The Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 is an ultra-fast prime for Sony E mount cameras, with manual focus and a clickless manual aperture mechanism. It offers full frame coverage, meaning it will work on the Alpha 7, 7R and 7S triplets, opening up intriguing low light options on the latter in particular. It will also work on APS-C E-mount models, offering a 75mm equivalent short telephoto angle of view. The lens is made in China by Shenyang Optical Electronics Ltd, and is available for pre-order now for $799.

Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 for full frame Sony E mount

Shenyang Mitakon Optical Electronic Co. Ltd isn't necessarily a well-known name in the West, but does have a genuine track record. The company currently sells several inexpensive manual focus primes for SLRs: a 35mm F2, 85mm F2, and 135mm F2.8. It also makes a range of focal reducer adapters for mirrorless cameras, sold under the 'Lens Turbo' label and the 'Zhongyi' brand. There's also an interesting-sounding 35mm F0.95 prime for APS-C mirrorless and Micro Four Thirds, which is already on sale for $680.

English-language information on these optics is somewhat scarce, with Hong Kong retailer currently providing the most detailed information, and offering the 50mm lens for pre-order too. Note though that there are no formal retail channels in Europe or America.