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November 2021 news and reviews

November 26
Film Friday: Solarcan Puck is a compact solargraph camera in a can the size of a burger

Solarcan has managed to dramatically shrink its Solarcan into an even smaller form factor. It’s not yet available to purchase, but you can get one via Solarcan’s Black Friday special.

TourBox Elite Bluetooth controller promises intuitive, customizable control

Following up on 2018's TourBox Bluetooth controller, the company is back with the new TourBox Elite. It features improved build quality, components, haptic feedback, Bluetooth technology and more.

OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris from DPReview TV recently reviewed the first new OM System lens, the M.Zuiko 20mm F1.4 Pro. He found it to be a solid performer, but check out this sample gallery from his review to judge image quality for yourself.

November 25
2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on cameras, lenses and more

The holiday season is here and we've rounded up a collection of the best deals for photographers and videographers. This will be a living article that gets updated often, so be sure to check back to keep up with the latest offers.

Canon EOS R3 studio scene published

It's obviously been a banner year for high-end sports cameras, and now that we've got a final Canon EOS R3 in our offices, we've gone straight to our studio test scene to see what's what from Canon's latest 24MP stacked CMOS sensor.

November 24
DPReview TV: OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro review

The 20mm F1.4 Pro is the first M.Zuiko lens released under the new OM System brand. Does it live up to its heritage of Olympus Pro-series glass? Chris puts it to the test to find out.

Atomos adds 8K ProRes RAW Recording to Canon's EOS R5, 5.9K ProRes RAW to Panasonic's BS1H and more

AtomOS firmware version 10.71 adds a slew of new and improved shooting modes and features to Canon's EOS R5, Panasonic's boxy BS1H and six of Sony's FS series cinema cameras.

Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2021

This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. Now, as the year winds down, we're highlighting some of our standout products of the year. Check out the winners of the 2021 DPReview Awards!

Slideshow: Winners and Finalists of the 2021 Nature inFocus Photography contest

The winners and finalists for the 2021 Nature inFocus Photography contest have been announced. We've sorted through the winners and have rounded up our favorites in this gallery.

November 23
Sony stops production of all a7 II series and a6400 cameras due to chip shortages

Sony Japan has posted a notice on its website confirming that November 19, 2021 was the last day it accepted orders for its a7 II series, a6400 series and a6100 (black) camera systems, due to supply chain constraints.

Pixelmator Pro 2.3 released: New AI-powered Magic Background Eraser and Select Subject

Pixelmator Pro 2.3 is now available and includes major new AI-powered tools that have been in development for the past year, including tools to erase the background of an image and automatically select your subject.

3,200MP Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) camera undergoing final tests

The world's largest digital camera will be installed at the Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile next year. Before then, however, the camera must undergo final assembly and testing at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Buying guide: The best gifts for film photographers in 2021

From noir-inspired panchromatic film and smartphone-connected Polaroid cameras, to tablet developer and modern photo enlargers, these are the best film photography gifts in 2021.

Hands-on with the Nikon Z 40mm F2

We've been shooting with the New Nikon Z 40mm F2 for a few days, and in this article we'll provide a brief overview of its key features and handling, along with some first impressions of image quality.

November 22
NVIDIA Research unveils GauGAN2, a new AI art demo that generates scarily-accurate images from text

In 2019, NVIDIA showed off GauGAN, an AI-powered demo that generates images from sketches. NVIDIA has been training GauGAN since then, and the AI can now respond to semantic prompts.

Quadriplegic drone pilot hopes to make an impact with his inclusive drone project, 'Flight Takes Many Forms'

Quadriplegic drone pilot and instructor Rob Corbett is making a documentary about the power of drone flight. Here's his story and how you can help.

Western Digital is ending support for older versions of My Cloud OS, affecting many products

Following numerous security concerns this year, Western Digital has announced that it is ending support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, which will limit the utility of some older products.

Drone Buying Guide updated

This past year has been a busy one in the drone world, but we've got you covered – our updated 2021 Drone Buying Guide will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about the latest and greatest models.

November 21
Exposure X7 software review: More powerful masking and a UI that adapts to your needs

Exposure Software's latest release, Exposure X7, offers impressive editing performance and great image quality along with a solid feature set that gives Adobe Lightroom a run for its money (but without the monthly subscription). Get all the details in our review.

