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May 2017 news and reviews

May 31
Photo of Kathy Griffin posing with bloodied Trump mask causes controversy

Photographer Tyler Shields' image of Kathy Griffin holding a Trump mask made to look like a decapitated head has not gone over altogether well.

New regulations aim to end harassment of tourists by photographers at Indian monuments

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is changing its photography policy such that only licensed commercial photographers can snap photos of tourists at the more than 3600 monuments it manages.

Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera with 4K sensor packs smart features

As rumors predicted, Nest's next-generation security cam is capable of 4K video, but only uses its full resolution for digital zoom.

Matterport Pro2 3D Camera launches with 4K still image support and GPS

Designed to create 360-degree renderings of interiors, the Matterport Pro2 adds support for 4K-resolution 2D photography on top of its VR walkthrough and 3D functionality.

Sony is preparing its sensor business for a stronger yen

Sony plans to make its semiconductor business unit less reliant on volatile demand from the smartphone sector by cutting costs, boosting production yields and increasing sales of sensors for cars.

Hands on with Halide, a new gesture-based iPhone camera app

Available now, Halide aims to occupy the space between Apple's basic stock camera app and more advanced options.

First shots from new Nikon 28mm F1.4E ED

Photographer and Nikon Ambassador Marko Marinkovic was one of the first people to get access to Nikon's then-unreleased 28mm F1.4E ED for a shoot in Marrakech.

US jewelry designer offers handmade solid silver soft release buttons for Leica M cameras

A soft release button is usually the lowest cost item in any Leica store, but if it feels wrong screwing a $20 disk into the shutter release post of your $7000 M body, help is here.

Leica firmware update adds more customization to SL

Leica has announced new firmware for its SL camera. Firmware v3.0 expands the range of customization options available in stills and video modes.

Beastgrip launches Kickstarter to fund next generation DSLR lens adapter for smartphones

The company has not only officially launched the Mk2 model of its existing DOF Adapter but is also offering the new Pro Series 1.33x Anamorphic Lens and the Beastrail to attach focusing aids.

Sigma SD Quattro H Review

Sigma's SD Quattro H features the largest-ever Foveon sensor: an APS-H chip with a spatial resolution of 25.5 megapixels. An impressively solid body, refined interface and competitive price tag all count in its favor. But has the Quattro design given up too much of what Foveon fans liked so much?

Stunning time-lapse captures Europe's most beautiful spots

Photographer Stan Chang has turned the images captured during a 3-year journey through 30 European countries into a stunning time-lapse, showing the old continent's beauty. 

Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel cameras with Cinema Raw Lite

Canon has announced the Cinema EOS C200 and C200B, two variants on a 4K/60p capable production video camera that shoots in a new 12 or 10-bit Cinema Raw Lite format.

The Xiaomi Mi6 isn't quite an iPhone 7 Plus, but it's not bad

The Xiaomi Mi6 is one of the first Android phones to offer an iPhone 7 Plus style dual-camera with a 27mm wide angle and a longer 52mm lens. Is it as capable as Apple's flagship device? Well, sort of.

Rare collection of first female photographer's cyanotype algae photos goes on display

A museum in the Netherlands recently acquired a collection of photography pioneer Anna Atkins' work documenting British algae.

Nikon adds to fast prime series with AF-S Nikkor 28mm F1.4E ED

Nikon has added a sixth lens to its collection of fast F1.4 primes. The AF-S Nikkor 28mm F1.4E ED has a nine-blade aperture and weather-sealing and will hit stores in late June.

Full-frame Nikon 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye zoom now available

Nikon has announced a full-frame 8-15mm F3.5-4.5 fisheye lens. The lens is circular at its wide end and non-circular at its long end on FX bodies, and will set you back $1249.

Nikon announces budget-friendly AF-P 10-20mm F4.5-5.6G VR lens for DX bodies

Nikon has unveiled the AF-P DX Nikkor 10-20mm F4.5-5.6G VR an affordable ultra-wide zoom for its crop-sensor DSLRs, offering an equivalent focal range of 15-30mm.

Nikon Coolpix W300 rugged compact shoots 4K, costs $390

The Coolpix W300 updates Nikon's rugged compact lineup with 4K video and Snapbridge connectivity.

May 30
Nikon updates software suite to accommodate D7500 – and fix some bugs

New versions of Capture NX-D, Camera Control Pro, ViewNX-i and Picture Control Utility have been made available in readiness for the Nikon D7500, which starts shipping in June.

Strobist chats with Greg Heisler about lighting and color

David Hobby and portrait photographer Gregory Heisler on the role that color plays in adding realism to a lit portrait.

PocketWizard FlexTT6 Transceiver launched for Canon DSLRs and flashes

The new FlexTT6 brings with it the same HyperSync technology found in the FlexTT5 model, and offers compatibility with more than 20 Canon DSLRs and flashes.

Shipment delays hint at new Apple MacBook Pro models

Ship dates for the 15" MacBook Pro have slipped to June 6th – one day after Apple's WWDC keynote. According to rumors, these new models with finally support Intel's latest Kaby Lake processor.

Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 experiences focus bug when used with Sony a9

A statement from Sigma acknowledges that some of its zoom lenses may experience focus issues on the Sony a9 when used with the MC-11 adapter.

Photographer shoots 888 professional portraits in 7,092 seconds

Photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring used a mobile studio setup to photograph 888 subjects in exactly the same style and lighting for speedy capture and editing. 

Sony a9: Studio analysis confirms limited dynamic range, solid high ISO

As part of our ongoing review, we've added the Sony a9 to our studio scene and had a close look at its image quality. Tech Editor Rishi Sanyal has also delved into the sensor's behavior and what it means for dynamic range.

Photography proves therapeutic for war veterans

Military veterans in Spokane, WA are working with doctors and psychiatrists to use photography as therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Photographing wrecks: the amazing world of undersea photography

The floor of the world's oceans is littered with human debris, from sunken cruise ships to lost cargo. As part of its  #EarthCapture photo challenge, the BBC is showcasing some eerie underwater images.

Android creator Andy Rubin reveals modular Essential phone with dual-camera

The Essential phone comes with top-end specifications all around and an optional 360-degree camera module.

Google will no longer develop Nik Collection

According to its website, Google will stop providing updates for its Nik Collection suite of plug-in photo editing tools.

Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery

Canon's new EF-S 35mm F2.8 Macro lens is not only compact and affordable, but it is a pretty good performer as well. We put it to the test with eyeballs, flowers and even some antique cameras.

May 29
If you are in the US you can now create physical photo books through the Google Photos app

Google has updated its Photos mobile apps to support the recently announced service for creating and printing physical photo books. 

Europeana Photography lets you browse through the first 100 years of photography

Europeana Photography is a new online image archive that includes more than 2 million historical photographs from European collections in 34 countries, covering the first 100 years of photography.

Before you invest in LED lights, make sure you understand CRI

Manufacturers love to state CRI (color rendering index) numbers to prove that their LED lights will provide great color, but a single CRI score doesn't tell the whole story.

New images of Jupiter's pole show enormous, gorgeous storms

NASA's Juno spacecraft is sending back its first images from Jovean orbit, and they're beautiful.

Fujifilm GF 32-64mm F4 R LM WR sample gallery

We got our hands on the first zoom lens available for Fujifim's new digital medium format system.

May 28
Imaging Resource selects best cameras for backpacking

As summer really gets going over here in the Northern hemisphere, the team at Imaging Resource has put together a list of the best cameras for backpacking.

Surreal photos capture Ukraine's fallen Lenin statues

The Ukrainian Parliament banned statues of Lenin in 2015. Two years later, the monuments no longer adorn public buildings or stand watch over town squares, but they're still there.

Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F

If you had to choose one camera to bring along for the ultimate West coast road trip, what would it be? DPR's Sam Spencer choose the X100F.

May 27
Watch the Sony a9 track a fast basketball

The a9 boasts impressive capability. As more examples of it in practice pour in, Sony's claims hold up. Watch the a9 track and maintain focus on a rapidly approaching basketball.

