Phil ramble: I honestly can't count the number of times I've seen a manufacturer 'accidentally' place embargoed material on a webserver. It happens before almost every major announcement, this year it has happened with such predictability that you begin to question whether it's just deliberate, designed simply to create hype. Such leaks have occurred in the last 48 hours (twice) and were located by users keen for information who simply used (a) a site based search engine (in the first instance) and (b) changed a single character in a URL (in the second instance). Please manufacturers get a grip on your webserver security, don't upload embargoed material until the minute of announcement and if you must make sure that it is in a password protected area of the site and isn't indexed by your search engine.

Glad I got that of my chest, we're expected to act in uptmost secrecy about any new product, god forbid we ever leak anything like the amount of material I've seen "leaked" by manufacturers this year. (For the record we've never posted even a single character about a product before embargo).