November 20
DPReview TV: Canon EOS R3 final review

Chris and Jordan have been testing a production EOS R3 and pushing it to the limits: high ISO tests, dynamic range, eye-controlled AF, flash photography and more! Also, find out whether Jordan had to worry about overheating when shooting video.

Canon EOS R3 sample gallery (DPReview TV)

If you had a new Canon EOS R3 what would you shoot first? Penguins, apparently. Along with dinosaurs, oversized kangaroos and wolves. Because #artists. Check out Chris and Jordan's EOS R3 sample gallery and let us know what you think of the image quality.

November 19
Mick Rock, British photographer known as ‘The Man Who Shot the Seventies,’ dead at 72

Mick Rock, a British photographer who's known as 'The Man Who Shot the Seventies,' has passed away at the age of 72. Rock is most known for his iconic images of 70s musicians, particularly David Bowie, for whom he served as an official photographer.

Slideshow: The hilarious winners of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

We've rounded up the hilarious winners of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Take a look through the gallery and make sure you don't have any liquid in your mouth—otherwise, you might need a new computer or keyboard.

Canon USA is providing 120 EF 400mm F2.8 lenses to expand Dragonfly Telephoto Array

The Dragonfly Telephoto Array Project started in 2013 and searches for faint structures, like galaxies, in the night sky. Canon has supplied the project with a total of 48 lenses and today has announced that it will provide an additional 120 EF 400mm F2.8L IS II USM lenses to expand the telephoto array.

Film Friday: 'Photography through the Pandemic' showcases work of film photographers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic

A new photo book, titled Photography through the Pandemic, showcases work captured by film photographers from around the world throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic.

November 18
Video: An incredible microscopic look at plankton in motion shows the beauty of the oft-ignored organism

Filmmaker and photographer Jan van Ijken has turned his microscope toward plankton for a new short film. Planktonium shows plankton in a way they are very rarely seen.

Canon's Car AF mode is coming to the EOS R5 and R6 on December 2nd via firmware update

Canon Japan has announced it will be releasing new firmware updates for its EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS-1D X Mark III mirrorless cameras on December 2, 2021, bringing its Car AF mode and to its two mirrorless cameras.

TTartisan announces compact 23mm F1.4 wide-angle prime for APS-C camera systems

The 23mm F1.4 wide-angle prime will offer a 35mm equivalent focal length and be available for Canon EOS M, Fujifilm X, Micro Four Thirds and Sony E mount camera systems.

Laptop review: Dell XPS 17 9710 - Good performance, excellent design

The new Dell XPS 17 (9710) is a solid laptop with a sleek design language, great build quality, and a color-accurate 17-inch display. But we're not sure Dell has done enough to differentiate it from its little brother, the XPS 15.

This $20 USB-powered lens wrap keeps your lenses from fogging up in the cold

Have you ever gone out for a shoot in cold weather, only to have condensation built up on you as you're attempting to capture the beautiful scene in front of you? If so, this clever little product from Haida might make your day.

OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro sample gallery

The M.Zuiko Digital 20mm F1.4 Pro is the first new lens from OM System (replacing the legacy 'Olympus' brand name), and we've put together a gallery of images from around Seattle so you can get an idea of what this fast, well-built prime is capable of.

Nikon releases non-'SE' Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8

Nikon has officially released the Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8 - the non 'SE' version of a lens that we've been fans of for a while. The only differences between this version and the previously released 'SE' variant are cosmetic. Click through for more details.

November 17
Apple Self Service Repair program: Customers can fix their own Apple products with genuine parts & tools

Apple has announced a new Self Service Repair program. The program will provide access to genuine parts, tools and manuals for knowledgeable customers to perform their own repairs on select Apple products.

FeiyuTech releases the Scorp and Scorp Pro, new flagship 3-axis gimbals for DSLR and mirrorless cameras

FeiyuTech introduces a pair of pair of new fully-featured gimbals in its new Scorp series. Both come with rear grip handles for easier operation and new touch screen controls

Fujifilm's new Instax Mini Evo Hybrid is an instant camera with 10 integrated lenses and 10 film effects

Fujifilm has announced a new instant camera, the Instax Mini Evo Hybrid. It combines digital camera capabilities with Instax analog film printing. The camera includes 10 integrated lenses and 10 film effect options.

