Samsung is fighting hard in the compact digital camera market with the launch of six new cameras to be officially announced at Photokina. First is the 7 megapixel Digimax V70 which has a tiltable 2 inch LCD and MPEG4 movie capture. The Digimax A400 is a four megapixel compact, boasting a 2.8x optical lens, 2" LCD and 640 x 480 pixel video clips. The Digimax A5 and Digimax A6 which have resolutions denoted by the model name. And for the style-conscious among you there's the fixed lens five megapixel U-CA 501 and U-CA 505. More news as get it from Samsung.

Press Releases:

SAMSUNG LAUNCHES ITS FIRST 7 MEGA-PIXEL CAMERA - packed with features and power

Samsung are introducing the V70, a powerful 7 mega-pixel camera, to their successful 'V' series range. Set to retail at under £350, the V70 joins the V50, V6 and V5 also available in the series.

Designed for the more advanced photographer, the V70 is packed with stunning features in a stylish metal body and combines a 7 mega-pixel resolution CCD with an extendable optical zoom function.

Key V70 features include:

7 mega-pixels:
-    This level of resolution enables the user to capture a fantastic level of detail in all shots

Rotating screen:
-       The large built-in 2.0" (117,000 pixel) TFT LCD screen allows users to rotate the screen by up to 270 degrees - great for self-portraits or shots from unusual angles. The screen can also be rotated to adjust the LCD visibility when in bright light conditions

Extreme close-up photography and extendable zoom facilities:
- The 4cm Macro setting allows for high precision close-up shots
- The optional wide-angle SCL-W3755 conversion lens has a 0.7x magnification, widening views by up to 27mm (35mm equivalent) and allowing subjects to be shot as close as 1cm
- The optional telephoto SCL-T3755 conversion lens with its 1.7x magnification increases zoom by up to 1.7x. Both lenses can be mounted onto the Digimax V70 for a wider range of picture taking opportunities

15x Image Zoom:
- 3x optical zoom and a further 5x digital zoom to give 15x total zoom. The Schneider Kreuznach lens produces crystal clear images

Poster-Size Printing capability:
- The high definition CCD allows printing to poster size with great detail. Coupled with an on-camera trimming function and PictBridge direct printing, this can remove the need for a PC

Video Function:
- With its MPEG-4 high-compression file format, the V70 can record up to 3 or 4 times longer than MJPEG, the usual format for DSC movie clips. The Digimax V70 can even be used as a camcorder, as it supports more than 1 hour of video and audio recording time if you are using a 256MB memory card

10 different Scene modes to create the perfect shot, easily:
-     Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach&Snow and Text

For more advanced users, the Digimax V70 also has manual picture-taking functions. The camera has detailed focus control with Manual Focusing. It also enables manual
control of exposure using Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and fully manual options. Exposure may be controlled by the easy to use Jog Dial in conjunction with an AE Lock function.

The Digimax V70 can use 9 kinds of power meaning the user never has to worry about running out of power.  The exclusive 1400mAh Li-ion battery, enables users to take up to 440 images on one charge. This feature provides greater flexibility for photographers who use the continuous or burst modes.

The Digimax V70 has an RGB Colour Effect control menu. Users can use this menu to set their own colour preferences for a given shot. Users can also adjust image sharpness in 3 steps and select photographic effects, such as B&W and Sepia.

The Digimax V70 provides a variety of useful functions such as a My Set Shot Mode for snapshot, voice recording for up to 1 hour, voice memo to record short voice messages onto pictures and one-touch playback even when the power is off. Even the menu can be customized to suit the user.

The Digimax V70 provides a substantially quicker transfer rate with USB 2.0 as compared to existing USB 1.1.  The PictBridge function of the Digimax V70 allows pictures taken by the camera to be directly printed without PCs, so users can immediately get clear 7 mega-pixel prints by directly connecting the camera to a printer supporting the PictBridge function.


Samsung has unveiled its new ultra-compact U-CA505 - a camera that packs impressive features under in its deceptively slender body.

Small enough to fit into your pocket, the U-CA505 is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of most photographers.  The U-CA505 camera boasts a 2.0" TFT LCD screen and 5 mega-pixel resolution, delivering crystal clear images.

Key U-CA505 features include:

Ultra slim design:
- Measuring 97 x 52 x 25 mm the U-CA505 is small enough to take anywhere and is perfect for those who like to travel light.

Movie Function and Sound Recording:
- The U-CA505 can also shoot movie clips with sound at resolutions up to 640 x 480 (VGA) at a maximum rate of 24fps for as long as the capacity of the memory card will allow.

- Sound can be recorded for up to 1 hour with the camera's built-in microphone and sound clips can be attached to individual still images during playback. These images can be stored on the camera's 16.0 MB of internal memory, or on an external SD/MMC card.  It also features video out and USB ports, supported by 2 different power sources, the Li-ion battery SLB-1137 and CP1.

Versatile Screen:
- With its 2.0" TFT LCD screen, the U-CA505 is ideal for outdoor use, and is bright enough to use even in bright sunlight for both composing and reviewing shots. In Review mode, 8X digital zoom (max) can be used to examine the detail in captured images, right on the back of the camera.

