The Kaye Effect ( Leaping Shampoo )

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The Kaye Effect ( Leaping Shampoo )

As a follow on to the "lighting miracle" I got some "better" shots, albeit with much higher iso, and using a 200 watt halogen bulb and an aluminum foil funnel to deliver the light where I needed it. I've often though that electrostatic repulsion has something to do with setting up and maintaining the Kaye Effect. This show shows the stream bouncing without contact ....

The stream is bent by electrostatic forces and "bounces" without contact.

In this composite of a sequence of 4 shots, we see the stream (1) under the influence of the electrostatic forces, (2) fully deflected, (3) exhibiting the Kaye Effect, (4) electrostatic forces win, and the stream in deflected far away.

That the trajectory of (2) and (3) are very similar suggests that the dominant force in the Kaye Effect is electrostatic. Here is a pretty decent example of the non-contact bounce:

Again we see the slight left inflection of the stream before its deflected. I think this sets up the hairpin feature seen in the Kaye effect.

There are some good ( and bad ) images here

To test the theory I'm going to short the reservoir to the plate, this should effectively prevent any electrostatic repulsion.   Another would be to measure the resistance between the stream and the plate.   If there is no conduction, the stream is floating on a cushion of air.

The fact that Kaye effect streams act as a light guide / fiber optic implies there is a abrupt index of refraction difference over the surface of the stream, even as it undergoes its hairpin turn ( especially so ) otherwise the light would escape into the heap of gel it is supposedly in contact with.  Thats how fiber optics work in the first place.

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