Delkin Devices Introduces the Highest Capacity CompactFlash Card On the Market, new 128MB CompactFlash card. We previously reported on Delkins announcement of up to 80MB (soon to be 224MB) CF type II cards, this 128MB monster is a type I card which means it will work in the majority of CF digital cameras.

Thanks to Andrew Adams for pointing out that Delkin aren't really the first to release a 128MB Type I, and that Simple Tech have a 128MB Type I CF for around $300.

Here's their press release:

This announcement of the new addition to the eFilm(TM) line distinguishes Delkin as the only digital camera memory manufacturer to offer the highest capacity fOR every type of flash memory card on the market. Delkin's new 128MB CompactFlash(TM) will supply the industry's growing demand for larger storage capacity. This 128MB CF(TM) card can be used with newly arrived products like the Handheld PC's with Windows� CE Pro Edition, audio MP3 players, and megapixel digital cameras, which require ample storage for larger data files and higher-resolution pictures.

``The highest performance cards shipped by Delkin previously were the 96MB CompactFlash(TM) cards and this 128MB introduction shows an advancement in both chip capacity and processing technology,'' said Arthur Blanck, Delkin Devices chief technical officer. ``The new 128MB CF(TM) card utilizes an enhanced Multi-level cell (MLC) 256m-bit technology with proven .25-(mu)m process. This improvement benefits the user in both lower costs per bit and higher storage density.''

The 128MB CompactFlash(TM) is designed as solid state storage, meaning there is no moving parts inside the card, thus providing users with a higher protection of data than conventional PC cards or floppy disks. ``The 128MB CF(TM) card has data retention in excess of 10 years, allowing the photographer to preserve images in a permanent storage device for over a decade,'' explained Blanck. ``And despite competitor's alleged 'eight times faster' write speed accusations, Delkin's 128MB offers the industry's fastest write performance up to 1.5MB per second, minimizing the wait time between camera shots to virtually unnoticeable proportions.''

The first application tested with the new 128MB CompactFlash(TM) card in the Delkin labs was the new Nikon Coolpix 950 camera. This 2.11 megapixel digital camera has a resolution of 1600 x 1200. The tests resulted in 3,221 pictures in VGA Basic mode, 258 Normal mode, 129 Fine mode, and 22 pictures in Uncompressed mode. These results are double (in some instances triple) the current storage capacity of most CompactFlash(TM) cards on the market. Further testing concluded that Delkin's 128MB CF(TM) card has the highest compatibility in the industry, with over 100 applications for digital cameras & PDA's. For a complete list of digital cameras, H/PC's and audio recording devices that use Delkin Device cards, please call 800/637-8087 and ask for the eFilm(TM) Cross Reference Guide, and visit for product pictures.

Delkin's eFilm(TM) line of digital camera upgrades include CompactFlash(TM) up to 128MB, CompactFlash(TM) type II up to 224MB, SmartMedia(TM) up to 32MB, PC Cards and Minicard upgrades. The eFilm(TM) line also includes card readers, accessory kits, adapters and battery packs.