August 24
UPDATED: The excellent Picture Information Extractor now supports Nikon Coolpix 950
Thanks to one of my readers for sending in this tip
To quote: "Olympus raises the bar with 2.1 million pixels, unparalleled exposure control, and a great user interface!"
Nikon Coolpix 950 vs. Canon Pro 70
This long awaited comparison article is now complete and available online.
The Japanese magazine D# Dreamarts have published a low-light shot comparison between various cameras on their website.
The Imaging Application with Ink, Voice and Text Annotations for the latest version of Windows CE on the Palm-size PC and Handheld PC Pro Devices.
Those guys over at PC Watch in Japan get to play with all the best toys!! Note that these samples are from "beta" cameras.
Singapore Botanical Gardens Gallery
The latest addition to the galleries is this set of photographs taken yesterday at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The gallery is "Mixed" meaning that there are images taken with both the Kodak DC265 and Nikon Coolpix 950.
People have been reporting a problem with the discussion forums over the "NEW" tag. Here's how to resolve this.
Toshiba has developed a new IC package that's as thin as a piece of paper. Toshiba has plans to use the technology to make higher-capacity flash memory storage cards by next year, and claims it can open the door to new applications. . By the first half of next year, Toshiba plans to ship samples of a 1-Gbit SmartMedia card which uses four stacked 256-Mbit flash devices.
Steve Sanders posts Olympus C2000Z user review
Steve has just posted his own user review of the Olympus C2000Z, which I will be reviewing within the next month (please stop asking me to review it by email, the delay was due to poor communication with Olympus Singapore).
Firstly Epson announce the new Epson PhotoPC 650 which is a 1.09 megapixel USB (using Lexar's new JumpShot CF cards) for less than US$350! Secondly they officially announce the PhotoPC 800 (2.1 megapixel) in the US at US$699.
Mark Czerniec's Nikon Coolpix 700 gallery
It's not often I make mention of online galleries, there's just so many of them out there, but I'm always impressed by photographers who can take basic equipment and produce something beautiful. Mark Czerniec posted a link to his site on our Samples and Galleries forum, all his shots were taken with the fixed-focal-length Nikon Coolpix 700 and are a perfect example of how it's possible to take excellently composed, exposed colourful and interesting photographs without big lenses, manual features and all that fluff.
PC Watch post Kodak D280J sample images
The always-there-first PC Watch website has the exclusive again, this time sample shosts from Kodak's first 2 megapixel digicam the DC280J.
DC Resource post Fujifilm MX-2900 review
DC Resource have had their hands on the interesting Fujifilm MX-2900, and although this is still a pre-production model it's the first US model review yet.
Toshiba announce their 64MB SmartMedia
Toshiba today announced their OEM 2 x 256Mbit SSFDC SmartMedia (64MB), this will be the largest SmartMedia card announced to date and brings SmartMedia part of the way to catching up with CompactFlash (Type I).
Nikon finally release the updater for Windows! It's been a long wait for most NTSC Coolpix 950 owners, Nikon mysteriously published the firmware updated for Mac way back but withdrew the Windows updater. Here are the official list of bugs fixed in this release:
Ever wonder WHY manufacturers drop the price of products?... hmmm.
Addonics iMac coloured USB CF reader
Addonics Technologies will begin shipping next week a lightweight (4.5 oz.) plug & play Compact Flash Card reader that uses the USB port to provide an easy, inexpensive and high speed way to transfer digital images or data to a PC or iMac.
SanDisk Will Supply Panasonic With MultiMediaCards
SanDisk Will Supply Panasonic With MultiMediaCards for New Panasonic Digital Video Camera: Removable, Reusable Flash Memory Card Allows Video Camera To Also Function As A Digital Still Camera
Phew! - Welcome to the new single paged (no frames) Digital Photography Review. It's been a long job but I've finally converted all the previously framed pages in the site to non-framed, in the process I've streamlined alot of the back-end database design and associated scripts. report on the new products coming from SanDisk
Kopin Introduces CyberDisplay 640C
World's Smallest and Lowest Power Color VGA Displays for Ultra-Portable Electronics Products (read also digital cameras). This would facilitate LCD driven viewfinders which would finally give you an SLR-TTL view of the image you're taking.
Using the Coolpix 950 with Studio Flash Systems
This just in from the Nikon Europe support site (thanks to John Edgecombe for spotting this one). This camera is capable of Aperture/Shutter priority exposure mode and is fitted with a connector for an external flash unit. This allows the E-950 to be used in conjunction with studio flash units.
A little background on the microdrive: When two IBM designers started tinkering around in a motor-research project five years ago, they weren't planning to create a new form factor around 1-inch disks. After all, the industry hadn't embraced a smaller disk-drive format in more than a decade.
Rob Says: "Thanks also to those who took the time to send an email explaining their thoughts about and experiences with the D1. Among those was Mike Deluca, US Product Manager for Digital Capture at Kodak. Mike forward a detailed document responding to a number of the assessments I made of Kodak's pro digital cameras in the D1 report. As I'm sure that prospective purchasers of pro digital cameras in the next few months are as keen as I am to understand Kodak's current offerings and how they measure up to the D1, I've excerpted Kodak's document below, framed by my comments in response. Be warned, this is highly technical stuff. To ensure fair representation of Kodak's position I've posted it largely unedited."
Sony US have also announced the DSC-F505
Sony US have also announced the DSC-F505, here's the official word.
Samsung Electronics is seeking to extend its dominance of the memory market to flash but it has made little progress so far as a supplier of that technology for hot MP3 audio players.
Infotrends: The robust digital camera market is starting to change the face of photography in America, according to a new forecast report from InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. Digital camera unit sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38% through 2003, reaching over 6 million units in North America. In 1999, revenues will grow 35% to nearly $1.2 billion.
Nikon Coolpix 700 review

