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Scott Everett
Scott Everett

Despite growing up in Rochester, NY, the birthplace of the Brownie and Kodak, Scott didn’t discover photography and cinematography until High School, after which he became hooked on visual arts. After spending most of his 20s paying the bills working in the financial industry as a project manager, Scott moved to Seattle in search of mountains, bodies of water, and greener pastures, eventually joining DPReview in 2011 as a Product Manager, and most recently taking over as General Manager. In his free time, he DJs, is a wannabe chef, and works on a variety of photo and video projects, most recently collaborating with the City of Seattle on a photography installation, and winning an Emmy award for producing a short documentary film. The best place to see his latest photos is

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A letter from the Publisher

The first week of a new year is an important time for every business, and DPReview is no different. As we reflect on the past year and define our goals for 2018, here's a note from our new General Manager.

Shooting with the Leica M9-P

Four photographers spend some time shooting with the Leica M9-P and their favorite lenses. Read about their impressions of using gear that most of us can only dream about owning.

At this year's PDN PhotoPlus Expo we caught up with photographer Christina Mittermeier who talked to us about her photographic travels as well as one of her favorite images.
We caught up with award-winning photographer Vincent Laforet to talk about the state of DSLR video, the projects he's currently working on, and where he sees the industry headed
Group test: Waterproof Compact Cameras
It's summer in the northern hemisphere, and no doubt a lot of people reading this will be enjoying the hot weather, planning trips to local beaches and lakes. In our recent group test of compact 'travel zoom' cameras we covered 14 of the most versatile compact cameras currently on the market in terms of zoom range, but maybe some of you want something a little more rugged. Perhaps you want something you can even take into the water, as you take a refreshing dip, or maybe you're the adventurous type, and just want something that you don't need to worry about if it gets dropped or banged against a rock. That's where waterproof compact cameras come in. Like travel zooms, the waterproof/rugged market has expanded considerably in recent years, and most of the major manufacturers currently offer at least one camera in this class.
Compact Camera Group Test: Travel Zooms
As the travel zoom marketplace has expanded, the technology has advanced, to the extent that even some of last year's crop of products look under-specified compared to current models. One of the most noticeable effects of the increased competition in this sector is the increased sophistication of the hardware, not just with regards to the angle of view covered by the lenses, but also pixel counts and the increased prevalence of 'extras' like built-in GPS.