August 24
More on the Fuji MX2900
New 2.3 Million Pixel MX-2900 Sports 3x Optical Zoom, Adaptable Lens and Flash Features Building upon its prior digital imaging success stories, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., announced today its latest innovation in digital camera performance and design -- the Fujifilm MX-2900, a new double mega-pixel model featuring a 2.3 million pixel resolution and a 3x optical zoom lens.
Nikon announce 950 firmware update
Nikon today announced that there will be a firmware update for the 950 and that it will be made available in mid-July.
Sneak preview: Kodak DC240 & DC265 specifications
Outpost are now accepting pre-orders for the Nikon Coolpix 950 & 700
Another 50+ photographs from the STUNNING Pro 70, I'm really liking this camera.
Reader Joseph Luk has produced a comparison page between these two Canon cameras.
D# Dreamarts post multiple camera comparison #12
Dreamarts (Japan) have posted yet another invaluable direct picture quality comparison of the top consumer digital cameras. This one also demonstrates the difference between each cameras field of view from wide to zoom.
Agfa Improves a Popular ePhoto Camera by Adding Style and Reducing Cost. The ePhoto 780c ships in a metallic blue housing and will be available in the U.S. for the suggested price of $199.
Not much change other than the arrival of the Coolpix 700 at number eight and the BIG slide of the Fuji MX700.
PC Watch post samples from the Toshiba PDR-M4
PC Watch got their hands on a Beta Toshiba PDR-M4 (2.1 megapixels 1600x1200) and have posted some sample images from it. It's worth noting that this isn't a production camera and as such the final production release may differ in quality.
Olympus announce 2.1 megapixel C-21
Olympus Japan today announced the new fixed focal length C-21. This tiny unit (slightly smaller than the Canon A5) sports the same 2.1 megapixel CCD as the C-2000Z but with no zoom lens (fixed 38mm lens is used instead) or manual features. UPDATED: SAMPLE IMAGES ONLINE
This from James Wakefield over at Focus-Online:
Agfa Offers Free ePhoto Digital Cameras With Purchase of Select DuoScan Scanners
Japan's Sanyo Electric Co Ltd , Olympus Optical Co Ltd , and Hitachi Maxell Ltd said on Tuesday they have jointly developed a new high-capacity memory disc for use in next-generation digital cameras.
Kodak announce DC290 - 2.1 megapixel DC260/265
Kodak today announce the Kodak DC290 which is a 2.1 (? actually the CCD is 2.3 megapixels) megapixel version of the Kodak DC265. Oh, and there's an uncompressed mode... Suggested retail price $1,099.
The Japanese site PC Watch have posted a "mini report" and some sample images from the Kodak DC240 including a rather strange mis-coloured image.
This thanks to Steves Digicams:
SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc., Nasdaq:SSTI) today announced it has expanded its CompactFlash card family to include 32 MByte and 48 MByte density cards. The new cards are based on SST's patented ATA controller technology and flash memory design expertise. Because of this technology, SST's CompactFlash cards offer the industry's fastest sustained write performance, up to 1.4 MByte/sec. This speed benefits users of CompactFlash cards in applications such as digital cameras, where a faster write performance leads to significantly lower set-up time between pictures. With the addition of these new products, SST's CompactFlash card family now includes cards ranging in densities from 4 to 48 MBytes.
The ePhoto CL30 & CL50 announcements force recommended price of 1680 down to $699
In a slight departure from Digital Photography (just for a second)
Ricoh Mania Grips the Net!
They're all at it.. So to speak, both DC Resource and Imaging Resource (as well as previously reported Steves Digicams) have all posted Ricoh RDC-5000 reviews (gotta hand it to Ricoh marketing, they know how to make an impact on the Net :).
"Version 1.0.3 Firmware Upgrade provides a number of performance and reliability improvements including: Elimination of the Red -> Magenta Color Shift External Flash Sync is now active for all photos when this option is enabled"
Agfa Offers Free 4MB SmartMedia Card and Paper
Agfa Offers Free 4 MB SmartMedia Card and Premium Quality AgfaJet With Purchase Of ePhoto CL50 from This special bundle is exclusive to those customers who purchase the ePhoto CL50 from, and make their purchase on, or after, Friday, June 4, 1999. The offer will be available until supplies last.
Unity Digital ProPower Battery Pack
Unity Digital announced the "ProPower Pack", a compact external battery pack for digital cameras that delivers 2.45 amp hours of sustained power. The ProPower Pack significantly increases the number of photographs that a digital camera can take without replacing the camera's internal batteries. Using Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery cells in a genuine leather pack, the ProPower Pack clips onto the photographer's belt and delivers nearly ten times more shots than using typical AA Alkaline batteries.
Coolpix 950 Firmware v1.1 update this Friday
Thanks to a reader "Patrick" who used our forums to point me to this item of news:
Steve Sanders posts Panasonic PV-DC2590 first look
Steve has had his hands on Panasonic's offering to the digital camera market (bandwagon?) with the funky PalmCam PV-DC2590.
Site improvements and "My Netscape" enhancement
In an effort to constantly improve the service level to our readers we're in the process of improving site design, specifically in the areas of easy of use, loading speed and browser compatibility. You'll see some changes in the site over the next few weeks (the most major of which will be the removal of frames) which will make the site not only look better but work better and load quicker for you.
Sony tempt us with promise of a new digicam
Sony have the wrappings over their latest digicam as shown on the product webpage, the wrappings will come off tomorrow (11th Aug) according to the Japanese page.
PC Watch post a Kodak DC215 Zoom first impression, professional photographer Yamada offers his opinions on Kodak's new slimline entry-level zoom digicam.
Steve managed to get his hands on the leaflet from which came our news article of a few days ago, he's posted it up on his site. Canon describe the S10 as "The Worlds smallest and lightest 2MP digital camera with zoom and built-in flash".
Kodak DC280 Zoom Review

