The Pentax K-3 uses an innovative system for simulating the effect of a physical anti-aliasing filter.

Pentax has released new firmware for its flagship K-3 DSLR, allowing users to bracket exposures by AA filter simulation mode. As a reminder, the K-3 lacks a physical anti-aliasing filter, but simulates the blurring effect via minute movement of its sensor, with two intensity levels available (three if you include 'off'). Firmware v1.02 allows you to shoot a burst of sequential images at each AA filter level, to fine-tune the optimal balance between resolution and artifacts like moiré.

The update also includes the usual minor fixes and 'stability improvements' - see notes below. 

Firmware v1.02 for the Pentax K-3

  • Added Bracket shooting in [Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator].
  • Improved stability for general performance.
  • Improved stability of battery level indicator when using with battery grip.
  • Optimized performance of continuous shooting when setting AF.C mode.