Austrian photography enthusiast Christopher Malin has produced a short film featuring time-lapse photography taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The film is a tribute to the work of NASA astronaut Dr. Don Pettit, a keen photography aficianado, who uses an arsenal of Nikon DSLRs to document the unique perspective of Earth from high above it.

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The video combines time-lapse footage that Malin has processed using (with permission) images taken aboard the ISS, with a lecture by Dr. Pettit in which he discusses the considerable challenges of photographing from space. Go to the 1:20 mark for a fascinating sequence that shows the opening of the viewing hatches on the ISS observation deck. At the 3:58 mark you get a look at six Nikon D3S bodies mounted inside the observation deck. And if you've ever struggled with unwanted reflections when shooting through glass, the challenges of photographing through four-pane windows high above the Earth that Dr. Pettit describes at the 5:01 mark should put your problems in perspective.