Before and after photos show Big Sur landslide

Last week, more than a million tonnes of Californian coastline slid into the ocean, taking part of Highway 1 with it. Check out the remodeling in photos taken before and after the landslide.

How do you know you need a new camera?

Even after eighteen months of reviewing the latest, greatest, shiniest and must-buy-me-est new gear, DPReview staffer Carey Rose has continued to use older DSLR cameras for his freelance work. But now, that might be changing.

May 26
Sony still third globally but bullish about 2017 prospects

Sony is the world's leading mirrorless camera brand but remains third for ILCs overall, it's said in a presentation to investors. A focus on high value cameras and lenses should boost operating income, it says.

How one photographer 3D printed this beautiful medium format camera

It's nicknamed the 'Cycloptic Mustard Monster,' and is a 3D printed medium format camera.

NanGuang launches three new portable LED-lights

The new NanGuang LED lights are battery powered and come with accessories including filters and diffusers.

Dell's new 8K display is pretty amazing, but do you need it?

Have you been telling yourself, "Hey, I really need one of those 8K displays?" A video about Dell's new 8K monitor shows you what to expect. Is it really that much better?

Video: Portrait pro Tamara Lackey on self-doubt

Tamara Lackey, a Nikon ambassador USA and pro shooter, discusses embracing self-consciousness as a means of connecting with subjects.

Film artist explains what's wrong with new 'Spiderman: Homecoming' poster

There's a new Spiderman movie coming out and the poster been generating a lot of online chatter. Mostly about how it looks like the creation of a fevered teenager that just discovered Photoshop.

Steve Huff: 'Why I love my Micro Four Thirds System'

An honest defense of the system's merits, with photos as proof.

New startup 'Binded' aims to simplify copyright for photographers

Copyright disputes are no fun at all. 'Binded' is a new startup that aims to simplify the process of registering - and enforcing - copyright for photographers.

2017 Roundup: Consumer Long Zoom Compacts

Not everyone wants to pay a premium for a long zoom camera. Thankfully, there are many reasonably priced cameras available, though they won't offer the same image quality as enthusiast models. In this updated roundup we look at big zoom cameras with more consumer-friendly price tags.

May 25
Think Tank Photo updates TurnStyle sling bags and adds wheels to StreetWalker series

Think Tank Photo has updated two of its popular bag lines with improvements to functionality.

Here’s the OTHER photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald

We’ve all seen Bob Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo, but there's another.

Video: Kai Wong's first impressions of the new DJI Spark drone

The sample footage looks good.

Arsenal is artificial intelligence for your DSLR or mirrorless camera

It will automatically pick the best camera settings depending on shooting conditions. It even promises enhanced functionality for your camera, like exposure and focus stacking. It already supports many cameras from Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Sony.

A prototype of the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm Edition 0.95 can be yours for $25K

As if $13,950 wasn’t enough to pay for a special edition lens, the Leica Store in San Francisco is offering a prototype of said lens for $24,995.

Instagram is testing a feature that will let you hide/archive photos

Make those old photos disappear without deleting them forever.

Sony firmwares bring 10fps bursts with adapted lenses on a9 and faster startup

Firmware updates enable 10 fps shooting with adapted A-mount lenses, and faster startup times and better compatibility for 20 fps shooting when using native lenses on the a9.

Fujifilm releases firmware updates for several cameras and software products

Fujifilm has released firmware updates for its camera models X-T2, X-Pro2, GFX 50s, X-T20, X100F and X-T1 and updates to three of its software products.

Chicago from the sky: Razvan Sera's view of the windy city

A 22 year-old Romanian photographer uses his DJI Phantom 4 drone to capture unique perspectives of the city where he now lives.

Go surfing in VR with Kelly Slater

What's it like to ride the waves with champion surfer Kelly Slater? This VR video from Teton Gravity Research gives you a taste.

May 24
Formula for LomoChrome Purple 400 film reworked

The new stuff should have better red hues, improved sensitivity and finer grain - but don't worry - will still shift blues to green, greens to purple and yellows to pink.

Ricoh announces WG-50 rugged compact with 5x zoom, built-in macro lights

Ricoh has introduced a new rugged compact camera with a 16MP CMOS sensor, 28-140mm lens, 2.7" LCD and built-in LED macro lights.

The DJI Spark is a $500 HD mini drone

This compact drone can shoot HD video using a 2-axis stabilized 12MP camera.

Prynt Pocket, a pocket-sized photo printer for iPhone, is now available

The new Prynt Pocket can print a photo directly from their iPhone simply by inserting the phone into the printer, then snapping a photo. Each print will cost about 50 cents.

Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom updates brings a9 support

Updates for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom CC bring support for the Sony A9 and Panasonic ZS70/TZ90, along with bug fixes.

Triggertrap Mobile camera control dongle goes open source

The Triggertrap remote camera control system is no longer sold due to the company folding, but now users will be able to build their own.

Magic Format Converter lets you use DSLR-lenses on the Fuji GFX 50S

The Magic Format Converter comes with internal optics that expand the image circle of full-frame DSLR lenses for use on the Fuji medium format camera.

MacPhun to release Aurora HDR and Luminar for Windows users

The usually Apple-exclusive MacPhun software developer has announced that it will introduce PC versions of two of its most popular applications. Both Aurora HDR and Luminar should be available for the Windows operating system by the autumn of this year.

Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM sample gallery

Sony's newest G Master telephoto zoom, announced alongside the a9, is the first of the company's FE lenses to reach 400mm natively. We had one in California and photographed horses, portraits, and landscapes - check out how it did.

Garmin announces the VIRB 360, a 5.7K waterproof 360-cam

Garmin has entered the 360-camera market with the VIRB, which captures 5.7K video at 30p as well as 15MP stills.

May 23
Makers of the Panono 108MP 360-degree camera filing for bankruptcy

German media reports that the founders of the company behind the Panono 360-degree ball camera have filed for bankruptcy at a court in Berlin.

The new Surface Pro: new processors, boosted battery life and more

With a claimed 800 new custom parts, Microsoft's updated Surface Pro comes with the latest Kaby Lake processors, better battery life, a new hinge, plus the Surface Pen is updated as well.

Hy6 rises again as DW Photo tries to break from tangled history

DW Photo is attempting to resurrect the Hy6 medium format camera, though the legal tangles of its development may stop it being branded Rolleiflex.

Kodak EKTRA 'camera first' smartphone now available in US

The Kodak EKTRA, the company's 'camera first' smartphone, is now available to purchase in the United States.

Apple and Nokia settle litigation and plan to work together

Apple and Nokia have settled their years-old patent dispute. Apple will make an undisclosed payment to Nokia and sign a licensing agreement related to digital health products with the Finnish company.

Street photography advice from a master

David Gibson, one of Britain's best known street shooters, shares all.

New book and time-lapse video features photos taken without light pollution

Photographers from the SKYGLOW project travelled 150k miles and took 3 million photos in increasingly rare locations: those without light pollution.

Meet Canon's 200mm F1.8, aka "Eye of Sauron"

The world's fastest 200mm was produced for 16 years. In that time, only 8000 were made.

Photokina 'repositions' itself, will become an annual event

Photokina, the biennial photo industry trade show in Cologne, Germany, has announced that it will become an annual event beginning in 2018, and expand its focus to additional areas of imaging technology.

Photo Gear News shows you how to make a DIY lapel mic

No mic socket? No problem. In this video, Daniel Peters at Photo Gear News shows you how to make a lapel microphone using just a smartphone and a pair of earbuds.

Cage match: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Arri Alexa

How does the iPhone 7 Plus stack up against the Arri Alexa cinema camera? Watch this short video to find out.

Canon asks photographers  to interpret their sense of taste photographically

Canon Australia's video series "The Lab" is designed to make photographers experiment and think outside the box. In the latest video a  group of photographers create images based on their sense of taste. 

New Panasonic GH5 firmware is coming – are your SD cards ready?

The GH5 is expected to get a firmware update this summer to support 400Mbps internal recording. NewsShooter explores what memory cards you'll need to make it work.

Microsoft launches new generation Surface Pro

Microsoft's new Surface Pro offers Intel's latest processor generation and improved battery life. 

