November 7
Hands-on with the new OM System M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO

OM Digital Solutions – the company that's bought the Olympus imaging division – has just launched the M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO. Click through for a closer look.

November 6
DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-S10 vs X-T30 II shootout

Fujifilm has updated the specs of its mid-level X-T30 model, making it harder than ever to choose between the X-T30 II and the X-S10. Chris and Jordan tease-out the differences.

November 5
Samyang announces $500 12mm F2 AF lens for Fujifilm X mount cameras

The Samyang 12mm F2 AF lens for Fujifilm X mount cameras appears to be a re-mounted version of the company's 12mm F2 Sony E mount lens revealed earlier this year.

Film Friday: Lomography re-launches its popular color-shifting LomoChrome Turquoise film in 35mm, 120 and 110 formats

After quickly selling out of its first batch back in 2017, Lomography has announced that it's re-releasing its color-shifting LomoChrome Turquoise Film in 35mm, 120 and 110 format.

Review: DJI's Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine are pricey prosumer drones that fall slightly short

Three years after releasing the Mavic 2 series, DJI returns with the Mavic 3. It features a dual-camera system with a 4/3" CMOS sensor plus a tele photo lens that can zoom up to 28X. Is it worth the hefty price tag? We take a look at the Cine, the high-end model in this series.

DJI’s Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine drones feature 4/3" CMOS sensor, 28x zoom and 46 minutes of flight time

DJI has announced the Mavic 3 – a compact, foldable drone with a camera that features a 20MP Four Thirds format CMOS sensor, a hybrid zoom that can home in on subjects up to 28X, and up to 46 minutes of flying time.

November 4
US astronomers want a giant space-based telescope to search for exoplanets

The search for understanding in the far reaches of the known universe is an expensive endeavor. Every 10 years, US astronomers and astrophysicists release a report outlining their goals and hopes for the next decade of space exploration. The latest report has been released.

Samyang's updated 50mm F1.4 AF lens for Sony E mount is $750 and lighter than ever

This second-generation 50mm F1.4 for Sony E mount cameras improves the optical design and manages to pack it all inside a smaller, more lightweight package.

Committed to building trust, Indiegogo will carefully screen all its crowdfunding campaigns

Indiegogo and GoFundMe have co-founded the Crowdfunding Trust Alliance. Both organizations have outlined steps to foster better trust in their respective crowdfunding platforms. For its part, Indiegogo will now screen all campaigns.

Shooting experience: The Nikon Z9 is the most DSLR-like mirrorless we've ever seen

The Nikon Z9 offers the kind of features that only a mirrorless camera could provide, yet it's among the most DSLR-like of its peers. In this article, DPReview Reviews Editor Carey Rose explains what this means (and why it's a good thing).

Travel-friendly 20mm F1.4 PRO becomes first OM System lens

OM Digital Solutions has just launched the first lens under its new brand, 'OM SYSTEM'. The M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 PRO is billed as a high-performing, fast and lightweight (247g / 8.7oz) prime lens for Micro Four Thirds.

November 3
Panasonic confirms it's still developing its 8K organic CMOS sensor with WDR and 60 fps global shutter recording

It's been three years since we last saw evidence of this sensor's development, but Panasonic has used the 4K/8K Technology Expo 2021 in Japan to once again highlight its ongoing efforts to make this sensor a reality.

Venus Optics brings 3 Laowa prime lenses, including its wild 24mm F14 Macro Probe lens, to Canon RF and Nikon Z mount cameras

The three lenses aren't new, but the additional options should make it easier to use these niche lenses on Canon and Nikon's mirrorless camera systems.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is shutting down its Face Recognition system amid privacy concerns

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it is shutting down its Face Recognition system on Facebook. The decision has numerous implications for user privacy, the usability of Facebook and also the social media app's accessibility for visually impaired users.

DPReview TV: Atomos Ninja V+ review

Atomos has added a more powerful monitor/recorder to its Ninja lineup. DPRTVs Jordan Drake takes a closer look at what the Ninja V+ brings to the table, and whether it's worth the extra money.

