December 9
Plucked out this interesting article from EETimes: "Digital still cameras could rival the image quality of 35-mm film photography within a couple of years due to a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor with over six million pixels developed by Philips Semiconductors (Eindhoven, Netherlands). "
December 8
Rob Galbraith over at his excellent Digital photojournalism site has noted that one of his readers reported a potential incompatibility between the new v3.0.8 firmware (for Kodak Professional DCS cameras 520 & 560) and Lexar Media cards.
Fuji announce rough and tough 230HD
What, a new camera? Yeah, it's been a while. Today Fuji Japan announced its waterproof and dustproof "Big Job" DS-230HD, with a 1.5 megapixel CCD and 28mm fixed lens, this camera is obviously aimed at the construction industry. It'll be release in Japan in February 2000 at 99,800 YEN (US$890).

Last year at this time most, if not all, of the popular digital cameras were sold out for Christmas. Anyone trying to get their hands on a Nikon Coolpix 900s or Olympus D-320, among others were sadly disappointed.

This year we are starting to see similar shortages all over again. The combination of an overseas earthquake about six weeks ago, and strong consumer demand, are making it tough for manufacturers to keep up, thus leaving many retailers without enough product.

Imaging Resource post a review of the Kodak DC215, Dave says "With its simplified controls and focus-free lens, the Kodak DC215 camera is clearly intended to meet the needs of the point & shoot user, and succeeds well in that goal. First-time users will appreciate its simplicity and ease of use. At just exactly a megapixel, the DC215's resolution is adequate for ~4x6 prints, but will look noticeably soft if enlarged much beyond that size. "
December 7
Kodak v3.0.8 firmware & v5.8.1 acquire
Kodak post v3.0.8 firmware for the Kodak DCS 520 / 560. The companion "acquire" software is also updated to v5.8.1. This update brings in-camera JPEG mode, support for dual storage cards and more... see inside. (No news on DCS 620 / 660 v3.0.8 yet).
December 6
Just posted: Olympus C-2500L Review
Just added a complete in-depth (and long term) review of the Olympus C-2500L, this is an impressive camera with plenty of features and a very nice feel to it, great image quality and colour accuracy. I did have my share of niggles with this one though...
Thanks to poster Furrukh who posted these links to the Nikon Europe manuals for the Nikon D1. He posted on our new Pro Digital Forum which has proved to be very popular since its creation a few days ago. Included is the D1 fast track, D1 reference, Nikon View DX for D1 and Nikon Control for D1 manuals. Thanks Furrukh.
December 2
Just received a note from Max Lyons to let me know that version 3.1 of Thumber has been released with a few interesting new features: "Thumber 3.1 has just been released. Version 3.1 adds many new features, including an image editor, ability to save JPG files (and retain EXIF data), insert EXIF data into edited files, whitebalance and program mode data, improved image quality, 24 hour time format, support for new cameras and much more."
December 1
Rob posts two articles arguing against the noise comparisons between Nikon's new D1 and Kodak's DCS 620 posted on the website, I had to admit I had the same problems with this supposed comparison, having come under some criticism for being too pro Nikon I kept out of it but hearing it from a long term Pro like Rob kinda puts my mind at ease.
There has been much debate about the Nikon D1 recently, and this has stirred interest in other Pro digital cameras, this discussion as mostly taken place on the Nikon Talk discussion forum and so to help both Nikon consumer readers and give Professional photographers their own space I've created the Pro Digital Talk forum. Please try to use this as an area to talk about any brand of Pro Digital camera.
Thanks to Rob Galbraith for this pointer, Nikon Europe have posted an early D1 FAQ and Hints & Tips page, I'm sure this will be of interest to owners or prospective owners.
Ever wanted to see inside a C2020Z ?
In one part of an interesting article posted by the Japanese webzine PC Watch on the Olympus technology fair 80 they have a picture of C2020Z which has been cross-sectioned at the lens. This gives an interesting insight into the internal works of the lens/CCD capture system of a modern digital camera.
November 30
Toshiba today have announced a new TFT LCD display which packs 1024 x 768 (XGA) into a display just 6.3" diagonally. This gives this amazing little display a dot pitch of 0.13mm (almost twice as fine as most quality computer monitors) and rivals print quality output. Why should we care? Well.. two reasons, firstly the resolution of LCD's on digital cameras can increase and secondly what an excellent portable presentation platform for digital camera images!
November 24
Sharp update their Internet ViewCam
PC Watch: Sharp have restyled their digital camera "Internet View Cam" coming as it does now in a new blue case with the addition of an AV connector (for playback on TV's / VCR's) and support for big 64MB SmartMedia cards it can record up to 2 hours of MPEG4 video @ 320 x 240 or stills at 640 x 480. And the divergence continues... The price? 60,000 YEN (US$540).
November 23
Delkin Devices ship 224MB CF type II
Delkin are now shipping their largest capacity flash memory CF type II card, a 224MB whopper. We covered this story originally back on the 27th July when they announced shipment of an 80MB card, now with this much larger capacity 224MB card it begs the question who needs a microdrive? Erm anyone looking for cheaper storage, this baby retails at $999, a 340MB microdrive is around $500...
