Existing features
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Existing features

There's no denying that Sony's left a lot of the RX100 VII alone, relative to its predecessor. That's not entirely bad, either: we still have the nifty pop-up electronic viewfinder that fully deploys with only a single button press.

A touch-sensitive rear LCD that folds up 180 degrees for vlogging and down 90 degrees for shooting at high angles, and an incredible capacity for button and interface customization.

But there are some carryovers that we're less thrilled with: for one, the touchscreen is still a bit of a laggy affair, and you're limited to using it for focus point placement and playback (you cannot interact with the regular or function menus with the touchscreen). The battery is still minuscule, with a rating of 260 shots per charge (per CIPA: expect more though, when shooting those 20-90fps bursts).

Lastly, despite all the emphasis on burst speed, the RX100 VII retains a UHS-I card slot, instead of taking advantage of much faster write times that UHS-II cards can bring. This isn't a problem for video: a U3-rated card is more than enough for the camera's 100mbps (12.5MB/s) maximum bitrate, but options such as drive mode are still inaccessible while the camera empties its buffer after a burst of images, so you will notice the bottleneck of the elderly UHS-I interface.