Sony has issued a press release about the new product developments it's showcasing at Photokina 2010. Highlights include a firmware update for the NEX series (covered in a separate news story), a prototype of a new camera that will incorporate the latest Translucent Mirror technology, accessories for A-mount cameras including a flash and vertical grip, and upcoming lenses for both A and E mounts.

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Sony showcases digital imaging solutions at Photokina Prototypes of Advanced Model A-mount Camera and new E-mount lens roadmap are revealed

Sony showcases the unique creative possibilities of its full digital imaging line-up at Photokina. Highlights on the Sony stand in Hall 5.2 include latest additions to the α (pronounced ‘Alpha’) range of interchangeable lens digital cameras, Cyber-shot™ compact cameras, Handycam® HD camcorders, Bloggie™ Mobile HD snap cameras and S-Frame digital photo frames.

A-mount system interchangeable lens digital cameras
Shown for the first time in Europe, Sony exhibits a new advanced segment camera (prototype) that uses Translucent Mirror Technology. Aimed at photo enthusiasts and step-up amateurs, the new α model builds on the powerful creative possibilities of the first translucent mirror cameras from Sony, the α55 and α33, also on display. Unlike conventional DSLR cameras, this innovative design enables super-fast shooting responses with continuous AF during stills and HD video shooting in a compact body.

Also presented, new A-mount system accessories currently in development include a flash and Vertical Grip, plus standard zoom and telephoto lenses.

E-mount system cameras: NEX-5/NEX-3
The growing range of E-mount system cameras, lenses and accessories is on display at Photokina. The compact, beautifully styled NEX-5/NEX-3 feature an APS-C size sensor, allowing photographers to capture DSLR-quality stills and video with the creative freedom of interchangeable lenses. On show are prototypes of seven new E-mount lenses that will be available during 2011 and 2012.

Available from mid-October, a firmware update adds fresh functionality to the NEX-5/NEX-3. Autofocus operation is now supported when using A-mount SAM and SSM lenses with the optional LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor. There’s also a new custom function that allows assignment to buttons of frequently-used functions, plus a new function to record movies with setup aperture.

Cyber-shot™ digital compact cameras
The Cyber-shot™ range of digital still cameras includes the feature-packed W series, the high-performance H series and the super-slim T series. Key Cyber‑shot™ features include AVCHD Full HD video, 3D Sweep Panorama and Superior Auto Mode for brilliant results in any shooting situation.

Handycam® HD camcorders
The Handycam® range of flash memory and hard disk drive camcorders unites Sony expertise in image sensing, digital processing and advanced optical design. The Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor on selected models boosts sensitivity for enhanced image quality with reduced noise, even in low-light. SteadyShot Active Mode features ‘3-way’ shake cancelling for more stable images at all zoom settings, even while walking.

Targeted at videographers and enthusiasts, the Handycam® NEX-VG10 features an extra-large Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor for stunning images with cinematic depth-of-field effects. Compatibility with interchangeable lenses allows still photographers to fully exploit the creative possibilities of their existing lens collection (A-mount lenses require optional adaptor).

Bloggie Touch™ Mobile HD snap camera
The latest addition to the Bloggie™ family, the stylish “Bloggie Touch” MHS-TS20K features a super-size touchscreen, 360 Video shooting capability and built-in USB arm for easy PC transfers. Built-in software simplifies photo and movie clip sharing via online services like the newly-launched Personal Space by Sony.

S-Frame Digital Photo Frame
The full 2010 line-up of S-Frame digital photo frames includes models from 17.8cm (7”) to 25.9cm (10.2”) panel size. Flagship models now support AVCHD video playback with stereo sound. Other models include the D830L, a battery-powered portable photo album, and F800 that integrates a high-quality colour printer.

Sony at Photokina 2010: Prototype / pre-production model display

A-Mount series interchangeable lens camera
Camera body

  • Advanced model
  • Translucent Mirror Technology
  • Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor
  • AVCHD Full HD video


  • Standard zoom lens suitable for advanced model
  • Telephoto Lens (500mm F4G)   


  • Flash  
  • Vertical grip

E-Mount series interchangeable lens camera

Camera body

  • Color Variation Concept Models of NEX-5 and NEX-3


  • Wide fixed focal length CZ : available from 2011
  • Telephoto zoom : available from 2011
  • Macro : available from 2011
  • Portrait : available from 2011
  • High performance standard zoom G : available from 2012
  • Wide zoom : available from 2012
  • Mid-telephoto : available from 2012


  • Flash

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