Fuji Japan announced the FinePix 1700 (which should be called the MX 1700 Zoom in the rest of the world). Designed similarly to the MX2700 (and older MX700) it's a 1.5 megapixel (1280 x 1024), where it breaks away from its older syblings is that it has a 3X optical zoom (38mm - 114mm) making it the smallest and lightest 1.5 megapixel zoom digital camera yet.

Fuji MX1700 (click for larger image)
(click for larger image)

Specifications so far

  • 1/2" 1.5 megapixel CCD (1280 x 1024, 640 x 480)
  • ISO equiv. 125
  • 3x zoom optical lens, (38mm - 114mm @ 35mm equiv.) - metal lens cover
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Focus distances: 80cm normal, 20cm macro
  • Exposure compensation: -0.9 - +1.5EV in 0.3EV steps
  • Burst: 3fps up to 9 images (VGA)
  • Flash: Auto, Red-eye, Forced, Off, Slow sync
  • Timing: 3 seconds startup
  • LCD 30% brighter than that on previous "MX" models (130,000 pixels)
  • Optical viewfinder
  • SmartMedia Storage: 8MB SmartMedia supplied
  • I/O: RS232C / RS422
  • Lithium rechargable battery (NP-80) and charger supplied
  • Size: 79 x 97.5 x 33 mm (3.1 x 3.7 x 1.2")
  • Weight: 270g (9.4 oz)
  • Aluminium/magnesium alloy body
  • Release date: October 1999
  • MSRP $600

PC Watch have some other shots of the camera and a couple of samples (not looking too good...)

Fuji America also announced the MX-1700 Zoom:

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today unveiled a notable addition to its signature 700 series of pocketable megapixel digital cameras - the Fujifilm MX-1700 ZOOM. Similar in size and design to its MX-700 and MX-2700 predecessors, the MX-1700 ZOOM has an improved, high-resolution 1.5-million pixel CCD with RGB color filters along with a newly crafted all-glass, miniature aspherical zoom lens. The results of these features are outstanding image quality and superb color reproduction, both hallmarks of Fujifilm digital cameras.

The MX-1700 ZOOM will be the first digital camera of its kind to have an all-glass aspherical zoom lens. Fujifilm will manufacture the lens via a revolutionary glass injection mold process that will enable the company to produce the lens en masse, making aspherical lens manufacture efficient and economically viable for consumer digital cameras. With this specially-developed aspherical zoom lens the MX-1700 ZOOM will deliver pin-point image sharpness and improved optical quality while eliminating aberrations, vignetting, and light fall-off - benefits any shutterbug would enjoy.

Sporting dimensions of 3.1" (w) x 4.75" (h) x 1.25" (d), Fujifilm's newest megapixel model is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, easily fitting in shirt pockets or pocket books. It records high-resolution images at 1280 x 1024, or at 640 x 480 resolutions, and the 3x aspherical zoom lens delivers 35mm equivalent of 35-114mm coverage.

"Fujifilm pioneered the pocket-size, high resolution digital camera so it should come as no surprise that we were the first to have a camera of this size and quality with a 3x optical zoom lens," said Darin Pepple, Product Manager, Consumer Markets, Digital Imaging Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "And with the development of the MX-1700 ZOOM's aspherical zoom lens, Fujifilm has once again broken a design barrier that was once thought impossible, further demonstrating our research and manufacturing capabilities as well as our commitment to digital imaging innovation."

Equipped with both a precision, 2-inch polysilicon color LCD monitor with 130,000 pixels and optical viewfinder, the MX-1700 ZOOM, with its built-in automatic flash with slow sync mode, is ideal for indoor and outdoor image capture and viewing, even at night. It also sports a framing guide that can viewed on screen for group and portrait shots using the "rule of third" guidelines.

In addition, a Manual Mode allows users to adjust the white balance settings and select the exposure compensation. With the camera's new white balance system, color accuracy is dramatically improved even under harsh lighting, so color images appear sharp and vibrant.

For added versatility, the camera features automatic playback with up to 4X digital zoom, and a digital 2X telephoto mode so users can zero in on areas within the picture, and with the multi-frame playback can view nine images all at once on the LCD. Unlike other digital cameras on the market today, speed has been gained without the need for internal memory buffers, making the MX-1700 ZOOM ready to use as soon as it is turned on. By combining the speed of a newly designed on-board 100Mhz image processor with Fujifilm's original CCD preamplification technology, the MX-1700 ZOOM processes an image in under three seconds.

Like Fujifilm's other MX-series digital cameras, the MX-1700 ZOOM model records images to postage-size SmartMedia(TM) cards, a convenient format that has become one of the mainstream storage solutions for digital cameras. Depending on the image compression selected: fine, normal, or basic, the MX-1700 ZOOM can record 11, 23 and up to 44 images respectively on its bundled 8MB SmartMedia(TM) card in 1,280 x 1,024 resolution. When its images are printed at 300 dpi, the MX-1700 ZOOM produces album-quality 4 x 6-inch snapshots. And, with the built-in Digital Print Order Format (DPOF), attaching print ordering instructions to image files is made easy.

Designed for long-lasting use, the MX-1700 ZOOM uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can take up to 250 shots when the liquid crystal display is turned off, and 80 shots when it is turned on. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is environmentally friendly as well as economical. An AC Adapter is included to recharge the long-life battery while it is in the camera. An optional Quick Charger is also available to ensure the MX-1700 ZOOM will be ready for the next opportunity.

For computer connection, the camera comes packaged with video output and serial ports. For even faster computer access to digital images, an optional image memory card reader (SM-R1) transfers files through a USB port. Serial cables and data transfer hardware, such as floppy disk and PC card adapters, are also available.

Bundled with Adobe PhotoDeluxe(R) 3.0 Home Edition software, the Fujifilm MX-1700 will carry a suggested retail price of $599 when it becomes available in October 1999.