November 22
As you may have already guessed I wasn't lucky enough to attend Comdex this time (it's only a 20+ hour flight away too..) However with their normal efficiency the Japanese site PC Watch have summed-up the newsworthy digital camera offerings from Comdex (it ain't much).
November 16
Nikon Coolpix 950 Firmware 1.2 now available
As an update to a previous article covering the details of the 950 v1.2 firmware update, we can now provide links to the firmware update for various regional versions of the 950.
November 15
Just posted! Canon Powershot S10 review
Having had a very busy week last week I've finally completed my in-depth review of the Canon S10, a camera which shines through to show that small is beautiful and produces the results where it matters. See inside for full review.
November 13
Imaging Resource post Oly C-2500L review
Imaging Resource have just posted their review of the Olympus C-2500L (a camera I'll be reviewing soon), they said "Olympus has clearly "raised the bar" for performance in high-end digicams with the C-2500L. The image quality is exceptional, the design strong and user-friendly, and the range of application via the optional accessory lenses and the FL-40 dedicated flash unit excellent....
November 12
Doing some catching up I note that DC Resource have posted reviews of the Kodak DC280 and Olympus D-450Z. I've had a busy week this week and have had only a few hours to devote to the site however there'll be two reviews next week and another a couple of weeks after that.
November 10
SiliconTech announces 320MB Type II CF
Missed this one on Monday, the mostly unknown OEM provider SiliconTech as announced a 320MB flash memory Compact Flash Type II card. Here's their official press release.
November 8
Kazuhisa Nishikawa likes the Nikon D1, and has posted a gallery of photographs of Yumi and Tama, this time his comments are: "Nikon D1 was used for all the shooting, custom settings were "Contrast: LOW", AF+AE Lock, 2fps. An IBM Microdrive was used for storage, JPEG FINE mode (about 1:4) was chosen for storage offering up to 250 images on one battery."
So-net's DCX webzine have posted initial results of the difference between images taken as JPEG FINE and CCD-RAW then converted using "Nikon Capture" (an optional accessory package for the D1 which allows you to use the CCDRAW mode of the D1).
November 6
Nikon Coolpix 950 Firmware 1.2 details
Thanks to a reader for this item, details of the Coolpix 950 firmware 1.2 update which were included on the CD-ROM which came with his new 950 (which was pre-loaded with 1.2). Seq Xfer bug fix, support for larger CF cards, new sensitivity operation and improvements of LCD brightness. UPDATE: NikonTechUSA post PDF file.
Just received an email from the editors at Megapixel.Net to say they've just published their November edition which has reviews of the Toshiba PDR-M5, Sony DSC-F505, Ricoh RDC-5300 and Agfa ePhoto CL30. They also have some new articles on a newbie's look at digital photography, the wide angle adapter for the Fuji MX2900 and new features in Photoshop 5.5.
November 5
If you're an owner of a Japanese model Nikon Coolpix 950 you can download and install this firmware update for the Coolpix 950 (for details of what's updated see the previous news article).
November 2
Sony announce MiniDisc Digicam
This is actually the second MiniDisc digicam from Sony, the first was only release in Japan and didn't do terribly well.. I saw an article on this a few days ago on a Japanese site but was waiting for a US press release. Well, it's here so you can get the low down. The good news? The MD Data2 discs can store 650MB of data and you can get an optional Ethernet connector for the camera. The bad news? It's aimed more at the MPEG2 fans as it only has basic resolution, oh and the camera's priced at US$2,299.
November 1
Pro Photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa compares...
Pro Photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa has posted a Nikon D1 vs. Canon EOS2000 (AKA. Kodak DCS520) comparison gallery. This gallery features portrait shots of Japanese model Sachie Koike.
October 29
I noticed over on the Nikontech webpage that there will be another firmware update "during the last week of November" for the ever popular Coolpix 950, this time the firmware will be revision 1.2, no details on the contents of the update yet, suffice to say as soon as it's available you'll find all the info right here.
October 28
Fuji US announce rugged DS-260 HD
We reported about the DS-260 back in January when it was first announced in Japan. Looks like Fuji are going all-out to bring new cameras to the market (US market) as often as possible, so here's the DS-260... Fujifilm's DS-260 HD: The Digital Camera for the Weekend Warrior: A rugged, outdoor-friendly megapixel model that protects its inner workings with a dust-proof, impact- and water-resistant outer shell. This tough exterior makes the DS-260 HD an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture their images electronically.
Latest Review: Fuji MX-2900

Just finished our latest review: the Fuji MX-2900. An interesting camera with some strengths and some weaknesses: "The MX-2900 is a fair attempt to capture the imagination of owners who are looking for a 2+ megapixel digital camera with manual features and a traditional look and feel. And for most it would produce good results."

