Mike Chaney has contacted us to let us know he's just released the latest version of his excellent Qimage application. For those who haven't come across it before Qimage started life as a quality photo printing tool and has since grown into a 'swiss army knife' of imaging with everything from thumbnail browsing (even in 3D) to batch conversion and e-mail. If you've not tried it before do yourself a favour, and if you have you need to download this new release as soon as possible (Windows only).

Click here to visit the Qimage homepage

Qimage v2006.200

Digital Domain Inc. is proud to announce Qimage v2006.200.  Our latest version paves new roads for photographic printing with features that make batch printing and processing easier than ever before.  With this latest version, you'll immediately be able to put these innovative new features to use.  There's something for everyone in this important upgrade whether you use Qimage to print and send snapshots to friends and family or you use Qimage professionally for your photography business.  You'll be able to use the "Instaview" feature to instantly preview thumbnails from the new 3D thumbnail grid, preview prints on the preview page, or even preview file names listed in the queue.  Professional photographers will appreciate the new "Print Proofs" feature that allows printing of watermarked photos for client review.  Everyone will appreciate the new simplified "Send via E-mail" command: just select a few thumbnails, right click and select "Send via E-mail", and choose a size/resolution.  We've even enhanced legacy features like cutouts so that it is possible to fade to any color, allowing more robust photo effects that add a professional edge to your photos.  Be sure to check the full list of features and fixes.

New Features:

  • 3D thumbnail grid: A more robust look and feel is immediately evident as you use the new thumbnail browser.  The new granite textured slates and shadow effects add depth and take the monotony out of searching for photos.
  • Instaview: Ever been searching through a batch of thumbnails and find yourself squinting or moving closer to your monitor in order to determine which shot shows everyone in a group photo with their eyes open?  Have you ever wanted to just point to a file in the queue and get an instant preview?  The new Instaview feature allows you to simply press and hold your middle mouse button, mouse scroll wheel, or enter key to get an instant (larger) preview.  Since the preview is nearly instantaneous, you may find yourself using this feature even more than the existing "spacebar to view full screen" function.
  • Send via E-mail: The "Send via E-mail" function from the thumbnail grid has been improved and simplified so that you can simply select thumbnails and pick a resolution to send e-mail copies to friends/family.
  • {Q-E} e-mail prefix: Qimage no longer adds the {Q-E} file prefix when creating e-mail/web copies.  Instead, a scratch "{Q}e-mail" folder will be created under the current folder to store the (resulting) images.
  • Print Proofs: You can now use the "File", "Print Proofs" feature to print watermarked proofs that allow clients to review photos without giving them a way to duplicate them.
  • Cutouts: While older versions would only allow fading to white using shades of gray for transparency, v2006.200 offers a simple way to choose the "fade to" color so that you can fade to black, red, green, orange, or any color you like.
  • Folder browser: The folder browser has been improved so that the current folder displays in the middle of the window as opposed to the bottom so that you need to do less scrolling to find your folders.
  • Copy: The "Copy Images" function from the thumbnail grid has been improved so that you can simply type a file name to create a copy of an image with a different name in the same folder.


  • IPTC: Corrected a problem that was causing IPTC data to not display/edit properly for IPTC fields added by IrfanView or Picasa.
  • Layouts: Fixed a problem that was causing layouts with mixed templates and "real" images to not fill properly when adding more than one thumbnail at a time.
  • X64: Fixed a problem related to Windows X64 not displaying the Windows color folder properly when selecting ICC profiles.
  • Print rotation: Corrected an issue that was causing square prints to not rotate properly under some conditions when using the rotate buttons.
  • Help/About/Download: Fixed a problem that was causing a crash after selecting "Help", "About", "Download" if both the primary and mirror downloads were canceled.
  • Flash Card Copy/Move: Corrected a problem with the auto-rename feature not using the proper date/time when certain types of raw images were downloaded.
  • Shutter Speed: Fixed the EXIF shutter speed parameter so that the proper shutter speed is displayed for raw images converted with Bibble.
  • Batch filter cropping: Fixed a problem that was allowing the crop to be dragged past the left/top edge when "crop lock" was checked.