HTC has announced a software update to its first stand-alone camera, the HTC RE. The RE comes with a 16MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, an F2.8 aperture and 146 degree angle of view and is designed to be used either as an independent still and video camera, or as a connected device controlled via a smartphone. With the new software version it is now capable of live streaming footage via YouTube.

The envisaged update date for the RE Android app is today, so if you own a RE and control it via an Android update head over to the Google Play Store and check for the new software now. Unfortunately iOS users will have to be a little more patient as the new app version will only be made available for Apple's mobile OS sometime later in the first quarter.

With the updated app users will be able to sign in to Youtube and setup a public or private stream that can be shared through social media or email. However, the RE will still need to be connected to a smartphone for data transmission, so won't work as an independent remote camera. Live streaming can be achieved on some action cameras but it not yet a standard feature, especially not in the more affordable bracket of the market. So this software update is giving the RE a real edge over the competition. If the RE sounds interesting, you'll find more information on the HTC RE website where the camera can also be ordered for $199.99.

Via: The Verge