October 26
Imaging Resource post Nikon Coolpix 800 review
The guys over at the excellent Imaging Resource have posted a full review of the Nikon Coolpix 800 (a camera I'm reviewing right now.. nice). Here's what Dave had to say in his conclusion "The Coolpix 800 is a great camera for those wanting many of the features of the 950 model, at a lower price point. We miss the rugged all-metal body of the 950 but understand that costs have to be cut somewhere. "
October 25
D# Sharp post D1 samples gallery
The Japanese Magazine D# have just posted a large gallery of image samples from the Nikon D1. I've said it once, and I'll say it again.. you've gotta love that D1, check out the last image, a low-light shot.
October 22
Kodak start shipping DC290
Kodak today announced that they are now shipping the DC290. Unfortunately they've still not got off the "3.2 megapixel" claim and use it in the title to the press release... oh dear, how misleading. For those in the know, the DC290 is a 2.1 megapixel version of the DC265, it features an interpolation (read "blow-up") mode which expands the image to 2240 x 1500 resolution, don't be mislead, this isn't the TRUE resolution of the camera.
Comparison number 13 now includes samples from: Olympus C-920Z, Sony DSC-F505, Nikon Coolpix 800, Olympus C2000Z & C2020Z, Canon Powershot S10, Olympus C2500L, Kodak DC290Zoom and BEST OF ALL the Nikon D1 (use this as the benchmark!)
October 21
More on the Fuji "Super CCD"
Fuji Japan have just posted their press release on the new "Super CCD" which includes a picture of the CCD and a couple of descriptive diagrams. Looks interesting, lets hope we can see some products soon.
October 20
Here's some very interesting news from FujiFilm: "Fujifilm Announces Digital Imaging Breakthrough: New, Honeycomb-Shaped Super CCD Image Sensor Technology Significantly Improves the Color, Clarity and Sharpness of Digital Pictures"
DC Resource post review of Canon S10
Jeff over at DC Resource has just posted a review of Canon's ever-so-interesting 2.11 megapixel pocket wonder the S10. And, he likes it "The Canon PowerShot S10 is a fantastic camera. It's very small and light, and really stands out in a crowd, and the photo quality is very good. You can easily use it with one hand, and it's fast processing speeds let you record and view photos quickly. And the built-in USB support helps you get the photos onto your PC just as quickly. "
Still Samples from Sony DCR-PC100 DV camera
As the line between Digital Still Cameras and Digital Video Cameras gently converges Sony release the first DV camera (DCR-PC100) offering acceptable (just) still image capture quality onto their proprietary Memory Stick. The Japanese Magazine Mobile Central post a short article on the PC100 along with the first still capture samples to be found on the net.
Toshiba Japan announce PDR-M40
Toshiba Japan announce the PDR-M40, a 2.1 megapixel 40mm fixed lens digicam. Up against the Nikon Coolpix 700 and Olympus C-21 this compact digicam is priced at 75,000 YEN (US$675).
October 19
Olympus Japan announce C2020Z & C920Z
Olympus Japan announce two updated cameras, the C2020Z and C920Z (Equv. of US D450Z), updated on the C2020Z is the addition of Motion JPEG mini-movie capture, slightly faster image capture, manual mode and a much closer manual focus setting.
October 18
PC Watch post a samples gallery from the Casio QV2000UX
The Japanese webzine PC Watch have posted a samples gallery from the interesting Casio QV2000UX, this 2.1 megapixel 3x zoom digicam is up against some big players in the higher price band, slide over to PC Watch and check out the image quality for yourself.
SST announce 64MB & 96MB CompactFlash Cards
SST Expand their line of CompactFlash cards with new 64MB and 96MB capacity cards. Here's what they say: "SST today announced the addition of 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards to its successful, high-performance CompactFlash card family. SST developed the 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards to meet the market demand for increased storage capacity in applications such as digital cameras, MP3 audio players and personal digital assistants."
October 15
PC Watch post Canon S10 sample images
Once again the excellent Japanese website PC Watch has turned up the goods with a set of sample shots from the Canon S10, this is one interesting looking camera with a great image quality, some sensible options / functionality and all that in a neat, small yet sturdy package.. I'm looking forward to reviewing this camera.
Agfa cuts price of ePhoto CL50 to $549
No doubt in the face of stiff competition, Agfa have decided to drop the price of this 1.3 megapixel 3x zoom digicam (looking a little aged now).
October 14
Thanks to reader Andy Williams for pointing me at this story. According to the Korean website "ComTimes" Samsung have introduced a 1GB flash memory chip.
PC Watch post PDR-M5 samples
The excellent Japanese "PC Watch" site have posted some sample shots from Toshiba's "whale" the PDR-M5.
Here's some jolly news for Digicam owners (assuming more manufacturers actually implement USB)...480 Mbs Announcement Coincides With Specification Draft Release to Industry.
Nikon's 950 Stocking Filler: The "Coolpack"
Nikon have just launched the Coolpack accessories set & bag for the Coolpix 950, it includes: A set of four 28mm filters -- a UV, Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density 4 and a Neutral Density 8 -- all in a handy wallet that attaches to the camera strap; four rechargeable Energizer� AA NiMH batteries that can be recharged up to 1,000 times; and a battery charger with a five hour quick charge and LED indicator. The Coolpack comes in a ruggedly handsome beige canvas carrying case with a fully adjustable interior, lots of pockets, and places for assorted gear.
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