New Red Bull video shows downhill MTB ride, lit by drone

Riding a mountain bike downhill is dangerous enough in daylight, but potentially lethal at night. Which is where drones come in.

Maintaining a legacy or building for mirrorless, who benefits?

Rumors abound that Canon (and maybe Nikon) may produce a mirrorless camera based using their existing DSLR mount. Does this guarantee immediate great lens choice or a perpetually second-rate experience?

Nest's next camera captures 4K, but only for zooming

According to rumors, the next camera from Nest will be able to capture 4K video, though that resolution will be only used for 'virtual' pan and tilt functions.

The Verge previews crowd-sourced Boundary Prima modular backpack

Boundary's Prima 'fully modular' backpack is expandable to 30L and has a removable camera case and tablet sleeve. Early Kickstarter backers can get one for $189.

May 22
Celebrated war photographer Stanley Greene dies at 68

Stanley Greene captured 'brutally honest' photographs in the war zones of the Middle East, Chechnya and Georgia. He was also one of the few African-American photographers working internationally.

Leica announces plans for 'peeling' CCDs in M9 and Monochrom

Owners of Leica M cameras that suffer from peeling CCDs will be able to claim a free repair in the future so long as the camera was purchased within five years of the fault becoming apparent, the company has announced.

You should totally spend 15K on this rare Zeiss lens

The Carl Zeiss Jena BIOTAR 75mm F1.5 Red T lens is very rare and priced accordingly. It can be yours today for the low, low price of $15,000.

MIT previews autonomous tracking drone

The MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed a drone that does not require any human control for recording tracking shots.

Video: Journalist survives ISIS sniper attack, his GoPro does not

In this terrifying video, Iraqi journalist Ammar Alwaely narrowly misses a sniper's bullet, which takes out his chest-mounted GoPro. Warning: strong language.

Global action camera market expected to grow 15% by 2021

A new report expects action camera growth to increase about 15% by 2021, with Ultra HD cameras driving demand.

Profiles for Irix 11mm and 15mm for Adobe products now available

Profiles for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom have been released for Irix's ultra-wide 11mm and 15mm primes. Like all profiles, these correct for distortion and vignetting.

DJI to restrict drone performance without 'activation'

An upcoming firmware update from DJI will cripple its drones unless they are 'activated' on the company's website. Live streaming will be turned off and flight radius/altitude will be limited.

What gear do filmmakers rent most often?

Brent from ShareGrid rounds up the 10 most common products filmmakers are renting from one another for productions; chances are good you own one or more of them.

Control panels make DaVinci Resolve more competitive

DaVinci Resolve is making strong moves to compete with Premiere and Final Cut Pro, including affordable control panels for colorists. According to Premium Beat, they're really good.

Personal camera drones do not require FAA registration anymore

If you are not planning to fly your drone commercially you are not required to register it with the FAA anymore. This decision was handed down by a federal court in Washington, D.C.

Electronic shutter, rolling shutter and flash: what you need to know

Whether you're syncing a flash, wondering why banding is appearing in your image or getting strange images from your camera's silent shutter mode, the way your shutter works has a role to play. Here's what happens when you press the shutter button.

May 21
'It's about being prepared for whatever is thrown at you': Q & A with William Vazquez

William Vazquez travels all over the world documenting humanitarian work. He spoke to us about the challenges of his work, the importance of research and why a multitool and duct tape are your best friends in the field.

May 20
Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras

These ten film cameras stand the test of time. They are easy to find, affordable and capable of excellent results.

Drone photos meet "Inception" in Flatlands II

Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş uses a drone, 3-D rendering and Photoshop to create mind-bending landscapes.

May 19
Apple publishes four more iPhone photography tutorial videos

They're offering tips for composing selfies and converting to black and white.

2017 Roundup: Semi-Pro Interchangeable Lens Cameras $2000+

Whether you're seeking ultra-high resolution, first-rate autofocus or 4K video capture, there are some supremely capable 'semi-pro' cameras available. Find out which models we liked best in our updated semi-pro camera roundup.

MIT is developing automatic navigation for camera-equipped drones

With composition specified by the director, drones may one day be able to navigate a movie set on their own.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II firmware 1.1.1 removed over communication bug

Canon has made the previous version, 1.1.0 available for download again.

Shooting the Milky Way handheld

Impossible? Not if you have a fast lens and 5 stops of stabilization.

Impossible Project launches special edition Two-Tone B&W Polaroid 600 camera

This 'strictly limited edition' is a refurbished original Polaroid 600 redesigned with a custom two-tone paint job. 

Nikon reshuffles management structure

Nikon today announced a reorganization of its corporate structure which will see several divisions and business units closed or merged.

Students get the ultimate field trip: shooting photos in Morocco

High school students from New York got he chance to shoot along with award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv in Morocco.

New Surface Pro leaked ahead of announcement

VentureBeat reports that Monday's Surface Pro announcement will bring evolutionary updates to Microsoft's high-end Windows 10 tablet.

How do drones fly?

WIRED does a science and lays it all out for us.

Olympus cleans up at Camera Grand Prix 2017

The Japanese Camera Journal Press Club has awarded Olympus three out of its four annual prizes after voting by photographic magazine editors and readers.

WIRED publishes gallery of stunning photos taken from drones

The photos are great, but whether drones should have been flying in a couple of these places is debatable.

Kodak is building new film processing facilities

It's not dead yet! A few years ago several high profile filmmakers convinced Kodak to keep making motion picture film. Now they need more facilities to process it.

Video: is the Canon EOS M6 good for vlogging?

We made a vlog about vlogging with the M6 (which we used to make the vlog).

Video: first person view of a spacewalk, shot by an action cam
May 18
Now that's a bowl of spaghetti: food photos through the years

The NY Times magazine takes a look at the history of food photography, including the requisite bullet-thru-an-apple shot.

App uses AI and user input to colorize black-and-white photos

Regardless of your feelings about colorizing iconic black-and-white photos, the results are pretty impressive.

There's an entire subreddit dedicated to pictures of cats standing up
Canon warns of defective focusing in some EF 24-105mm F4L IS II lenses

Canon has issued a service notice for a collection of lenses with specific serial numbers that need to be checked for faulty focusing systems. 

Shooting motorsports with a hundred-year-old camera

When you can only shoot 20 photos in a session you make them count.

A Taste of New York is a stunning Big Apple time-lapse

Team Film Spektakel spent 10 days in New York in 2016 and shot 65,000 photos to produce this breathtaking three minute time-lapse.

Google demos technology that scrubs objects from photographs

A feature we first saw demonstrated in 2015 appears to be almost ready for prime time.

Critic Iizawa Kōtarō and Japan's photo culture

An interview with the famous photo critic about how Tokyo and Japanese photo culture are entwined.

Photos capture political boundaries from space

We usually imagine the view of Earth from space as being free of visible political boundaries. But that's not always the case. TIME shows us some photos that prove otherwise.

Get your sci-fi on: 50 photos from the 'Alien' films

Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien was full of stunning visuals, a trend that continued through its many sequels. Film School Rejects highlights 50 of the best shots from the Alien franchise.

OnePlus teams up with DxO to enhance OnePlus 5 camera performance

OnePlus says the French imaging software company has "years of imaging experience and expertise" but does not specify what the cooperation will exactly entail. 

Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range

The good news? a9 Raws look good at high ISO, and there's no cost to it dropping to 12 bit mode. The bad news? That's because there are only 12 bits worth of dynamic range to begin with. Rishi digs into Sony's sports specialist's sensor.

Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom

Back in 2004 Olympus announced the C-8080 Wide Zoom, bearing a 28-140mm lens that was designed to be as good as the Zuiko lenses found on the company's DSLRs. Read more

Here's a list of free photography software you can try right now

Because free is better.

Hello, Nikon D820 rumors

A new high-res sensor + the D5's AF system? Yes please!

Hotel turned into 3D model from 10,000 photos

The Oddviz collective created a 3D model of a hotel in Istanbul using 10,000 photos. It took two weeks to go from photos to 3D using a process known as photogrammetry.

