August 24
Canon Digital HyperPhoto for MiniLabs
Canon U.S.A. today announced the immediate availability of the HyperPhoto System, a fully-integrated digital photo production system. Offering the finest photo-quality output on the market today with 1,200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution, HyperPhoto transforms negatives and transparencies, reflective art, and digital media into calendars, postcards, stickers, composites and other creative mediums.
VuePrint 7.4 Released
VuePrint 7.4 is now available for downloading. If you previously paid $40.00 to register VuePrint, then this is a free upgrade. (Now with improved Canon CRW import and Nikon Coolpix 950 support).
Fuji announce new cameras: Finepix 2900Z and 1500
Fuji surprise us all and announce two new and very interesting digital cameras. The 2900Z (top) sports a 2.3Megapixel CCD @ 1800 x 1200 whilst the 1500 (bottom) is a 1.5Megapixel CCD available in a variety of colours.
The Tokyo Business Show '99 was held between 18th and 21st of May. They have brief report on the Canon A50, Ricoh RDC-5000, Epson CP800 and an interesting digital camera add-on for the Cassiopeia from Casio.
Lexar Officially announce JumpShot CF cards
New CF cards from Lexar won't need CF card readers, they'll only need the US$20 Lexar JumpShot cable and a USB enabled PC/iMAC: "Lexar Media Launches New Line of High-Speed, USB-Enabled CompactFlash Digital Film Cards for Digital Cameras. New CompactFlash Cards Capture High-Resolution Images Quickly; Provide Fast, Hassle-Free Photo Transfer to Desktop Computers Via the USB Port With Lexar JumpSHOT(tm) Cable; Cards Guaranteed to Work With CompactFlash Cameras"
Nikon Professional Digital SLR D1 (2.74 mpixel)
15 June 1999, 20:00 Tokyo Time:
The anticipation has been carefully built over the last six months, ever since the 950 was announced we also knew about Nikons "unnamed digital SLR", more recently Nikon USA's website stated "exciting news coming"... Well now it has a name, and we have all the specs!
Sony announce new black DSC F-55K
Sony Japan announce new black coloured DSC F-55KB (known as the F-55 outside Japan). No other specification changes are made and the camera is noted for release in "July 1999" at 10,000 YEN more (~ US$82) than the older silver coloured camera.
Canon have posted english releases of their version 2.4 TWAIN drivers for the Powershot series of cameras (350, 600, A5, A5 Zoom, A50, Pro 70). This release does seem to do some extra processing when importing CCDRAW images.
PC Watch post pictures of Casio QV2000UX
PC Watch today in their Macworld update posted the first pictures of the Casio QV2000UX, specs and pictures inside.
Imaging Resource post DC280 review
Much to my displeasure Imaging-Resource have posted a review of the Kodak DC280 a full two days before my NDA allows me to release my complete review, I've had a DC280 since early July on an extended loan and review and am only allowed to publish that review after the 14th.. Looks like a communication problem between Kodak Singapore and Kodak US.
EXCLUSIVE: Once more we can bring you the inside information on a new digital camera release, this time the much awaited Sony DSC-F505. Loosely based around the DSC-F55 this digital camera has had an interesting marketing campaign over the last few days, just a few minutes ago I received a confirmation of specifications and the name DSC-F505 for the camera.
Matsushita Electric, SanDisk and Toshiba Agree to Join Forces to Develop and Promote Next Generation Secure Memory Card
Panasonic announce new digital camera
Panasonic (Matsushita) just announced the Coolshot II which features a 1.3 megapixel CCD (1280x960) and TWO CF card slots, interestingly this camera supports an optional plug-in CF format USB interface.
PC Watch and their professional photographer Yamada post a preview of the new Nikon D1 Digital SLR. Most of the notes in their preview seem to be based around the Nikon Japan launch.
Windows World Expo / Tokyo 99
Nikon show off the D1, Sony show the D770 and new black coloured DSC-F55, Olympus show the C-21 (small!), Fuji show the MX1500 and MX2900, Toshiba show the M4 and Epson the CP800. Iomega slice a PC Card Clik! drive in half!!
Sorry for the late reporting of this, pictures enclosed...
The first report of a production model Nikon Coolpix 700, the smaller brother of the outstanding Coolpix 950.
Increased Quality and Lower Prices Enhance Mass Market Appeal for Digital Cameras, IDC Says. Worldwide Digital Camera Sales Will Approach 4.7 Million Units in 1999.
New Sony DSC: In hand
Sony have posted yet another picture of their upcoming 2.1 megapixel, Swivelling 5x Carl Zeiss zoom lens, MemoryStick storage digicam. Now we can see its size, in this picture the user is holding it with the lens swivelled 90 degrees upwards, looking DOWN onto the LCD. This picture also seems to reveal that the object on top of the lens is a pop-up flash (see the hinge).
The Canon PowerShot Pro 70 uses Datalight's ROM-DOS as its operating system.