Just posted: The latest addition to our ever growing reviews database comes the Nikon Coolpix 700. The fixed lens "little brother" to the Coolpix 950 doesn't disappoint on image quality, portability, and most importantly value for money.

AGN Hardware have done an interesting preview on the IBM Microdrive
Fuji's new MX-2700 storms into the Japanese market.
The Japanese PC-Watch and German DigitalKamera website have yet more pictures of the Oly C-2500L
160 and 320MB CompactFlash from Pretec
Pretec Electronics Corporation, the creator of CompactModem(TM) and Compact I/O(TM) card, will be demonstrating the 160MB CompactFlash(TM) (CF+) card, the highest capacity CompactFlash(TM) memory card available in the world today, at Microsoft Windows CE Developers Conference on June 6-9 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.
Kodak Japan announce DC215 Zoom
Kodak Japan announce the new Kodak DC215 Zoom aimed squarely at the small, light pocketable end of the market it's the direct successor to the DC210 equipped with a 29mm - 58mm zoom (2x) and 1/3" 1 megapixel CCD (1152 x 864).
Exclusive: Canon S10 2.1 mp, prototype or product?
EXCLUSIVE: This from an anonymous source, I've received a photograph of Canon's S10, a 2.1 megapixel, 2x zoom, A50 look-alike. News from various sources contradicts itself, some say this is simply a mock-up prototype, some say it's product and will be launched in a month or so. Only time will tell.
UPDATE: Sneak preview: Kodak DC200 plus, DC240 & DC265 specifications
Not much digital photography news these last few days, but February proved to be an important month for this site.
PC Watch report on the Japan Photo Exposition 99
PC watch report that the Toshiba PDR-M4 will be on the Japanese market at the end of May at a price of ¥89,800 (about US$700). [updated]
CeBIT: The World's Highest Capacity CompactFlash Card
After a slight slog I've translated the Japanese Olympus C-2000Z "before you buy" FAQ. There are some facts in here which may be of interest to prospective purchasers.
First hour with the Nikon Coolpix 950
I've finally got my hands on a production Nikon Coolpix 950 which I'll be reviewing over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the review will be up before next weekend.

Here are a few very quick samples I've taken in the first hour with the camera.
An interesting article by Dirck Halstead, a Whitehouse journalist who uses the Pro70.
Apologies for my absence, and D# Dreamarts update their digital camera comparison shots. News on the Pro70 vs. 950 article
Sony Japan announce the new 1.3 Megapixel Mavicas
The new Mavicas have popped up again... PC Watch report that they will be on sale on 20th May 1999 in Japan.
A few years ago, the memory-card market for digital cameras was up for grabs as competing formats fought for industry acceptance. Today, it's much less of an issue, as CompactFlash cards, introduced by SanDisk Corp. in 1994, are now used in more than 70% of all digital-camera designs, according to International Data Corp.
Steve Sanders posts Toshiba PDR-M3 user review
"Toshiba's new PDR-M3 expands on its megapixel brother with the addition of a 3x (35-105mm 35mm equivalent) optical zoom lens with macro focus down to only 25cm. Toshiba made some other improvements over the PDR-M1 that improved the overall picture quality. "
PC World post Nikon Coolpix 950 and Olympus C2000Z short article
PC World have posted a short article on the pros and cons of the two top condenders, to quote: "Although some of the latest digital cameras are small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, their prices may bore a hole through it. Svelte new models from Nikon and Olympus deliver beautiful, ultrahigh-resolution images, but each of them carries a hefty $999 price tag. "
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