May 17
YouTube's 360-degree videos are coming soon to your living room TV

When 360 video support arrives for YouTube's TV apps, you'll be able to interact with clips using your remote or game controller.

Exhibit celebrates the humble snapshot

'Other People’s Pictures' comprises 200 amateur snapshots, giving a glimpse into how photography functioned in Americans' lives during the early and mid-twentieth century.

Drone footage helps scientists understand how narwhals use their tusks

It turns out they're used to stun fish before eating them.

Photographer offers free photos to graduates who can't pay

Philadelphia-area photographer Richard Wah is offering a 'pay what you can' shoot for high school graduates who are unable to afford professional photos.

10 cool DIY photography techniques that anyone can do

Stuck in a creative rut? Here are 10 easy photo techniques to get your creative juices flowing.

Hasselblad launches A6D 100MP aerial camera

The A6D appears to have replaced the A5D series, which had a number of sensor options, with a single body using the company’s highest resolution back.

Google Photos update encourages sharing, adds photo book creation

Google's image storage and organization app will soon analyze your photo library and suggest images for sharing.

AI-powered Google Lens can identify types of flowers, give info about restaurants

At Google I/O 2017, the company showed off its new Google Lens technology, which can identify things like flowers when in 'live view' on your phone.

Sigma offers firmware updates for four Canon mount lenses

The new firmware claims to improve the AF accuracy of the lenses when used with the Sigma Mount Converter MC-11.

Canon UK '365 Days of Summer' competition seeks visual storytellers

Canon wants to send you on a year-long, all-expenses-paid summer vacation.

Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM sample gallery

We've gotten to try out Sony's new pro-oriented wide-angle zoom with some action involving bicycles, skateboards, horses and... a vineyard. Turns out it's pretty well-suited for them all. Read more

Sony FE 12-24mm F4 G sample gallery

Sony's full-frame 12-24mm F4 G lens is impressively lightweight and small in size, but packs a serious image quality punch. Check out how it performs in our gallery. Read more

Hands-on with Sony's new 16-35mm and 12-24mm wide-angle lenses

Sony's just released two new ultra-wide-angle lenses, and perhaps what's most surprising about them is their size and weight - or lack thereof. Read more

Sony adds 16-35mm F2.8 GM to G-Master pro-focused lens range

Sony has added a 16-35mm F2.8 wide-angle zoom to its G-Master range of premium lenses. The widely anticipated lens addresses a common need among professional and amateur landscape shooters. Read more

Sony unveils FE 12-24mm F4 G ultra wide-angle full-frame zoom

Sony has announced the FE 12-24mm F4 G, a full-frame, ultra-wide angle zoom for E-Mount. Read more

Roger Cicala has had it with cheap UV filters

The Lensrentals founder shows us why you should accept no imitations for a high-quality filter, no matter what the brand name on the side says.

DJI announces smart TV app for Samsung Tizen and Apple TV

Soon you'll be able to pop some popcorn and tune into aerial footage streamed right to your TV.

New Olympus TG-5 improves 'toughness', brings new sensor and tracking functionality

Olympus has announced its latest rugged camera, the TG-5. Compared to its predecessor, the TG-5 can take more of a beating, uses a lower-res sensor and offers tracking capabilities. Read more

Initial sample images from the new Olympus TG-5

We had a little bit of time to put the brand new Olympus Tough camera through its paces prior to being launched.

May 16
Instagram gets Snapchat-style face filters and the transformation is practically complete

Instagram's slow morph into Snapchat is all but finished with the addition of goofy augmented reality filters.

RawTherapee 5.1 released

The update includes support for Pentax's Pixel Shift feature.

In photos: La Biennale di Venezia exhibition opens

The 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia takes place in locations all over Venice.

Practical advice for finding a portrait subject's 'good side'

Everyone has a good side.

61 film photography blogs worth following

For when digital photography just ain't cutting it.

Company wins $900k in damages after competitor steals images
Sony releases machine vision sensor capable of 1000 fps object tracking

It won't end up in a smartphone or camera, but Sony's IMX382 high-speed vision sensor is still pretty cool. Read more

Waterbird demos world's first bendable Multi-Slider

Photo Gear News went hands-on with Waterbird's completely flexible camera Multi-Slider. An optional motor allows users to move the camera along the rail with their smartphone.

British man searching for photographer who took the last photo of him with his now-deceased wife

Alan Wright and his wife were photographed at Sissinghurst Castle by a fellow visitor three months before Mrs. Wright passed away. He's looking for the photographer who took the last photo of them together.

Alpa Silex unit offers electronic control of Canon and Nikon lenses on digital medium-format backs

It works with the company’s 12 series bodies and brings aperture control to electronically operated lenses from Canon and Nikon, as well as Contax, Hasselblad and Rollei.

Canon EOS M6 Review

The Canon EOS M6 is a 24MP APS-C mirrorless camera. Essentially an updated M5 shorn of a viewfinder, has Canon finally made an enthusiast-worthy small-bodied mirrorless? Read more

Photographer who is going blind keeps shooting despite challenges

Norwegian landscape photographer Thomas Berger is losing his sight to diabetes, but is still in pursuit of the perfect image.

News Corp to eliminate up to 70 'redundant' staff photographers in Australia

The Guardian reports that the company plans to adopt an outsourcing model that relies more on freelancers.

HTC U11 takes top spot in DxOMark Mobile ranking

With an overall score of 90, the HTC U11 is the highest-rated smartphone camera ever tested by DxO and has taken the top-spot in the DxOMark Mobile ranking from the Google Pixel. 

HTC launches U11 flagship smartphone

HTC's latest flagship comes with a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor, a fast F1.7 aperture, optical image stabilization and 3D audio recording.

Ecuador Airlines pilot captures incredible photos from the sky

When not on duty, 767 pilot Santiago Borja Lopez is a photographer, capturing dramatic photos of phenomena like storms and lightning.

A paparazzi/camera-free terminal has opened at LAX

Want to avoid being photographed while flying through LA? It'll cost you a measly extra $3500.

Imaging Resource posts Fujifilm X100F shooting experience

William Brawley took the X100F shooting around Atlanta and, aside from some bugs and other quirks, was a big fan.

Best day ever: Student finds $5 Leica M2 in thriftstore

And it came with a Elmar 50mm F2.8 lens attached.

Delta to test facial recognition-enabled self-service baggage drop

It will confirm your identity by comparing an image of your face to your passport photo, which isn't creepy at all.

May 15
Apple ad hints that its Portrait mode is so good it will save your family business

As annoying as the premise is, it's actually kind of hard to hate this upbeat ad.

GIMP 2.8.22 fixes crash issues and 10-year-old bug

The free-to-use ‘Photoshop alternative’ is now in version 2.8.22 and includes fixes for a number of operations, such as drag-and-drop/copy-and-paste uses of the clipboard that could make the program crash.

Back to basics: A simple three-point lighting setup for headshots

This video tutorial makes it easy to step outside of your available-light comfort zone.

Fashion photographer shares his 'Ten Commandments of Retouching'

Fashion photographer David Justice shares ten of his do's and don'ts of retouching portraits.

TV series to showcase Norman Seeff's celebrity photo sessions

Seeff recorded his shoots of celebrities like Ray Charles, Steve Jobs and Tina Turner. His famous photo sessions doubled as 'mini-confessionals.'

Delkin BLACK USB 3.0 Rugged Memory Card Reader offers microSD, CF and SD slots

This is the first rugged memory card reader offering both microSD and SD UHS-II card slots in a single device, according to Delkin. 

Profoto B1X LED off-camera flash updates 'B1' model

According to the company it's an update with improvements in three areas: 'power, power and power.'

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes close to the best in DxOMark Mobile testing

With a score of 88 points in DxOMark's Mobile testing the Samsung Galaxy S8 cannot quite achieve the Google Pixel's score of 89, but is on the same level as its predecessor Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10. Read more

One artist copes with sleep paralysis by casting himself in nightmarish photos

For Nicolas Bruno, creating photos inspired by the waking nightmares of sleep paralysis helps him maintain a sense of control.