Sony is now the official imaging products provider for Gannett's 250 national and local outlets, including USA Today

Gannett, which owns hundreds of national and local news publications in the US, including USA Today, has announced a partnership with Sony to provide its photo and video journalists with Sony camera equipment.

DPReview TV: Tamron 35-150mm F2-2.8 VXD review

The Tamron 35-150mm F2-2.8 may seem like an odd focal range at first, but Chris argues that it hits the sweet spot for many people like wedding photographers, portrait shooters, and even for travel. It's also fast. Watch his full review to find out what he thinks of it.

Tamron 35-150mm F2-2.8 VXD sample gallery (DPReview TV)

In his hands-on review for DPReview TV, Chris Niccolls found the Tamron 35-150mm F2-2.8 to be optically excellent, but not flawless. Check out his gallery of sample images from this lens to see if you agree with his conclusions.

November 16
Video: 4K timelapse made using 78,846 NASA images shows one month of the Sun

Filmmaker Seán Doran rescaled and remastered nearly 80,000 images captured by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory to create an incredible 4K timelapse of one month of the Sun's activity.

3D-printed adapter & 4x microscope objective offers impressive macro photos for $25

Photographer and creator Nicholas Sherlock has designed a 3D-printed adapter that allows you to attach a 4x microscope objective to a Sony E or Canon EF camera. The total cost of the project is under $25.

TTartisan unveils compact, lightweight 28mm F5.6 prime for Leica M mount cameras

The new TTartisan 28mm F5.6 manual prime lens for Leica M mount cameras weighs just 151g and measures only 19mm (.7") long.

Nifty...forty? Nikon Z 40mm F2 sample gallery

Nikon's compact, fast-aperture 40mm F2 lens for its Z-mount cameras has just landed, and ties the Z 28mm F2.8 as one of Nikon's least-expensive options in the lineup. We've gotten straight to shooting with it around Seattle to see what it can do.

November 15
Lensrentals announces purchase programs for used photo & video equipment

Love a camera or lens you're renting from Lensrentals? Now you can purchase it directly and keep it forever. Lensrentals has announced the Keeper and Keeper Test Drive programs, allowing customers to purchase refurbished, graded pre-owned gear directly from Lensrentals.

DJI's Mavic 3 drones won't get Hyperlapse, Panorama, ActiveTrack 5.0 and more until January 2022

Right before the Holiday season, DJI has released its long-awaited Mavic 3 drone. What you need to know is that some key features – including Hyperlapse, Panorama, MasterShots, and ActiveTrack 5.0 – won't be available until January 2022.

Sony announces new Venice 2 cinema camera: 8.6K internal Raw, 16 stops of dynamic range, interchangeable sensors and more

The Venice 2 takes over the original Venice as Sony's flagship cinema camera. It's available with two different sensor options and is capable of recording internal Raw.

Cosina announces updated 'Vintage Line' Voigtlander 21mm F3.5 lens, set for December release

The lens is an updated version of the Color-Skopar Vintage Line 21mm F3.5 Aspherical Type I lens, which features a redesigned focus ring, improved optics and more.

Hands-on with the new Panasonic Lumix S 35mm F1.8

The Panasonic Lumix S 35mm F1.8 is the fourth in a series of ergonomically-similar full-frame F1.8 primes for L mount. This full-frame prime lens is intended for both photographers and videographers, and we've had our hands on one. Click through for more details.

November 14
Erez Marom: On Originality in Landscape Photography

In this article, landscape photographer Erez Marom explains how he thinks about the concept of originality in landscape photography, and how the creation of unique images is still possible, even in over-shot locations.

November 13
DPReview TV: The DJI Ronin 4D may be the most innovative video product in a decade

The DJI Ronin 4D is a 4-axis gimbal with an integrated full-frame cinema camera. Despite some quirks, DPReview TV's Jordan Drake thinks it's one of the most innovative video products in years. Watch his review to find out why.

November 12
Slideshow: Winners and runners up for the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Recently the winners and runners up were announced for the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards.

