Road Trip: The Wildlife and Nature Photography of Dave Welling
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Road Trip: The Wildlife and Nature Photography of Dave Welling

1995 - Silhouetted Golden Eagle aquila chrysaetos at sunrise captive Colorado

Based out of southern California, nature photographer Dave Welling has been volunteer and Director to the Wildlife Waystation hospice center since 1987. The facility has given the naturalist a way to research a number of extraordinary creatures including lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, bears, jaguars, chimpanzees, lynx, bobcats and many others over the years. This has given him an intimate understanding of wildlife, helping him to plan out shots by anticipating the movement and behavior of animals as well as knowledge on some of the best areas to shoot throughout the course of the year.

Welling has chosen to dedicate the net proceeds of his book on wildlife, 'Sanctuary', also available in large format, to the Wildlife Waystation, which has housed and rehabilitated more than 75,000 feral animals. Welling, who is also a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and a charter member of the North American Nature Photographers Association, often spends several hours each day in the field for weeks at a time to capture the colorful landscapes and rare specimens that populate his portfolio. 

Read tips and advice from Welling on how to spend the many hours he does in the field and how to find ideal areas for wildlife photography by clicking through the slideshow and accompanying Q+A. To see more of Welling's work, visit or Follow him on Google+ and buy prints at his Fine Art America page.