Maybe zoom lenses aren't so bad, after all

Zoom lenses get a lot of flack due to the high quality of prime lenses. Lauchlan Toal makes the argument that versatility is more important than IQ.

Leica to cease free sensor replacement for M9 / M9-P / M-E / Monochrom cameras older than five years

They'll still replace a corroded CCD as long as the camera was purchased new in the last five years.

Going on safari? Here's what you need to know (and bring)

If you're luck enough to be going on safari, you'll want to read these tips from Mike Briggs before you hop into your Land Rover.

A slow motion dive onto a trampoline covered with mouse traps

Video firmly establishes critical need for high frame rate 4K on all cameras.

$20,000 of photo gear stolen from airplane overhead bin

Worried about having to check your bag of photo gear on your next flight? Maybe it's time to start watching the overhead bins as well.

Eric Kim tells you not to trust photo bloggers like Eric Kim

Confused? Maybe it's just easier to read Eric's article that explains what he means.

Shiftcam is a 6-in-1 lens case for the iPhone 7 Plus

The Shiftcam system for the iPhone 7 Plus is built around a shock-proof case and a sliding lens module which allows for switching between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro options.

Can you build a cheaper X100 with a mirrorless body and pancake lens?

Everyone loves a big sensor compact with a prime lens. But can you put together a better combination with a cheap-ish mirrorless camera and a pancake prime? Read more

May 14
We shot the Boeing 737 Max 9's first flight with a Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III

The Boeing 737 first flew in 1967, and it's been in continuous development ever since. The latest model is the Max 9, which flew for the first time last month. We were there and we took the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III along for the ride. Read more

Huawei Mate 9 quick review

The Huawei Mate 9 puts flagship smartphone specifications in a high-end phablet, with Leica co-designed lenses to boot. Read more

A mother shares her love of adventure with her son

Benjamin Von Wong is at it again, this time partnering with digital artist Karen Alsop to give a paralyzed mother an opportunity to share her love of adventure with her 8-year-old son.

May 13
Week in Review: Hungry Birds

While this past week was a bit calmer than the Sony a9 craziness the week prior, it was still filled with sample photos, an interview, a fun throwback and more. Read more

Karsh, Beaton and Swannell featured as Camera Press celebrates 70 years with exhibition of famous faces

An exhibition of portraits that chart the last seven decades of celebrity photography will mark the 70th birthday of British photo agency Camera Press. Read more

May 12
SID is a 3D camera that promises shake-free VR videos

The camera produces 'shake-free' footage with stereoscopic effects that can be adjusted with a mobile device during post-processing.

Polaroid sold to new owner

PLR IP Holdings, LLC and its Polaroid brand have been sold to a Polish investor who owns a majority stake in the Impossible Project. Read more

StarTech.com releases two new USB 3.0 CFast card readers

StarTech.com's new memory card readers can reach data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps over USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1).

FilmLab is a film negative scanning app for smartphones

Developer Abe Fettig is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get his FilmLab negtaive scanning app ready for official distribution in the app stores. Read more

Tribe to use infrared photography to 'restore' historic drum

The Tlingit tribe in Alaska hopes to use IR photography to preserve a deteriorating shaman's drum.

Ticketmaster shows you all the views at 110 venues

Ticketmaster's used 3D wireframe models and photos to show you exactly what you're getting, with the exception that you still don't know how tall or obnoxiously drunk your neighbors will be.

This video from an action cam strapped to a dog will make you laugh or make you sick, possibly both
Lighthouse security cam knows who you are

Using an RGB camera, night vision, a 3D sensor and of course AI, this home security camera distinguishes between your family, pets and any 'unknown presence.'

Mt. Everest: The ultimate wedding photography gig?

California couple and their photographer trek 3 weeks across Nepal to get married. Some of the photos are pretty cool.

Atomos Shogun now records 4K/120p Raw

New firmware adds burst mode to record short 4K/120p Raw clips on Sony FS5 and FS700.

Adrian Fish's images offer a rare look at the archives of the East German secret police

Canadian Photographer Adrian Fish and his camera got access to the archives and meeting rooms of the Berlin office of the East German secret police for the series Deutsche Demokratische Republik: The Stasi Archives. 

Apple launches website to help you get the most out of your iPhone 7 camera

Apple's new 'How to shoot on iPhone 7' website offers a series of videos that explain the iPhone 7 camera features and how to use them to achieve specific image results. 

30 years of Anne Geddes

CNN talks to iconic baby photographer about her 30 years in the business.

National Geographic highlights early 'People' entries to Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 competition

Submissions are being accepted until June 30th. Thinking of entering? Scope out the competition in the 'People' category and check out some early favorites. See gallery

Canon 6D II rumors and a B&W medium format back: 'Fro rounds up the week's news

In his latest photo news 'fix', Jared Polin, AKA 'Fro Knows Photo' tackles the announcement of Phase One's new 100MP black and white back, and rumors of a forthcoming replacement for the Canon EOS 6D. 

Mothers before they were mothers

A character in Edan Lepucki's most recent novel put out a call for photos of mothers before they became mothers. So she did the same. Who was your mother before you knew her?

2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500

While they don't necessarily grab the headlines, one thing is for certain: entry-level interchangeable lens cameras sell by the truckload. In our latest roundup we'll pick out the best options for those wanting to spend around $500. Read more

Microsoft unveils Windows Story Remix, a video editor for Windows 10

The app provides a user-friendly way to mix photos and videos into movie clips with fun effects.

May 11
Good training: iFixit director of communications pays tribute to a repair-focused mom

iFixit director of communications Kay Kay Clapp has a lot to thank her mother for, not least her insistence that children should learn how to repair things.

Russian photographer in White House 'security breach'

When President Trump met Russian diplomats at the White House this week, US Press were not invited. But a photographer for Russian news agency TASS was allowed in, apparently by accident. And some intelligence experts are worried.

Your next lens could be 3D printed

A team of scientists in Germany has developed a technique for 3D printing glass, opening up new possibilities for a range of applications, including printed glass elements for lenses.

The striking beauty of manmade Mexico

The Atlantic's Alan Taylor used Google Earth to illustrate the beauty of manmade landscapes in Mexico, both ancient and modern.

Fantasea FRX100 V underwater housing released for Sony RX cameras

Take your RX100 V on your next ocean adventure.

Google releases list of Street View-ready certified 360-degree cameras

The certified cameras can be used in conjunction with the Street View app to create content Google's Street View platform. 

Panasonic Lumix DC-GX850/GX800 review: lean selfie machine

Panasonic's smallest camera is also its most affordable. But is it any good? Read on

TIME goes behind the scenes of unique White House photo shoot

How would you approach a photo shoot at the White House if your tour guide was the President of the United States? TIME photographer Benjamin Rasmussen shares his recent experience.

So you think you need to buy a RED camera

Have you thought to yourself recently, "Hey, I think I'd better pick up a RED camera?" Cooper over at Cooper Films gives you a few questions to ask yourself and some good advice to boot.

Photoshelter interviews Bloomberg Photo Editor Eugene Reznik

On photography as a universal language and the importance of diversity.

Sony releases short film showing off Xperia XZ Premium super-slow motion mode

Sony Mobile has released the first super-slow-motion short movie that has been completely recorded on a smartphone. 

Sigma releases updated firmware for 30mm F1.4 APS-C lens for Sony E-mount

A new firmware version fixes some bugs that occur when using the 30mm F1.4 APS-C lens with the Sony a6300 and a5100 cameras.

Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus

In this week's Throwback Thursday, Dale jumps into the wayback machine to look at Canon's eye-controlled focus, a promising technology introduced during the film era, but which never quite made the jump to digital. Read more

Gaze upon these surreal photos of a mirror and a salt lake

Murray Fredericks' mesmerizing photos are an exercise in minimalism.

Beautiful photos from 1942 show the making of the New York Times

These Library of Congress images remind us of just how arduous publishing a daily paper used to be. Read more

Feed your nightmares with these pictures of 1970s clowns

Photographer Jill Freedman spent some time in the 1970s photographing clowns for her book 'Circus Days'. Her original darkroom proof prints have just been unearthed. And honestly, we wish they hadn't been.