November 2
Epson found 30 in-box R-D1s rangefinders in a warehouse, and Epson fans will win them all

In Japan, Epson workers found 30 sealed R-D1s rangefinder cameras in a warehouse. Epson fans can enter a lottery to win the cameras.

Funleader has converted 300 Contax 45mm F2 G mount lenses to Leica M mount

Funleader managed to get its hands on 300 Contax G45 F2 lenses, which it's converted from its native G mount to Leica M mount.

Researchers develop 5D optical data storage method that can preserve up to 500TB per disc

Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a method for storing huge amounts of data on a silica disc about the size of a traditional CD. The storage technology can store up to 10,000 times more data than a Blu-Ray disc.

Lee’s new Elements filters series offer ‘quick and easy’ on/off action, use fluid mechanics for smooth, silent rotation

New series of circular filters from Lee to cover Big and Little Stoppers as well as VND and polarizers, all aimed at still and movie photographers

Nikon interview: 'Z9 will exceed expectations for every genre of photography and video'

On the eve of the Z9 launch, we spoke to Naoyuki Murakami, Executive Fellow and Sector Manager of the Development Sector in Nikon's Imaging Business Unit, to learn more about the new camera, and what it means for Nikon's future.

November 1
DJI's latest teaser confirms the Mavic 3 will be announced on November 4

At first glance, DJI's latest teaser image doesn't reveal much. But, as spotted by DroneDJ, if you look close enough in the shadows, you'll find the text 'Mavic 3.'

Canon cites strong R5, R6 and RF lens sales for its steady Q3 results, despite supply chain constraints

Canon's year-over-year unit sales numbers are flat for its digital interchangeable lens cameras, but both revenue and operating are up thanks to sales of its EOS R5 and R6 cameras, as well as its growing line of RF lenses.

Slideshow: Winners of the annual International Photographer Awards competition

These are the winners and finalists for the annual International Photographer Awards

Apple M1 Max First Impressions: A MacBook Pro that's actually 'Pro'

As we prepare our full review of Apple's exciting new MacBook Pro, we wanted to share some of our first impressions on the design, usability and, yes, performance of this incredibly impressive laptop.

Nikon announces NX MobileAir and NX Tether apps

Alongside the Nikon Z9 and some new Nikkor Z lenses, Nikon also announced a pair of new apps. NX MobileAir is a workflow and transfer app aimed at pros. NX Tether is a free tethering solution.

NASA's Juno offers the first 3D view of Jupiter's complicated atmosphere

Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016. In the last five years, we have learned a lot about the gas giant. Recent observations offer the first three-dimensional look at Jupiter's atmosphere and shed light on the depth of the planet's iconic cycles and bands.

October 31
Nikon Z9 launch: What Nikon means by 'a D3 moment' (and why it needs one)

Nikon is hoping that the new Z9 represents a 'D3 moment' in the life-cycle of its mirrorless Z-mount lineup. But what does that mean? To explain, we need take a trip down memory lane to 2007 – a time before mirrorless (and hashtags!)

October 30
Canon announces PowerShot PX: AI-powered camera automatically captures photos and videos

Canon's new AI-powered PowerShot PX automatic camera tracks you as you gather with friends and family and automatically captures photos and video.

Nikon Z9 pre-production sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris and Jordan shot thousands of photos while filming their review of the Nikon Z9. Check out this gallery of their favorite images to see what Nikon's newest flagship camera can deliver.

October 29
Film Friday: This pink, hand-painted Leica M4 celebrates Japan’s national flower, the cherry blossom

This one-off sakura-inspired Leica M4 was made to celebrate Japan Camera Hunter's 10th anniversary and showcases a flower synonymous with Japan, the cherry blossom.

Photopea 5.2: The free, browser-based image editor now has color space support, noise reduction filter and more

The free, browser-based image editor has been updated with support for non-sRGB color spaces, a CMYK color mode and a new noise reduction filter.

3-way wireless microphone test with Rode, Saramonic and Synco dual-transmitter kits

The Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2, Synco G2 A2 and Rode Wireless Go ll offer dual-transmitter kits across a range of prices, and with a range of features to match. Here we test the quality of their audio output, their range and their ability to reject environmental distractions

What you need to know about the new Nikon Z9

The Nikon Z9 has just been officially unveiled, and there is a lot to unpack in Nikon's first truly 'professional' mirrorless interchangeable camera. Click through this article to get an idea of how we feel about the Z9 so far, and an overview of its key features.

