The Hasselblad stand is busier than any of us can remember seeing it, thanks to the announcement of its 'Lunar' project. Initial reactions to the news, at least from the comments we've seen, could politely be described as derisive but it's drawing a crowd, nonetheless.

Despite the company's protestations, it's hard not to conclude that it has an awful lot in common with the Sony NEX-7, from the spec (24MP APS-C sensor, 10 frame per second shooting), through to the positioning of all its major control points. And, while reps on the stand talk of Hasselblad firmware, based on its experience with its medium-format 'H' system, the interface and menu layout is remarkable NEX-like.

Customers will be able to select from a wide range of body and grip materials, from rare woods to carbon fibre, crocodile skin to suede - their camera will then be made (assembled?) in Sweden. Rather than the usual one-off prototype, the Hasselblad stand is bursting with around 40 possible examples of the camera.

The Hasselblad stand has around 50% of its area devoted to the Lunar And there are plenty of examples of the camera, stressing its custom-built nature
As an E-mount camera, it's compatible with Sony's LA-EA2 'Translucent' mirror E-A-mount adapter Its user interface is also remarkably Sony-esque, though we are assured it's Hasselblad firmware
Note the Hasselblad branding on the 18-55mm lens Hasselblad has even adopted the Minolta hotshoe
Alongside the NEX-7. If nothing else, it's noticeable that all the controls (bar the slightly shifted REC button) are in essentially the same places... ...the Lunar's thicker body means the two control dials are further inboard than on the Sony.
Around 40 prototypes cover the stand, stressing the range of choices customers will have. Hasselblad is showing one of the mock-ups of the E-mount lenses Zeiss has announced it will make.