May 10
Hahnel introduces radio-controlled MODUS 600RT hotshoe flash system

The new hotshoe flash is powered by a block lithium ion battery, in the style of the Godox V860ll, instead of the usual AA cells.

Taco night in 4K with with Panasonic GX850

Panasonic's entry level camera gets the yummy yummy shots.

Phase One shows off the first images from its achromatic back

Check out all those glorious details.

Adobe's Lightroom Coffee Break videos give quick time-saving tips

It's over ten years since Adobe's Lightroom emerged from beta, and it's evolved a lot since then. The company's 'Coffee break' series of videos introduces features you might not know. For a minute of your time, these tips can help speed your workflow. Read more

Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro

This footage, filmed by CreateOne film production on a DJI Mavic Pro high above Norway has us all checking our vacation days and airline ticket prices. Read more

GoPro documents skier's fall into crevasse

He's fine, but we're honestly a little shaken up watching this footage.

Manfrotto launches Manhattan Collection for urban photographers

Manfrotto has launched a new camera bag lineup called the Manhattan Collection. The new bags are designed for urban photographers 'who commute and need their essentials to be close at hand to survive the everyday urban life'.

Saramonic launches PMIC entry-level microphone series

Saramonic's new PMIC range is aimed at those users who would like to try out filmmaking with a DSLR and want better sound than built-in microphones can provide.

Seeing swatches in the real world

Andrea Antoni, an Italian graphic designer, has modified the colors of real landscapes to more perfectly match Pantone swatches that he photographs; 'The images reflect the way I see the world,' he says.

Photographer accidentally shoots wrong couple's engagement

Well, this is embarrassing. 

Exhibit celebrates the influence of cars on photography

Who knew that the Ford Falcon influenced photographers in Argentina?

Photographer condenses classic movies into single images

Jason Shulman's long-exposure photos turn the movies' color design and composition into abstract washes.

Photos document the struggle to find water in Somalia

A photo essay in The Guardian shows how a three year drought has driven people to leave their homes in search of water.

Nikon D5500 firmware updated to version 1.02

The previous-generation mid-range DSLR gets a number of bug fixes.

Viltrox launches lens adapters for Sony E-Mount and Micro Four Thirds cameras

The Viltrox NF-E1 lets you use Nikon Nikon F mount lenses on Sony E mount cameras. The EF-M1 and EF-M2 models let you connect Canon EF and EF-S lenses to your Micro Four Thirds camera.

Photos of New York subway from 1977-84

Swiss photographer Willy Spiller's images reveal a city that was more gritty and graffiti-covered than you'll find today.

NASA image of the day captures galactic battle

UGC 1810 is a 'Wildly Interacting Galaxy', locked in battle with a smaller galactic neighbor, roughly 300 million light years away. It's expected to devour its challenger some time in the next billion years.

Phase One launches 100MP black and white medium format IQ3 'Achromatic'

Phase One has announced a mono version of its 100MP IQ3 medium-format camera back. The $50,000 camera has no color filter array or IR filter, so should produce higher levels of pixel sharpness as well as offering greater sensitivity. Read more

Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM sample gallery

Sigma's new 100-400mm F5-6.3 super-zoom lens is well-suited to wildlife photography. We strapped it to a Canon 5D IV, found some avian subjects and put the results into a sample gallery. View gallery

Souvid Datta controversy raises more than one set of questions for photojournalism

When photographer Souvid Datta's image of a child sex slave being raped was used by LensCulture to promote a competition, it provoked outrage. Since then, it has emerged that other images in Datta's portfolio were misappropriated or faked.

This video of a bear chasing a biker is why POV cameras were invented
May 9
Algorithms may help scientists see what your brain sees

Reconstructing perceived images based on brain scans has proven difficult and results have been inaccurate. Neural networks may change that.

New mid-range Qualcomm chips support 'zero shutter lag' 24MP capture

Smartphone chip maker Qualcomm brings its 14-bit Spectra image processing to its Snapdragon 660 and 630 systems on a chip.

EyeEm adding video clips to its AI-keyworded stock database

The AI-powered stock/sharing website is looking for aerial shots, food, nature, urban and travel clips. Clips can be from 5 - 45 seconds long and are licensed on a 50:50 basis.

Dramatic night photos incorporate military equipment

Joshua Simmons is a newcomer to photography who has embraced astrophotography – and happens to be a soldier.

Filmmaker and photographer collaborate to show natural beauty of ocean waves

How do you capture the beauty of an ocean wave with a single still image? You turn it into a cinemagraph, of course.

'People in Cars' revisits 1970's LA car culture

Photographer Mike Mandel discusses his latest book featuring a series of nostalgia-inducing portraits.

Photographer takes wedding photos at the top of the world

A Northern California couple worked with a local photographer to have their wedding photos taken somewhere unusual - Base Camp on Mount Everest.

This camera is designed to keep only the best photos

It's part camera, part commentary on the state of photojournalism.

Sundisc is an ultra-portable softbox/reflector combination

A recently-launched Kickstarter is looking for funding to mass produce a softbox that fits in your coat pocket.

Drones capture symmetry from above

Capturing symmetry has always been a big part of photography, and drone users are bringing the same composition style to the skies.

Air pollution is bad, but can make for interesting photos

Air pollution isn't healthy, but a collection of photos in The Guardian shows that it can make for some impressive images.

Lindsay Adler discusses the evolution of her photographic style

Adobe is kicking off a new YouTube series of interviews with creatives of all kinds by talking with portrait photographer Lindsay Adler.

Instagram implements image upload through mobile site

Instagram's mobile website has been updated to allow for image upload without installing the Instagram app on a mobile device.

Sony a9 spends a muddy day at the Kentucky Derby

Sony's new a9 full-framer took a trip to Churchill Downs for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby and captured the moment that Always Dreaming crossed the finish line.

Pano Awards for panoramic photography opened with $50,000 prize fund

Panoramic photographers are being invited to enter images for the annual Pano Awards to compete for prizes from Epson and Nikon as well as $22,000 in cash. 

How would you improve the Panasonic GH5?

The Panasonic GH5 still new, but Lee Morris at Fstoppers suggests 12 firmware updates that would improve the camera.

5 reasons to choose the Leica Q for street photography

Many street photographers have a particular camera that fits them just right. For photographer Robin Schimko, that camera is the Leica Q. Here's why.

So you want to be a pro photographer...

It's something most hobbyists think about at some point. Photographer Eric Kim provides an interesting perspective on this very common question.

Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF gallery and first impressions

The Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF is the first of its kind to sport both AF and image stabilization. It pairs smooth bokeh and subject isolation with slightly extended depth-of-focus. We shot everything from engagements to candid child to street photography. Read more

Lensrentals selects the best gear for your next vacation

Zach Sutton at LR has made a list of the gear that he'd recommend for various trips – just please don't take their cameras to Burning Man.

May 8
7 tips to set up your Nikon DSLR for fast use

Wildlife photographer Steve Perry sets up his Nikon DSLRs exactly as we do: for fast-paced shooting. Here's how.

Guardians of the Galaxy team reveals why they chose an 8K Red camera

Go behind the scenes with Director James Gunn and Director of Photography Henry Braham to learn why they went with the RED Weapon 8K.

Film vs. digital: Can't we all just get along?

Which is better - film or digital? It's a question that won't go away, and thanks to the recent surge in popularity of film, it's an argument that we might be having forever. Film fan and blogger Hamish Gill has had enough.

National Geographic photographer shares tips for controlling light

Photographer Bob Holmes shares tips about lighting to bring that 'National Geographic look' into your pictures.

Former fashion photographer captures the world's largest telescopes

Spoiler alert: they're really big.

This flower bloom time-lapse took three years and 8TB of raw footage to create

An encore to his 2012 'Fall' time-lapse, Jamie Scott's 'Spring' is a mesmerizing work that encapsulates the season in just four minutes.

Firefly lights up the night sky in 4K Milky Way timelapse

Photographer Aryeh Nirenberg took over 1000 photos at Assateague Island in Maryland, and created a 4K time-lapse video with an amazing view of the Milky Way.

