Which should I buy, a6400 or a6500?
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Which should I buy, a6400 or a6500?

The comparison to the a6500 is more difficult, since the older camera was originally a much more expensive camera and hence has at least one key additional feature: in-body image stabilization.

In-body stabilization is an undeniably useful feature for photography and is even more valuable if you're shooting video, since it more easily allows shots without a tripod and lets you keep horizons steady in a way in-lens stabilization can't. The a6500 also has one more custom button and a deeper continuous shooting buffer.

The a6400's AF is significantly better, though: both in terms of performance and ease-of-use (the new AF experience requires much less manual intervention), which is hard to ignore. The a6400 is also quicker to focus and fire off a shot from boot-up, possibly thanks to the new processor. Like the full-frame generation 3 Alpha cameras, you can even assign custom buttons to override your AF mode or other camera settings - a huge plus for a camera with limited dials and buttons.

Which you choose will come down to which of these features you value more. Or, if you need both and your current setup is workable, can you wait long enough to see if Sony brings an a6400-like upgrade to its stabilized model?