GoPro's in-house production team travel the globe with some of the world's best athletes and produce videos like the Hero 3+ launch, currently sitting at over 16 million views on YouTube. This week GoPro and its production team released a new tutorial series called the GoPro Field Guide, a set of videos designed to delve a little deeper into some of the more complex functions of its action camera lineup.

Recent Videos

Getting started with a GoPro is relatively easy, but understanding and mastering the vast array of more technical options can be a little daunting. This video series talks you through these options and explains things like why you might want to use their Protune feature for capturing images with a more neutral color profile. It also goes into detail on the field of view settings, frame rates and resolutions, as well as showing some tricks to help you frame and mount your camera.

You can find even more educational content over on the GoPro Tutorials YouTube channel.

Episode 1 - Understanding Protune

Episode 2 - Resolutions, Frame Rates and FOV

Episode 3 - On Location