High quality lens:
- The 5.8mm focal length lens (equivalent to 35mm in 35mm format) delivers sharper pictures. The camera's shutter speeds (mechanical and electronic) range from 2 to 1/1000 of a second (8 to 1/1000 in Night Mode) and there are 8 white balance modes, including custom settings, to ensure great pictures whatever the lighting.

PictBridge Technology:
- Forget the PC - with PictBridge technology the camera can be connected directly to a photo printer via a USB cable.

The Digimax U-CA 505 also offers Super Fine, Fine and Normal JPEG compression modes and features resolution settings of for still images.


Samsung Cameras are introducing a 5 mega-pixel model to their Digimax 'A' Series, the A5, which joins the A6 and A400 models.

Developed for "point and shoot" photographers looking for a solid camera with a full range of features, the Digimax A5 combines a 5 mega-pixel CCD sensor with a Samsung High-Definition (SHD) lens, to deliver fantastic image quality.

Key A5 features include:

10 different Scene modes to create the perfect shot easily:
- Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow and Text.

Extreme close-up photography facility:

- The 4cm Macro setting allows close up picture taking for those wishing to explore the artistic properties of surfaces, textures and other subject matter.

Innovative Power Movie Clip function:
- Allows users to shoot high quality VGA movie clips.  The Power Movie Clip provides flexibility and creative control in allowing the user to shoot at 30 frames per second to give VGA quality video.

In addition, the A5 also offers the ability to pause, fast forward and/or rewind the video right on the camera

Capturing, storing and sharing images:
- 16MB of internal memory facilitates ample storage on the camera while the SD/MMC slot allows for an additional 512MB of capacity.
- 6 different image sizes, ranging from 640x480 to 2816x2112.
- 3 different resolution settings - Superfine, Fine and Normal, resulting in 18 different image size / resolution combinations, enables the user to select the perfect setting for virtually any situation.

PictBridge Technology:
- Once images are captured and stored, PictBridge technology allows for easy output directly to a printer via a USB connection. Alternatively, the A5 also comes with a comprehensive software suite including ArcSoft Photo Impression, Digimax Viewer and Digimax Reader to enable storage, editing and output via a PC

The A5 is straightforward to use, equipped with an easily accessible wide range of features.  It all begins with the highly-intuitive user interface, which facilitates quick access to its advanced functions and capabilities.

The large, bright 1.8" LCD display makes it easy to view the subject during capture and playback, while an innovative new feature allows users to switch between capture and playback modes with just a single touch of the shutter button.  The cameras also include a one-touch manual function button that allows more advanced users to quickly and easily switch between fully manual, aperture priority and shutter priority modes. 

The A5's image editing capabilities enable cropping, rotating and colour revisions on the camera.  With black & white, sepia and RGB colour effects to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless.  In addition, the bright, multi-function pilot lamp on the front of the camera body communicates the camera status to the user and the subject by displaying a different colour to denote the specific function being performed (taking a picture, self timer, image upload, voice recording, etc). 

The Digimax A5 is also compatible with three different power sources - including two rechargeable formats (Li-ion and Ni-MH) as well as standard AAs. The Samsung Li-ion battery, I-Pack, provides enough power for roughly 290 shots, while the Samsung Ni-MH enables users to capture up to 350 images. Users can also pick up standard AA batteries for any additional backup.


Samsung Cameras are introducing a 4 megapixel model to their new Digimax 'A' Series, the A400.  Developed to deliver quality and versatility at an affordable price, the A400 joins the A6 and A5, also available in the 'A' Series.

Key A400 features include

2.8x optical and 4x digital zoom:
- Enabling the user to get close to the subject being photographed.

Large LCD Screen:
- A 2.0" colour TFT LCD that enables users to quickly and easily review and preview their shots.

Extreme close-up photography facility:
- Macro mode allows users to capture clear images of subject matter as close as 5cm from the camera's lens!

Image and movie clip capture with audio:
- A400 users can capture both still images and movie clips with audio at resolutions up to 640 x 480 (VGA) at a maximum rate of 24fps.

- The length of movie clips are only limited to the capacity of the memory card.

- Voice recording of up to 1 hour can be recorded with the cameras' built-in microphone and sound clips can be attached to individual still images. These images can be stored on the camera's 16.0 MB of internal flash memory, or on an external SD/MMC card.

9 different customisable photo frame modes:
- To create fun shots the A400 has 9 preset photo frames that can be selected.

Multiple scene modes
- The A400 scene modes include Night, Portrait, Landscape, Text, and Fireworks.  This makes it easier to get the right shot.

Variety of power sources:
- A400 owners can choose from AA Alkaline, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mg, Ni-Zn, Lithium, CR-V3, and Digimax I-Pack SBP-1303.

The Digimax A400 also offers multiple flash modes, adjustable white balance and selectable ISO sensitivity (Auto, 100, 200 and 400).

The Digimax A400 offers multiple language support including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian and more. It comes equipped with a full complement of accessories, including USB cable, NTSC/PAL video cable, and applications and software driver CD-ROM and a wrist strap.