nikon Digiscoping Adapter DSB-N1

London, UK, 23 November 2012: Nikon UK is pleased to announce the DSA-N1 digiscoping adapter and DSB-N1 digiscoping bracket, specifically designed to attach to Nikon 1 cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Popular among birdwatchers, digiscoping is a form of super-telephoto shooting using a fieldscope attached to a camera. Having been created exclusively for the popular Nikon 1 system; the digiscoping adapter DSA-N1 and bracket DSB-N1, making digiscoping simple, easy and enjoyable.

Key features:

Digiscoping Adapter DSA-N1

  • Can be used together with the Nikon Fieldscope, an eyepiece and a Nikon 1 body
  • Can be attached directly to the Nikon 1 mount
  • Since an optical axis adjustment is not required, it can be easily attached to Nikon Fieldscopes
  • Auto or Manual exposure mode and centre-weighted metering are available*
  • Easy to carry compact size
  • Can be attached to various eyepieces, and is capable of super-telephoto shooting at various focus range settings

Key features:

Digiscoping Adapter DSB-N1

  • This digiscoping bracket connects the Nikon 1 with 1 NIKKOR lenses and Nikon Fieldscopes with an eyepiece, enabling super-telephoto shooting
  • The cable release socket is attached to the Bracket. The supplied cable release (approx.. 50cm) is useful for preventing camera shake when shooting
  • Use the supplied light-shielding rubber sheet to prevent external light from entering

*Incompatible with Smart Photo Selector mode and Motion Snapshot mode
*Incompatible with Scene Auto Selector in Still Image mode of Nikon 1 J1 and V1

Further images

Nikon Digiscoping Adapter DSA-N1