ACD System’s Photo Studio for Mac 8 adds M1 compatibility, better tools and more

ACD Systems has announced Photo Studio for Mac 8. The new version of the digital asset management tool promises improved performance and includes a new UI, new editing tools and improved workflow options.

Nikon partners with Nissin, Profoto for future collaboration on speedlights, studio lighting gear

Nikon doesn't specifically mention any future products, but does state the collaboration with Nissin and Profoto will 'increase reliable options for Nikon camera users, expanding possibilities for imaging expression'

Film Friday: A 20-year review of the Lomo LC-A, the camera that started the Lomography revolution

Despite being a copy of a model from a far more popular manufacturer at its time of release, the Lomo LC-A has become an iconic camera in film photography culture and was the catalyst for the experimental 'Lomography' movement.

November 11
Photo portfolio platform Zenfolio acquires website-building platform Format

Zenfolio has announced the acquisition of Format, a popular website-building platform for photographers and other artists. The acquisition further bolsters Zenfolio's ongoing efforts to reinvigorate its business model and position itself a strong option for photographers looking to build a website and run a business.

Video: Two clever DIY methods to create your own 'Deakinizer' lens

The 'Deakinizer' lens was made and popularized by cinematographer Roger Deakins when he used a modified Arri Macro lens to capture dreamy, tilt-shift like shots for the movie Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Photos from Landsat 9 will showcase the impact of climate change on Earth

NASA has published the first images from Landsat 9, a new space-based satellite designed to observe Earth in incredible detail. The Landsat 9 mission is a joint operation between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Family reunion: Shooting with the Ricoh GR IIIx on a trip home to England

The Ricoh GR IIIx is so similar to the original GR III that it can be hard to tell them apart. But how much difference does the longer 40mm equivalent lens of the 'X' version make to the shooting experience? Senior Editor Barnaby Britton took the GR IIIx back to the UK recently, for a family reunion. Click through to read more.

November 10
Join us for a live Q&A about the Nikon Z9

Want to learn more about the Nikon Z9? Do you have a burning question you haven't seen answered anywhere else? Join us for a live Twitter Space on Thursday, November 11, and be part of the conversation. Click through for details.

Nikon’s new firmware updates for its Z50, Z5, Z6 and Z7 cameras improve AF performance

The four firmware updates bring improved autofocus performance in a number of different shooting modes, as well as support for Nikon's new FTZ II mount adapter and Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S lens.

Video: These mesmerizing insect flight sequences were shot at 6,000 frames per second

Dr. Adrian Smith is back with another excellent slow-motion video of insects filmed with a high-speed Phantom camera. Dr. Smith's latest video is inspired by Stephen Dalton's book, 'Borne on the Wind: The Extraordinary World of Insects in Flight.'

DPReview TV: Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 G2 review

The original Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 was a Goldilocks lens for many Sony E-mount shooters. Now Tamron is back with a second gen version that promises to be even better. Does it deliver on that claim? Chris and Jordan did a side-by-side comparison to find out.

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 G2 sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris and Jordan from DPReview just reviewed the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 G2 for Sony E-mount. Check out their gallery of sample photos to judge critical image quality for yourself.

Panasonic teases 18mm F1.8 Lumix S prime lens a day after revealing its new 35mm lens

The lens will be a part of Panasonic's F1.8 Lumix S prime lens lineup and will fill the gap between the current 14mm and 20mm prime lens options in the L-mount lens lineup.

November 9
Yongnuo has a new $310 50mm F1.8 AF full-frame lens for Sony E mount cameras on the way

Although the lens doesn't appear to be available at the moment, a listing suggests it will retail for somewhere around $310 when it inevitably hits retailers' websites.

Viltrox launches $400 85mm F1.8 AF lens for Canon RF mount cameras

The lens marks Viltrox's first AF lens for Canon's lineup of RF mount mirrorless cameras.

Aptolux launches modular, transforming LED lighting solution for photo and video

Aptolux is a new company formed by videographers to create lighting solutions for videographers. Its first product is the Aptolux MP-1, a modular, transforming LED light that can be as compact as a lunchbox when not being used yet deliver bright, efficient light.

Should you upgrade? New Sony a7 IV vs a7 III

Sony's latest a7-series model is the most capable yet, but also the most expensive. Is it better than the existing a7 III, and if you already shoot with a Mark III, is it worth upgrading?

