Canon has today posted firmware version for the PowerShot S70. The firmware prevents E51 errors from occurring when making specific print settings. If you have a black dot on the inside of the battery cover it is not necessary to download the firmware, as the camera already has it. Look out for our review of the PowerShot S70 coming soon.

Click here to download PowerShot S70 firmware

Release notes:

PowerShot S70 Firmware Update Version

How can I tell if I need to update to firmware version on my camera?

You can confirm whether your camera has the latest firmware as follows. (Note that cameras with a black dot on the inside of the battery cover already have the firmware, so the update is not necessary.)

Type your camera’s serial number into the serial number field on the download page and click the Send button. If your camera requires a firmware update, the firmware download page will appear.

What has been improved in version of the firmware?

When making settings from the Print menu, pressing the MENU button to exit the print settings menu caused an E51 error to appear and the camera would automatically shut down. This firmware update fixes that problem.