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November 1999 news and reviews

November 30
Toshiba today have announced a new TFT LCD display which packs 1024 x 768 (XGA) into a display just 6.3" diagonally. This gives this amazing little display a dot pitch of 0.13mm (almost twice as fine as most quality computer monitors) and rivals print quality output. Why should we care? Well.. two reasons, firstly the resolution of LCD's on digital cameras can increase and secondly what an excellent portable presentation platform for digital camera images!
November 24
Sharp update their Internet ViewCam
PC Watch: Sharp have restyled their digital camera "Internet View Cam" coming as it does now in a new blue case with the addition of an AV connector (for playback on TV's / VCR's) and support for big 64MB SmartMedia cards it can record up to 2 hours of MPEG4 video @ 320 x 240 or stills at 640 x 480. And the divergence continues... The price? 60,000 YEN (US$540).
November 23
Delkin Devices ship 224MB CF type II
Delkin are now shipping their largest capacity flash memory CF type II card, a 224MB whopper. We covered this story originally back on the 27th July when they announced shipment of an 80MB card, now with this much larger capacity 224MB card it begs the question who needs a microdrive? Erm anyone looking for cheaper storage, this baby retails at $999, a 340MB microdrive is around $500...
November 22
As you may have already guessed I wasn't lucky enough to attend Comdex this time (it's only a 20+ hour flight away too..) However with their normal efficiency the Japanese site PC Watch have summed-up the newsworthy digital camera offerings from Comdex (it ain't much).
November 16
Nikon Coolpix 950 Firmware 1.2 now available
As an update to a previous article covering the details of the 950 v1.2 firmware update, we can now provide links to the firmware update for various regional versions of the 950.
November 15
Just posted! Canon Powershot S10 review
Having had a very busy week last week I've finally completed my in-depth review of the Canon S10, a camera which shines through to show that small is beautiful and produces the results where it matters. See inside for full review.
November 13
Imaging Resource post Oly C-2500L review
Imaging Resource have just posted their review of the Olympus C-2500L (a camera I'll be reviewing soon), they said "Olympus has clearly "raised the bar" for performance in high-end digicams with the C-2500L. The image quality is exceptional, the design strong and user-friendly, and the range of application via the optional accessory lenses and the FL-40 dedicated flash unit excellent....
November 12
Doing some catching up I note that DC Resource have posted reviews of the Kodak DC280 and Olympus D-450Z. I've had a busy week this week and have had only a few hours to devote to the site however there'll be two reviews next week and another a couple of weeks after that.
November 10
SiliconTech announces 320MB Type II CF
Missed this one on Monday, the mostly unknown OEM provider SiliconTech as announced a 320MB flash memory Compact Flash Type II card. Here's their official press release.
November 8
Kazuhisa Nishikawa likes the Nikon D1, and has posted a gallery of photographs of Yumi and Tama, this time his comments are: "Nikon D1 was used for all the shooting, custom settings were "Contrast: LOW", AF+AE Lock, 2fps. An IBM Microdrive was used for storage, JPEG FINE mode (about 1:4) was chosen for storage offering up to 250 images on one battery."
So-net's DCX webzine have posted initial results of the difference between images taken as JPEG FINE and CCD-RAW then converted using "Nikon Capture" (an optional accessory package for the D1 which allows you to use the CCDRAW mode of the D1).
November 6
Nikon Coolpix 950 Firmware 1.2 details
Thanks to a reader for this item, details of the Coolpix 950 firmware 1.2 update which were included on the CD-ROM which came with his new 950 (which was pre-loaded with 1.2). Seq Xfer bug fix, support for larger CF cards, new sensitivity operation and improvements of LCD brightness. UPDATE: NikonTechUSA post PDF file.
Just received an email from the editors at Megapixel.Net to say they've just published their November edition which has reviews of the Toshiba PDR-M5, Sony DSC-F505, Ricoh RDC-5300 and Agfa ePhoto CL30. They also have some new articles on a newbie's look at digital photography, the wide angle adapter for the Fuji MX2900 and new features in Photoshop 5.5.
November 5
If you're an owner of a Japanese model Nikon Coolpix 950 you can download and install this firmware update for the Coolpix 950 (for details of what's updated see the previous news article).
November 2
Sony announce MiniDisc Digicam
This is actually the second MiniDisc digicam from Sony, the first was only release in Japan and didn't do terribly well.. I saw an article on this a few days ago on a Japanese site but was waiting for a US press release. Well, it's here so you can get the low down. The good news? The MD Data2 discs can store 650MB of data and you can get an optional Ethernet connector for the camera. The bad news? It's aimed more at the MPEG2 fans as it only has basic resolution, oh and the camera's priced at US$2,299.
November 1
Pro Photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa compares...
Pro Photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa has posted a Nikon D1 vs. Canon EOS2000 (AKA. Kodak DCS520) comparison gallery. This gallery features portrait shots of Japanese model Sachie Koike.

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