Phase One answers Hasselblad with 100MP DJI drone options of its own

Just weeks after Hasselblad announced a 100MP drone with partner DJI, Phase One has done exactly the same.

Apple is offering three years of free repairs for its Smart Keyboard

Apple will go above and beyond the typical one-year warranty for its iPad accessory keyboard due to hardware issues.

Sports Illustrated introduces its first augmented reality issue

The pages of SI's latest issue come to life thanks to image recognition software and a smartphone app.

Imaging Resource reviews LaCie 6big RAID array

The Lacie 6big is a 6-disk RAID array that can be configured to hold 24, 36, 48 or 60 TB of data. The Imaging Resource team has been putting it to the test.

Color photos from 1950s Soviet Union bring history to life

Photos and home movies taken by assistant army attaché stationed in Moscow during the 1950s capture everything from Stalin's funeral to everyday life in the Soviet Union.

Poor piloting causes terrifying cycle crash

A fellow racer's camera captures the moment a crashed drone causes a horrendous crash at a California bike race.

'Dronescapes' collects best selfies taken by drones

The collection also includes weddings and sporting events, as well as more traditional subjects like landscapes and monuments, all taken from above. 

Chernobyl town hosts guerrila photo exhibition

A photographer is staging a show at Pripyat's long-abandoned Palace of Culture.

'That article was more like gossip' Panasonic's head of cameras talks downsizing, GH5 and the 8K era

Yosuke Yamane, the Director of Panasonic’s imaging business speaks to us about the GH5, the promise of 8K, reports of downsizing and why we haven’t seen on-sensor phase detection in one of the company’s cameras. Read more

Olympus firmware update brings support for Profoto remote and more to E-M1 II, EM-5 II and PEN-F

Olympus has released a major firmware update for two of its OM-D cameras as well as the PEN-F. It adds support for Profoto's TTL flash system and also brings numerous new features and bug fixes. Read more

May 7
Updated: Sony a9 samples with Raw support

We've just been given a build of Adobe Camera Raw that lets us dig a little deeper into the Sony a9's Raw files. Click through to see the updated gallery, and also our perspective on how the out-of-camera JPEGs stack up. Read more

From the forums: Starry skies time-lapse

A DPReview regular created this beautiful time-lapse from night skies all over, from the Norwegian Tundra to the Upper Himalayan Desert.

PDN announces 2017 Photo Annual contest winners

Photo District News has announced the winners of its 2017 PDN Photo Annual competition, and there are some pretty amazing images. Read more

May 6
Is it time to adopt DaVinci Resolve for video editing?

NewsShooter interviews Blackmagic president Dan May about DaVinci Resolve 14, released last week.

New tripod tech

How does the new Manfrotto Nitrotech tripod head work? The folks at Cinema5D take a look.

Sunset photography camera settings for beginners

Great tips for beginners who want to get beautiful sunset photos.

Wider than wide: A landscape photographer's thoughts on the Canon 11-24mm

In this article, landscape photographer Erez Marom explains how his recent acquisition of a Canon EF 11-24mm F4L USM has changed the way he shoots. Read more

National Geographic kicks off 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year competition

National Geographic's 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest is now underway, with the grand prize being a 10-day trip to the Galápagos Islands. Read more

May 5
Tom of Myspace fame is actually a pretty good photographer

Everyone’s first friend from the early 2000’s is now an avid photographer.

On the edge: Photos from the US-Mexico border

Vice shines a light on Texas' vast southern border communities and the men and women who live and work there.

Is this what we can expect the iPhone 8 to look like?

YouTube channel DailyTekk has put together a mockup of the iPhone 8 based on the rumors flying around.

Professional photographer detained after snapping photos of town hall

The photographer was held for an hour under British anti-terrorism laws while police searched through his images after he refused to identify himself.

Amateur Photographer takes a look at COOPH's memory card wallet

Together at last: your cash and spare SD cards, all in one place.

Kendall Jenner reportedly made $250k from one Fyre Fest Instagram post

How much can you charge for a single image? If you're Kendall Jenner, a whole lot.

Automotive photographer Amy Shore talks business, gear and personal style

Amy Shore has written an epic blog post that ranges from learning your camera to finding clients and invoicing.

Microsoft's HoloLens may give surgeons virtual help during spinal surgeries

The 'Holographic Navigation Platform' is a mixed-reality platform for surgeons that uses Microsoft's HoloLens to project useful information during surgery.

Lauren Greenfield's 'Generation Wealth' studies the influence of affluence

A fascinating study of vanity.

Richard Mosse named 2017 Prix Pictet winner

The series, 'Heat Maps,' features refugee camps captured with a high-tech thermal imaging device.

Kickstarter: A lens with a single element

Looking to go back to basics? How about really basic? The 22mm Lense Type A is an F0.73 lens with one element, fixed focus, and aperture adapters.

Breakthrough Photography's GND and ND filters are the first made with tempered glass

San-Francisco based Breakthrough is looking to crowdfund production of new neutral density and graduated neutral density filters made with Schott B270 tempered glass.

Lomography plans convertible lens system with three focal lengths

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System would allow users to achieve three different focal lengths by switching the elements in the front half of a lens. 

Want to win a Tamron lens? Enter Resource Travel's photo competition

Resource Travel's 'Show Us Your World' photo competition offers some nice Tamron lenses to the winners.

PDN reviews Yuneec Typhoon H drone

Are six propellers better than four?

2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-900

There's no shortage of interchangeable lens cameras in the $500-900 range. Whether they're mirrored or mirrorless, there's something for beginners and enthusiasts alike in this crowd of inexpensive cameras. Read updated roundup

Grand Canyon National Park using drones for search and rescue

A fleet of drones is replacing helicopters to search for lost or injured hikers.

Making the switch: from the D800 to X-T2 (and a lot more in-between)

Photographer Robert Learner needed to downsize his travel kit – find out what led him to Fuji and away from Sony and Olympus.

Take a 360-degree look around the dunes of Mars' Ogunquit Beach
Practical advice to improve your street photography

Street photography is hard. Fortunately The Phoblographer has some tips to improve your odds.

Photos capture cancer-stricken father celebrating childrens' future milestones

Ray Burrow is reaching the end of a battle with cancer, but he's taking advantage of the time left by posing for photos with his children celebrating the big moments he'll miss.

May 4
This camera shoots at 5 trillion frames per second

Researchers at Lund University have created a camera fast enough to make 'light stand still.'

How many of these photography documentaries have you seen?

Resource Magazine has put together a list of 31 inspiring photography documentaries, featuring everyone from Cartier Bresson to Chris Burkard.

Video: Cassini's first Grand Finale dive over Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft's Grand Finale is a gold mine for space and photo nerds, and now, NASA's stepped it up with a pretty slick animation.

Star Wars fans: May the 4th be with you

The Guardian posts a photo gallery of Star Wars fans who really get into character on unofficial 'Star Wars day.'

Battle for the best smartphone camera

According to The Verge, one top manufacturer is falling short.

Photographer finds his passion in derelict Japanese 'love hotels'

Dutch photographer Bob Thissen enjoys finding deserted buildings, and really fell for derelict 'love hotels' in Japan.

Are the Nikon D810/D750 about to be replaced?

Recent rebates and deals on refurbished cameras has Nikon Rumors wondering if replacements are coming for the D810 and D750.

Astrophotographer writes open letter to Sony over 'Star Eater' NR

'As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.' Astrophotographer Ian Norman calls for Sony to remove its 'Star Eater' noise reduction.

Google Photos will make your mom a Mother's Day slideshow from your camera roll

You should probably still get her a card too.

Souvid Datta admits to doctoring images

As a wise man once said, 'the truth will out.'

Canon releases Video Creator Kits for EOS M6, Rebel T7i

Canon USA is now offering Video Creator Kits for the EOS M6 and Rebel T7i that include a Rode microphone and a memory card.

$138,000 unboxing video!

Watch this unboxing video to see what's not included when you buy a RED Weapon 8K camera. At least you get free stickers.

Reshaping camera sliders

Austrian startup Waterbird wants to free you from linear sliders when making time-lapse sequences.

