In photos: Swimming with jellyfish
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In photos: Swimming with jellyfish

When Seattle-based photographer Nadia Aly was diving in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, an island in the Pacific Ocean, and found herself surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish, she took advantage of the moment. Since the jellyfish in the lake have no natural predators, they have lost their sting. This enabled Aly to get unusually close and shoot thousands of photos over the course of a few days using her Canon 5D Mark II in an Aquatica Underwater Housing unit and 16-35mm lens. 

'The biggest challenge I had while photographing was to ensure that I did not inadvertently hurt any of the jellyfish', Aly told DPReview. 

'There are so many of them, that it would be pretty easy to do harm with a hand or body movement. To ensure that I did not cause injury I was very conscious of all my movements and went very slowly and gently up and down in the lake'. 

Aly recently left the corporate world to focus on her passions - photography and starting Scuba Diver Life, a blog and community dedicated to scuba diving. 

See a sample of her images in our gallery above. To see more of her work go to her website. You can also learn more about scuba diving at Aly's blog, Scuba Diver Life.