Panasonic Lumix S 35mm F1.8 sample gallery

We've been using Panasonic's new Lumix S 35mm F1.8 L-mount lens for the last few days, and we've prepared a small initial sample gallery to show a little of what the new lens can do.

Panasonic announces Lumix S 35mm F1.8 standard prime

Panasonic has announced the Lumix S 35mm F1.8, the latest in its full frame prime lenses for the Leica / Panasonic / Sigma L-mount.

New firmware adds LAN and USB 4K streaming to Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II

Panasonic has released firmware version 1.1 for the Lumix DC-GH5 II, adding support for wired 4K streaming, among several feature enhancements.

November 8
The Hubble Space Telescope is in 'safe mode' after its second shutdown of 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope is in safe mode as engineers work to investigate what's wrong with the telescope's onboard instruments. This is the second time the venerable telescope has faced extended downtime after being offline for a month earlier this year.

Panasonic China teases lens launch for tomorrow, November 9

Panasonic China has posted a pair of images to various Chinese social media sites that tease what appears to be a new lens launch.

Video: a Retro Review of Nikon's 25-year-old Coolpix 300 'Personal Imaging Assistant'

Gordon Laing is back at it again with another Retro Review. In this episode, Laing goes back 25 years to provide an in-depth overview of Nikon's unique Coolpix 300 camera, which was half compact camera, half PDA.

Zhong Yi Optics announces Turbo adapters for DX Nikon Z cameras that reduces crop factor

Zhong Yi Optics has announced three new Mitakon Lens Turbo adapters for APS-C (DX format) Nikon Z cameras. The adapter includes optics to help offset the crop factor of APS-C cameras. Adapters are available for M42, Canon EF and Nikon F mount.

November 7
Hands-on with the new OM System M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO

OM Digital Solutions – the company that's bought the Olympus imaging division – has just launched the M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO. Click through for a closer look.

November 6
DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-S10 vs X-T30 II shootout

Fujifilm has updated the specs of its mid-level X-T30 model, making it harder than ever to choose between the X-T30 II and the X-S10. Chris and Jordan tease-out the differences.

November 5
Samyang announces $500 12mm F2 AF lens for Fujifilm X mount cameras

The Samyang 12mm F2 AF lens for Fujifilm X mount cameras appears to be a re-mounted version of the company's 12mm F2 Sony E mount lens revealed earlier this year.

Film Friday: Lomography re-launches its popular color-shifting LomoChrome Turquoise film in 35mm, 120 and 110 formats

After quickly selling out of its first batch back in 2017, Lomography has announced that it's re-releasing its color-shifting LomoChrome Turquoise Film in 35mm, 120 and 110 format.

Review: DJI's Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine are pricey prosumer drones that fall slightly short

Three years after releasing the Mavic 2 series, DJI returns with the Mavic 3. It features a dual-camera system with a 4/3" CMOS sensor plus a tele photo lens that can zoom up to 28X. Is it worth the hefty price tag? We take a look at the Cine, the high-end model in this series.

DJI’s Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine drones feature 4/3" CMOS sensor, 28x zoom and 46 minutes of flight time

DJI has announced the Mavic 3 – a compact, foldable drone with a camera that features a 20MP Four Thirds format CMOS sensor, a hybrid zoom that can home in on subjects up to 28X, and up to 46 minutes of flying time.

November 4
US astronomers want a giant space-based telescope to search for exoplanets

The search for understanding in the far reaches of the known universe is an expensive endeavor. Every 10 years, US astronomers and astrophysicists release a report outlining their goals and hopes for the next decade of space exploration. The latest report has been released.

Samyang's updated 50mm F1.4 AF lens for Sony E mount is $750 and lighter than ever

This second-generation 50mm F1.4 for Sony E mount cameras improves the optical design and manages to pack it all inside a smaller, more lightweight package.

Committed to building trust, Indiegogo will carefully screen all its crowdfunding campaigns

Indiegogo and GoFundMe have co-founded the Crowdfunding Trust Alliance. Both organizations have outlined steps to foster better trust in their respective crowdfunding platforms. For its part, Indiegogo will now screen all campaigns.

