The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera specification doesn't look like much, but thanks to clever image processing and software engineering Apple is squeezing some impressive image quality out of the outdated (at least on paper) 8MP sensor. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the front camera. It does a decent job for video chats but only captures 1.3MP images when most of the competition offer 5MP and even 13MP in some cases at the front.

However, there is good news for iPhone selfie-shooters. At its WWDC conference Apple launched a developer beta of its iOS 9 mobile operating system, and pieces of code found in the new version suggest that the next iPhone generation might come with an improved front camera. Specifications point to an LED flash, 1080p standard video and 720p slow-motion video at 240fps. Additionally, the code suggests the arrival of a front camera panorama mode, which in combination with the other new features, would bring the front camera pretty close to the current main camera module in terms of imaging capability.

As usual, Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone in September. Until then we can only speculate, but an improved front camera would certainly be welcome by most mobile photographers using Apple devices. 

Via: GSM Arena