Kodak has launched new versions of its professional image retouching plug-ins range compatible with the latest software. V2.1 of the ROC Pro, SHO Pro, GEM Pro and GEM Airbrush Pro plug-ins are compatible with Windows Vista, Intel-based Macs and Adobe Photoshop CS3. Trial versions are available from the company's website, with discounts available to customers buying more than one plug-in.

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Helping Photographers Make More of Digital Images

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Image Enhancement Plug-Ins allow photographers to quickly and easily improve the most common problems associated with digital files. Now after popular demand they have been updated for the latest operating systems. With the same great algorithms, V2.1 is now compatible for WINDOWS VISTA, MACINTOSH INTEL and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3. There are four professional tools available depending on your photographic content and needs, to quickly and easily optimize images to improve quality and create even more compelling results.   Photographers can download a free trial of the Image Enhancement Plug-Ins software by visiting http://www.kodak.com/go/proplugins

Kodak is offering these updated versions at the same prices, and is also offering special savings to any new customers. Those purchasing GEM Airbrush at list price can receive a 50% discount on any of the other Plug-ins (GEM Pro, ROC Pro, SHO Pro) included in the same order (Promotional code: SAVE50). Customers purchasing GEM Pro, ROC Pro, and SHO Pro can receive 35% off regular prices when buying any 1 (up to a maximum of 3) of these Plug-ins, and get 35% off regular prices. (Promotional code: OFFER35). These promotional codes will be valid until May 31, 2008.

Reduces image noise and grain
The KODAK PROFESSIONAL GEM Plug-In isolates and manages noise/grain in highlight and shadow areas without sacrificing image detail or excessive softening. The plug-in allows photographers to create portrait studio quality soft-focus effects, and image sharpening that surpasses the most typical “unsharp mask” filters.  It is possible to reduce or remove JPEG compression artifacts, as well as line screening patterns from flatbed scanners. 

Smoothes skin surfaces
The KODAK PROFESSIONAL GEM Airbrush software allows users to create an airbrush effect by automatically smoothing areas of a digital image without blurring or reducing fine detail.  It minimizes the imperfections of skin and other surfaces whilst fully preserving details like hair, eyebrows and the true character of the subject’s face.  Working on 8 and 16 bit image files the plug-in can control image details at three levels: fine, medium and coarse.

“I specialize in photographing weddings and social events where my clients typically select an average of 100-150 images per album. As a digital photographer who handles my own enhancement to images prior to output, I have saved hours by incorporating the GEM Airbrush Plug-In within my studio ‘back end.’”  Michael A. Jonas, M. Photog, CR., CPP

Restores, Corrects, and Balances Color
The KODAK PROFESSIONAL ROC Plug-In restores, balances and corrects the color of almost any digital image by removing color casts that have been caused by colored lighting or fading.  The software works by analyzing the color gradients of a digital image and then finding the optimum tone curve for each color.  The plug-in can be used to correct the effects of tungsten and fluorescent lighting and also to restore pleasing density and contrast to black and white digital images.  It optimizes image white balance and offers automatic or custom control. This plug-in also supports the use of 8 and 16 bit color image files and full control of image brightness and contrast for better color and white balance corrections.

“Many clients bring old photographs for us to restore from the 1950s and 1960s that exhibit strong discoloration. The ROC Filter provides us an almost instant ‘fix’ to this problem.”  Roy Madearis, Master Photographic Craftsman, Madearis Studio

Optimizes Contrast and Exposure
The SHO Plug-in optimizes contrast and exposure to reveal details hidden in highlights and shadows.  The plug-in corrects exposure problems in images with backlit subjects and uneven flash illumination, as well as partial shade.
The plug-in analyses the image and reveals the detail in the shadows without sacrificing any detail in the highlights whilst also offering automatic or custom control. The SHO Plug-in allows manipulation of both shadow detail lighting and highlight darkening, giving separate control of the amount of detail to reveal in each area, as well as color saturation.

The new KODAK IMAGE ENHANCEMENT Plug-ins are available for download immediately.
For more information please visit www.kodak.com/go/proplugins