Matterport, the US company that in March launched a fully automated solution for creating photo-realistic 3D-models of real-world spaces, including the Matterport Pro 3D Camera, 3D Capture iPad App, Cloud Service, and Web-based Player, has expanded its product portfolio.

Matterport 3D Showcase incorporates HDR images within a 3D model to give users an even more natural viewing experience. The 3D Showcase also provides a “dollhouse view” or top-down 3D view of the interior layout of a property. As you can see in this example of the service in action on the CBS Home website the level of detail and fluidity of moving and zooming is quite impressive.

The solution is initially aimed at the real estate market to replace image galleries, 360 panoramas, or fly-through videos but Matterport's aim is to bring 3D imagery to the mainstream and allow photographers and consumer to capture and view immersive 3D-models without complex equipment, technical training, or huge investments.

“Right now, Matterport is building its business based on professionals, starting with markets like real estate and home-related retail, with a high-quality, cost-effective 3D capture system tied to a set of consumer accessible Web-based apps,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “At the same time, we see the long-term opportunity to completely change the definition of digital media and are investing in developing easy-to-use applications that capture and generate high quality 3D media across a range of 3D-enabled mobile devices and an application platform to enable third party app developers to make use of this content with a variety of applications.”

Matterport has previously partnered with Google and is planning to deliver a real-time mobile application for capturing 3D images as soon as the first tablets with 3D sensor capabilities become available. With a number of 3D-capture related products announced in the past few months it seems that it might not be too long before we can easily capture a 3D-scan of our surroundings with the device in our pockets.