October 28
New IPTC metadata standards improve accessibility for visually impaired individuals

The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) has announced two new properties for its metadata standard that will improve the accessibility of visual content and make it easier for visually impaired individuals to interact with digital content.

Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR gets the MK2 upgrade with new iris and design

Samyang's telephoto cine lens gets the MK 2 treatment, with weather sealing, a nine-bladed iris and the newer VDSLR design style

Sneak peek: Adobe's new AI tech animates motion between multiple frames

Have you ever wanted to animate the time in between a couple, or more, photos? Adobe’s new Project In-Between shows that it may be possible to turn your photos into animated keepsakes.

Nikon Z9 initial review: We take a detailed look at Nikon's new pro mirrorless camera

The Nikon Z9 is the company's first camera to feature a stacked CMOS sensor, which brings a raft of new features, including blazing speed and autofocus performance to the Z lineup. Click through for our detailed first impressions of Nikon's latest professional ILC.

DPReview TV: Nikon Z9 first impressions review

The Z9 may be Nikon's most significant camera in a decade. Does it live up to the hype? Find out what Chris and Jordan think as they go hands-on with a pre-production Nikon Z9 to shoot sports.

Sports and action: Our first sample images from the new Nikon Z9

We spent some time recently shooting with pre-production samples of the Nikon Z9. In a busy couple of days we took the cameras along to a rugby match, an athletics track, a velodrome and a tennis practice. Click through for our full gallery of sample images from Nikon's impressive new flagship.

DPReview TV: Does the Nikon Z9 raise the bar for video?

Jordan is seriously impressed with the Nikon Z9's video capabilities. Find out why he calls it 'One of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had.' Could it replace his trusty Panasonic S1H for video? Tune in to find out.

Nikon announces Z9, a 30 fps, 8K, Stacked CMOS professional mirrorless camera

After a long buildup, Nikon has unveiled the Z9, its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera. The 45.7MP Stacked CMOS camera can shoot up to 30 fps (20 in Raw), capture 8K video and includes a version of Nikon's 3D Tracking AF system underpinned with subject recognition.

Nikon announces Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S for Z-mount mirrorless cameras

Nikon has formally announced the Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S, tacking some extra reach onto the 24-105mm lens that was originally promised on its Z-mount lens roadmap.

Nikon announces Nikkor Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 VR S telephoto zoom

Nikon has officially announced the Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 VR S telezoom. The lens had been on the company's Z-mount lens roadmap for some time, but we now have full details, including including pricing and availability.

Nikon updates Z roadmap with 400mm F2.8 TC VR, 26mm FX, 24mm DX and 12-28mm DX lenses

Nikon just updated its Z-mount lens roadmap, which has seen the addition of several new lenses, including 400mm, 600mm and 800mm telephoto prime lenses and two DX lenses. Nikon also provided some details about the 400mm f2.8 – click through for what we know.

Nikon announces new FTZ II, a smaller version of its F-mount to Z adapter

Nikon has announced a new version of its FTZ F-mount to Z-mount adapter. The FTZ II offers the same functionality as the original FTZ, but in a smaller form factor, and minus the built-in tripod mount.

October 27
Video: Incredibly smooth FPV footage captured by a Pixel 6 Pro strapped to a drone

Ken Dono, who runs the OriginalDobo channel on YouTube, felt reviewers didn't test out the stabilization of Google's Pixel 6 Pro Android phone. So, he strapped it to a phone to try it out.

DJI Action 2 is a 2oz modular action camera that shoots 4K/120p

DJI has announced a new compact, rugged, modular action camera, the DJI Action 2. With a relatively large image sensor and wide lens, the DJI Action 2 aims to take on GoPro's latest Hero 10 action camera.

Photoshop will get a 'Prepare as NFT' option by month's end

Adobe's Chief Product Officer, Scott Belsky, confirmed to The Verge, on its Decoder Podcast, that Photoshop will preview a 'Prepare as NFT' system by the end of the month.

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