Peter iNova's eBook "Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras" has been a long time anticipated by a large number of Coolpix owners, having just received my copy I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait. Never has there been a more comprehensive, detailed and off-the-cuff book guaranteed to help you take better pictures immediately. Peter iNova is a photographic and literary genius! DPReview guaranteed as an excellent buy for anyone with a Nikon Coolpix digital camera.

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the "Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras" eBook

Peter's character really shines through, funny comments and dry wit mixed in with excruciatingly accurate detail, beautiful diagrams, excellent photographic and software examples. The eBook itself is delivered on a CD-ROM, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh, and includes:


  • PDF copy* (whole book & separate chapters) - 232 pages
    • Chapter 1: Here's Nikon Digital Photography
    • Chapter 2: Digital Color and the Photoshop™ Connection
    • Chapter 3: Camera Operation
    • Chapter 4: How Do I?
    • Chapter 5: Learning Digital Photography
    • Chapter 6: Printing Digital Photographs
    • Chapter 7: Digital Special Effects
    • Chapter 8: Vexing FAQ's
    • Chapter 9: iNovaFX Filter Operation
  • Quick Ref Index - 8 pages
  • A Gallery of Coolpix Photography (included in eBook) - 19 pages

* On the CD as either High Res (monitor quality) or Ultra High Res (print quality)


  • Adobe Acrobat� Reader 4.0
  • Photoshop� 5.5 Tryout
  • Genuine Fractals PrintPro 1.0.8
  • QBeo�s PhotoGenetics

iNovaFX Photoshop Plugins

  • Barrel Distortion correction
  • Chromatic Aberration correction
  • Color correction
  • ISO boosting
  • Noise reduction
  • Glare Flare control
  • Special Effect presets
  • Film Black and White look
  • JPEG Artifact control
  • Film Dynamic Range achievement
  • And many more...

Other Stuff

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Sample Model Release forms
  • Demo Images

In Peter's words:

If I've done my job here,you'll be taking better pictures, and you will know why they are better.
You'll be printing,correcting,improving, and finessing your shots through a greater experience base,and you will be enjoying Photoshop instead of thinking it's just too hard to learn. That camera in your hand is a fabulous instrument that beckons you to take pictures.It has a lot to teach you and you have a lot to teach it.

Let the exposures begin.

Click here to buy the "Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras" eBook