'The only camera that ever got me a date' - Remembering the Canon EOS-1D Mark II

In this week's throwback Thursday article, Barney looks back fondly at the Canon EOS-1D Mark II of 2004. Read more

Bringing color to early photos

Long before color film there were photocroms, and they made photos seem a bit more real.

Look at this teetering stack of Panasonic cameras

No cameras were injured in the making of this product shot.

FaceApp: The stuff of nightmares

FaceApp's taken off in the United States recently, and there's a few things wrong with it. One filter lightens skin regardless of your ethnicity, and it turns babies into demonic geriatrics.

Panasonic DC-ZS70 (TZ90) sample gallery

Panasonic's ZS70 (TZ90 outside of North America) travel zoom comes with a new 20MP sensor behind a familiar 24-720mm equivalent zoom. See how the combination stacks up in our sample gallery. Read more

Capture One Pro 10.1 adds improved X-Trans support, PSD file viewing

An update to Phase One's Raw processing software claims better handling of Fujifilm Raws, Sony a9 support, workflow enhancements and ability to view PSD files.

An artist is recreating famous Magnum photos using Play-Doh

The stuff childhood memories are made of, Play-doh proves a versatile medium.

May 3
UPDATED: Sony a9 offers powerful pro-level customization

The new Sony a9 not only offers powerful technical capability, but also carefully thought out ergonomic improvements. We've updated the story with a deeper dive into Memory Recall abilities. Read more

Photographer Souvid Datta appears to have been caught plagiarizing Mary Ellen Mark

A woman featured in his series 'In the Shadows of Kolkata' bears an uncanny resemblance to a subject in a 1978 Mary Ellen Mark photo.

VR at the Tribeca Film Festival

Artists and filmmakers at the Tribeca Film Festival offer differing views on whether virtual reality creates more or less 'empathy' in viewers than traditional film.

US military journal pays tribute to photographer killed in 2013

Four years after US Army combat photographer Hilda I. Clayton was killed in a training exercise in Afghanistan, army journal The Military Review has published her final photograph, in an issue focusing on gender equality in the military.

Broncolor updates Scoro flash packs

The revamped studio flash packs add built-in Wi-Fi functionality so users can control them – and the heads attached to them – via desktop and mobile apps.

Joe McNally asks, 'What's not possible?'

Joe's latest blog post takes Nikon SB-5000 speedlights and a ton of talented folks to transform portrait subjects from the ordinary to the surreal.

Nature photo competition winners feature scientists at work

Just another day at the office.

Take a VR tour of the White House with former President Obama

You don't have to win the Super Bowl to get an invite to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – just put on your VR goggles.

Lastolite launches Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 Plus successor to 2015 model

Lastolite by Manfrotto has introduced the Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 Plus, a mini softbox that attaches directly to a flashgun.

This hyperlapse captures Rome's bustle and beauty

Take a tour through the streets of Rome in less than three minutes.

New exhibit shows the power of photo collections

A selection of images from the Walther Collection illustrate how collections of photographs reveal more about the world and our identities than a single image.

TIME Lightbox tells the story behind a viral May Day photo

Photographer Zakaria Abdelkafi, a Syrian refugee, explains how he reacted to a Molotov cocktail thrown at police, and how the experience impacted him.

Audio-Technica wants to teach you the best audio techniques for video

New video series covers all the basics you need to know to capture great audio, covering everything from boom poles to lavalier mics, and how to hide a microphone in a plant.

Nikon 13mm F5.6 AIS on sale for $27,000

Spend more than two thousand dollars per millimeter with this lens, even though it's missing the rubber focus ring grip. But hey, it's "EXTREMELY RARE."

FStoppers reviews Lexar's latest Professional cards

Lexar's latest pro cards are fast, reliable and durable as heck.

SmugMug Films celebrates Nikon's role in space exploration with cool video

To help Nikon celebrate its 100th anniversary, SmugMug films produced a spectacular time-lapse video using photos taken by Nikon cameras in space.

FotodioX Flapjacks: LED lights, not pancakes

Looking for LEDs on a budget? Videomaker.com recommends FotodioX's thin-and-light Flapjack line.

Buy an Olympus E-PL8, get a free brunch

Olympus US wants to take you out for bottomless mimosas.

PSA: don't be like the photographer who fell in the fountain

Submerging your gear underwater is a good way to ensure it's ruined. Here's the story of one photographer who learned the hard/expensive way the importance of being aware of one's surroundings.

Is full-time landscape photography for you?

Landscape photographer Erin Babnik has the low-down on what it takes to make your passion a career - there's more to it than you might expect.

Harper's Bazaar celebrates 150th birthday by projecting photos on the Empire State Building

Iconic fashion photos from Harper's Bazaar's 150 year history graced the side of the Empire State Building last night in a slideshow of epic proportions.

Interview: Photographing Appalachia post-election

Photographer Nancy Andrews is working toward a vision of Appalachia that breaks free of the poverty-focused visuals that have dominated the news.

NASA's photo of the day shows Orion spacecraft under construction

How do you get the crew compartment of a spacecraft down to 880 pounds? By shaving away the other 11,120 pounds, of course.

NPPA announces Best of Photojournalism Video awards and more

Winners were announced for spot news, general news, deadline and news feature categories.

Photos from the dying embers of the industrial revolution

A Czech photographer's photo series documents the last days of manual steel and iron making. 

T-Stops and power zooms: new lenses at NAB 2017

If you're a stills shooter moving into the video space, check out these video-oriented lenses (and not all of them will break the bank).

Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D review

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i (EOS 800D outside North America) looks much like its predecessors but brings Dual Pixel AF to a mass-market model for the first time. Could this change everything? Read more

Huawei Mate 9 sample gallery

It's got two separate rear cameras as well as optical image stablization and an F2.2 max aperture. So just how good is this Leica co-developed phablet? See gallery

This 12K rig uses six Panasonic Lumix GX80s for 360-degree video

What do you get when you mount six 4K cameras in a sphere? 12K 360-degree video, of course. Photo Gear News checks out Nick Driftwood's new rig. Read more

Modest growth hints that the worst of the camera collapse is over

It might not be much, but the latest industry figures from trade body CIPA suggest the camera market may have finally bottomed-out. Read more

May 2
Wildlife photos might not be so wild after all

Some of the wildlife photos you've seen may not have been taken 'in the wild,' thanks to game farms with captive animals.

Imaging Resource took a look at Sigma's fast 135mm telephoto prime lens, calling it once of the sharpest lenses they've ever tested.

Where are the female surf photographers?

Author Matthew Walsh voices his concerns about the lack of female surf photographers, and what he's personally doing to recognize them.

Venus Optics announces spec and price for 7.5mm F2 Micro Four Thirds lens

Venus Optics has released more details of a forthcoming lens it claims will be the widest rectilinear F2 for the Micro Four Thirds system. The Laowa 7.5mm F2 MFT was first seen at Photokina last year, and will offer the 110° angle of view we'd expect from a 15mm lens on a full-frame camera. Read more

DPReview on TWiT: NAB roundup

On this week's episode of The New Screen Savers, DPReview editor Dale Baskin joined tech guru Leo Laporte to talk about exciting products and trends from NAB 2017. Read more

Fro is fired up about the ShutterFest competition debacle and we're with him on this one

The internet had a lot to say recently about the photographer who entered and won his own photo competition, but nobody rants quite like our friend Jared Polin. Read more

May 1
Photojournalists reveal their favorite publications to work with and what they pay

Columbia Journalism Review recently surveyed a group of photojournalists on their favorite publications to work with based on several criteria, including arguably the biggest one – what they pay. Read more

CROZ DIY camera offers just the basics in a tiny clear case

CROZ, a small DIY camera that first appeared on Kickstarter in October 2016, is now available for purchase. This DIY camera is quite small and features a clear case that makes the internal components visible. Read more

Panasonic Lumix FZ80/FZ82 real world samples gallery

Panasonic's latest consumer superzoom, the Lumix FZ80/FZ82, takes a crazy 60x zoom range (which starts at a very wide 20mm) and adds 4K video at a price that won't break the bank. Check out its performance with some rare sunny Seattle weather. Read more