Shooting experience: The Nikon Z9 is the most DSLR-like mirrorless we've ever seen

The Nikon Z9 offers the kind of features that only a mirrorless camera could provide, yet it's among the most DSLR-like of its peers. In this article, DPReview Reviews Editor Carey Rose explains what this means (and why it's a good thing).

Travel-friendly 20mm F1.4 PRO becomes first OM System lens

OM Digital Solutions has just launched the first lens under its new brand, 'OM SYSTEM'. The M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO is billed as a high-performing, fast and lightweight (247g / 8.7oz) prime lens for Micro Four Thirds.

November 3
Panasonic confirms it's still developing its 8K organic CMOS sensor with WDR and 60 fps global shutter recording

It's been three years since we last saw evidence of this sensor's development, but Panasonic has used the 4K/8K Technology Expo 2021 in Japan to once again highlight its ongoing efforts to make this sensor a reality.

Venus Optics brings 3 Laowa prime lenses, including its wild 24mm F14 Macro Probe lens, to Canon RF and Nikon Z mount cameras

The three lenses aren't new, but the additional options should make it easier to use these niche lenses on Canon and Nikon's mirrorless camera systems.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is shutting down its Face Recognition system amid privacy concerns

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it is shutting down its Face Recognition system on Facebook. The decision has numerous implications for user privacy, the usability of Facebook and also the social media app's accessibility for visually impaired users.

DPReview TV: Atomos Ninja V+ review

Atomos has added a more powerful monitor/recorder to its Ninja lineup. DPRTVs Jordan Drake takes a closer look at what the Ninja V+ brings to the table, and whether it's worth the extra money.

November 2
Epson found 30 in-box R-D1s rangefinders in a warehouse, and Epson fans will win them all

In Japan, Epson workers found 30 sealed R-D1s rangefinder cameras in a warehouse. Epson fans can enter a lottery to win the cameras.

Funleader has converted 300 Contax 45mm F2 G mount lenses to Leica M mount

Funleader managed to get its hands on 300 Contax G45 F2 lenses, which it's converted from its native G mount to Leica M mount.

Researchers develop 5D optical data storage method that can preserve up to 500TB per disc

Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a method for storing huge amounts of data on a silica disc about the size of a traditional CD. The storage technology can store up to 10,000 times more data than a Blu-Ray disc.

Lee’s new Elements filters series offer ‘quick and easy’ on/off action, use fluid mechanics for smooth, silent rotation

New series of circular filters from Lee to cover Big and Little Stoppers as well as VND and polarizers, all aimed at still and movie photographers

Nikon interview: 'Z9 will exceed expectations for every genre of photography and video'

On the eve of the Z9 launch, we spoke to Naoyuki Murakami, Executive Fellow and Sector Manager of the Development Sector in Nikon's Imaging Business Unit, to learn more about the new camera, and what it means for Nikon's future.

November 1
DJI's latest teaser confirms the Mavic 3 will be announced on November 4

At first glance, DJI's latest teaser image doesn't reveal much. But, as spotted by DroneDJ, if you look close enough in the shadows, you'll find the text 'Mavic 3.'

Canon cites strong R5, R6 and RF lens sales for its steady Q3 results, despite supply chain constraints

Canon's year-over-year unit sales numbers are flat for its digital interchangeable lens cameras, but both revenue and operating are up thanks to sales of its EOS R5 and R6 cameras, as well as its growing line of RF lenses.

Slideshow: Winners of the annual International Photographer Awards competition

These are the winners and finalists for the annual International Photographer Awards

Apple M1 Max First Impressions: A MacBook Pro that's actually 'Pro'

As we prepare our full review of Apple's exciting new MacBook Pro, we wanted to share some of our first impressions on the design, usability and, yes, performance of this incredibly impressive laptop.

Nikon announces NX MobileAir and NX Tether apps

Alongside the Nikon Z9 and some new Nikkor Z lenses, Nikon also announced a pair of new apps. NX MobileAir is a workflow and transfer app aimed at pros. NX Tether is a free tethering solution.

NASA's Juno offers the first 3D view of Jupiter's complicated atmosphere

Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016. In the last five years, we have learned a lot about the gas giant. Recent observations offer the first three-dimensional look at Jupiter's atmosphere and shed light on the depth of the planet's iconic cycles and bands.