Burst Speed
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Burst Speed

The Sony a7 II is the fastest shooting of the three cameras

None of these cameras are exactly speed demons. They all use older (slower readout) sensors and the RAM required to act as buffer is an obvious thing to skimp on, if you don't want the entry-level model to completely cannibalize sales of the mid-range models.

As you might expect, then, the erstwhile mid-level Sony a7 II posts the highest figures, with 5.0 frames per second. This is going to be sufficient for a lot of day-to-day shooting but sports and wildlife enthusiasts will have to dig a little deeper to buy the next model up.

The Nikon isn't far behind, with the promise of up to 4.5 fps bursts and the Canon claims four shots per second. It's unlikely that difference is going to be meaningful for most photography.