This update although only marked for the Japan domestic market does make some interesting improvements. (UPDATED 18/March/99)
Steve Sanders posts ProPower Battery Pack review
Unity Digital have an interesting product in the new ProPower NiMH Battery pack which retails for US$99.95, it provides 2450mAh of power for digital camera users in a small neat rechargeable pack.
As an update to our previous D770 information sheet we now have all the details on the Sony DKC-FP3 digital camera which is aimed more at the professional end of the digicam market and features an IEE1394 (FireWire) connection.
PC Watch Sales Charts: In Japan, not much changes in the digital camera sales charts, Fuji still dominate the top ten sales chart with no less than four cameras, Olympus C-2000Z still at the top of sales and the Sony DSC-F55 is still popular along with the Olympus C-900Z (D400). And of course the Coolpix 950 in short supply...
Six new cameras in the database
Nikon Coolpix 950 vs. Canon Pro 70
This long awaited comparison article is now complete and available online.
The Japanese magazine D# Dreamarts have published a low-light shot comparison between various cameras on their website.
Steve Sanders posts Olympus C2000Z user review
Steve has just posted his own user review of the Olympus C2000Z, which I will be reviewing within the next month (please stop asking me to review it by email, the delay was due to poor communication with Olympus Singapore).
FotoNation's FotoDeveloper(TM), provides application developers a single interface to support multiple digital camera protocols without having to customize the code or the user interface for each different camera manufacturer, saving development time and costs.
The excellent Picture Information Extractor has been updated
UPDATED: The excellent Picture Information Extractor now supports Nikon Coolpix 950
Thanks to one of my readers for sending in this tip
To quote: "Olympus raises the bar with 2.1 million pixels, unparalleled exposure control, and a great user interface!"
The Imaging Application with Ink, Voice and Text Annotations for the latest version of Windows CE on the Palm-size PC and Handheld PC Pro Devices.
Those guys over at PC Watch in Japan get to play with all the best toys!! Note that these samples are from "beta" cameras.
Singapore Botanical Gardens Gallery
The latest addition to the galleries is this set of photographs taken yesterday at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The gallery is "Mixed" meaning that there are images taken with both the Kodak DC265 and Nikon Coolpix 950.
People have been reporting a problem with the discussion forums over the "NEW" tag. Here's how to resolve this.
Toshiba has developed a new IC package that's as thin as a piece of paper. Toshiba has plans to use the technology to make higher-capacity flash memory storage cards by next year, and claims it can open the door to new applications. . By the first half of next year, Toshiba plans to ship samples of a 1-Gbit SmartMedia card which uses four stacked 256-Mbit flash devices.
Firstly Epson announce the new Epson PhotoPC 650 which is a 1.09 megapixel USB (using Lexar's new JumpShot CF cards) for less than US$350! Secondly they officially announce the PhotoPC 800 (2.1 megapixel) in the US at US$699.
Mark Czerniec's Nikon Coolpix 700 gallery
It's not often I make mention of online galleries, there's just so many of them out there, but I'm always impressed by photographers who can take basic equipment and produce something beautiful. Mark Czerniec posted a link to his site on our Samples and Galleries forum, all his shots were taken with the fixed-focal-length Nikon Coolpix 700 and are a perfect example of how it's possible to take excellently composed, exposed colourful and interesting photographs without big lenses, manual features and all that fluff.
PC Watch post Kodak D280J sample images
The always-there-first PC Watch website has the exclusive again, this time sample shosts from Kodak's first 2 megapixel digicam the DC280J.
DC Resource post Fujifilm MX-2900 review
DC Resource have had their hands on the interesting Fujifilm MX-2900, and although this is still a pre-production model it's the first US model review yet.
Toshiba announce their 64MB SmartMedia
Toshiba today announced their OEM 2 x 256Mbit SSFDC SmartMedia (64MB), this will be the largest SmartMedia card announced to date and brings SmartMedia part of the way to catching up with CompactFlash (Type I).
Nikon finally release the updater for Windows! It's been a long wait for most NTSC Coolpix 950 owners, Nikon mysteriously published the firmware updated for Mac way back but withdrew the Windows updater. Here are the official list of bugs fixed in this release:
Ever wonder WHY manufacturers drop the price of products?... hmmm.
Addonics iMac coloured USB CF reader
Addonics Technologies will begin shipping next week a lightweight (4.5 oz.) plug & play Compact Flash Card reader that uses the USB port to provide an easy, inexpensive and high speed way to transfer digital images or data to a PC or iMac.
Samsung Electronics is seeking to extend its dominance of the memory market to flash but it has made little progress so far as a supplier of that technology for hot MP3 audio players.
Infotrends: The robust digital camera market is starting to change the face of photography in America, according to a new forecast report from InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. Digital camera unit sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38% through 2003, reaching over 6 million units in North America. In 1999, revenues will grow 35% to nearly $1.2 billion. report on the new products coming from SanDisk
Kopin Introduces CyberDisplay 640C
World's Smallest and Lowest Power Color VGA Displays for Ultra-Portable Electronics Products (read also digital cameras). This would facilitate LCD driven viewfinders which would finally give you an SLR-TTL view of the image you're taking.
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