The current crop of 1"-type sensor compacts offer varied lens ranges and a suite of attractive features fit for an unobtrusive, carry-everywhere camera. We've just added the Canon G7 X Mark III to our studio test scene comparison, making possible to compare the likes of Sony's latest RX100-series cameras against Canon's latest entries in the advanced compact market. See for yourself how they stack up against each other.

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Note: As of September 26th 2019 the skintone targets in our test scene have been removed and replaced temporarily by fresh prints drawn from our archive. Of the four cameras in this widget, only the Canon G7 X Mark III was shot after this change. As such, these targets should provide an accurate way of assessing the G7 X III's color response, but should not be used to compare it against previously-tested cameras. This is an interim measure, and we're working on a permanent solution.