Thanks to the Japanese digital camera page DCEX and Rob Galbraith we now have more information on the new D1X and D1H digital SLR's from Nikon. It appears that Nikon's Australian distributor, Maxwell has published information pages on these cameras which, it was my understanding is embargoed but now appears to have made it into the public domain. UPDATE (6:00 GMT): Steve's Digicams updatesl specs.

Click here for Steve's Digicams news page (with full specs)

Click here for Rob Galbraith's article (with screen captures)

Click here for the So-Net DCEX front page

Click here for the Maxwell.Com.Au Nikon D1X info page
(page now no longer exist)

Click here for the Maxwell.Com.Au Nikon D1H info page
(page now no longer exist)

Phil (4:40AM GMT): It appears that Maxwell's servers are down, whether this is at the intervetion of Nikon is not known but we understand that the information published is under embargo and shouldn't have appeared. It's also worth noting that these links appear to have been originated from a posting on our Pro Digital Talk forum some 14 hours ago.

(6:00AM GMT): Steve's Digicams blows the embargo and publishes details of the D1X and D1H.

(7:00AM GMT): Maxwell's server is back up but the pages are now gone...