Just posted: Our latest digital camera review, the Kodak DC280 Zoom. The DC280 Zoom fits into the new Kodak line of digital cameras just below the recently announced DC290, the DC280 has a 30mm - 60mm (2x) zoom lens, 2.3 megapixel CCD and a host of built-in features designed to satisify the medium-level digital camera enthusiasts.

The Canon PowerShot Pro 70 uses Datalight's ROM-DOS as its operating system.
This update although only marked for the Japan domestic market does make some interesting improvements. (UPDATED 18/March/99)
Sorry for the late reporting of this, pictures enclosed...
The first report of a production model Nikon Coolpix 700, the smaller brother of the outstanding Coolpix 950.
Increased Quality and Lower Prices Enhance Mass Market Appeal for Digital Cameras, IDC Says. Worldwide Digital Camera Sales Will Approach 4.7 Million Units in 1999.
Steve Sanders posts ProPower Battery Pack review
Unity Digital have an interesting product in the new ProPower NiMH Battery pack which retails for US$99.95, it provides 2450mAh of power for digital camera users in a small neat rechargeable pack.
As an update to our previous D770 information sheet we now have all the details on the Sony DKC-FP3 digital camera which is aimed more at the professional end of the digicam market and features an IEE1394 (FireWire) connection.
PC Watch Sales Charts: In Japan, not much changes in the digital camera sales charts, Fuji still dominate the top ten sales chart with no less than four cameras, Olympus C-2000Z still at the top of sales and the Sony DSC-F55 is still popular along with the Olympus C-900Z (D400). And of course the Coolpix 950 in short supply...
New Sony DSC: In hand
Sony have posted yet another picture of their upcoming 2.1 megapixel, Swivelling 5x Carl Zeiss zoom lens, MemoryStick storage digicam. Now we can see its size, in this picture the user is holding it with the lens swivelled 90 degrees upwards, looking DOWN onto the LCD. This picture also seems to reveal that the object on top of the lens is a pop-up flash (see the hinge).
By popular demand...
Nikon Coolpix 700 Information Sheet
Scanned copies of the official Nikon Information Sheet
Sony has taken the Digital Mavica(R), the nation's best-selling digital camera since September 1997, to the next level in picture quality with the introduction today of a 1.3 million pixel camera. - why?
Olympus reveals future 2.5 Megapixel SLR digicam
CeBIT: Olympus Reveals C-2500L Their Future 2.5 Megapixel SLR Filmless Digital Camera; 3X Zoom Lens, Internal & External Flash UPDATED

Just released VuePrint 7.3 - a JPEG image viewer for Windows. The main new feature may be of interest - it displays comprehensive digital camera information when reading files that have embedded EXIF, CIFF, or Olympus APP12 info.

The new VFIR (Very Fast IR) standard promises 16MB/s transfer, ideal for Digital Cameras.
Looks like everyone will be naming their camera "CP" from now onwards, maybe it's a marketing technique... Anyway, here's some information on a very interesting new camera from Epson, read on...
Canon Digital HyperPhoto for MiniLabs
Canon U.S.A. today announced the immediate availability of the HyperPhoto System, a fully-integrated digital photo production system. Offering the finest photo-quality output on the market today with 1,200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution, HyperPhoto transforms negatives and transparencies, reflective art, and digital media into calendars, postcards, stickers, composites and other creative mediums.
VuePrint 7.4 Released
VuePrint 7.4 is now available for downloading. If you previously paid $40.00 to register VuePrint, then this is a free upgrade. (Now with improved Canon CRW import and Nikon Coolpix 950 support).
Fuji announce new cameras: Finepix 2900Z and 1500
Fuji surprise us all and announce two new and very interesting digital cameras. The 2900Z (top) sports a 2.3Megapixel CCD @ 1800 x 1200 whilst the 1500 (bottom) is a 1.5Megapixel CCD available in a variety of colours.
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