September 18
Nikon Coolpix 990 firmware 1.1

Just a few days ago we posted a complete list of updates for the new Coolpix 990 1.1 firmware, now Nikon USA, Nikon Europe and Nikon Japan have all put up a download page for the firmware. Improvements include better autofocus, better continuous shooting, improved BSS, shorter review times and better white balance (certainly sounds like a recommended update).

New site feature - Timeline

As the pace of digital photography accelerates we recognised that it's becoming increasingly difficult to visualise digital camera product releases. As an answer to this problem we've produced a unique interface to our news articles / cameras database and named it the "Newest Digital Cameras Timeline". This graphical representation of new camera announcements with links to reviews and specifications gives an instant overview of the current status of the digital camera marketplace. We hope you'll find it useful.

UPDATED (twice): Now back to 1997 and with a megapixel value for each camera.

Colorado MicroDisplay QVGA viewfinder LCD

Pre-Photokina 2000: Colorado MicroDisplay have today introduced their new QVGA viewfinder LCD, designed to be used as a "TTL viewfinder" for digital cameras without the use of prisms and mirrors, the LCD operates in much the same way as the main LCD on the rear of the camera but with the advantage of a true TTL view at eye-cup viewfinder sizes. (Sony have already made use of such technology in some of their Mavica digital cameras)

Canon unveil PowerShot G1

Pre-Photokina 2000: Today Canon unveil their latest digital camera, the G1. Aimed squarely at the "prosumer" marketplace the G1 enters the arena as a direct competitor to the Coolpix 990, Sony F505V and Olympus C-3030Z. Canon have listened, the G1 supports CF Type II (for IBM Microdrive) has a flash hotshoe and (Pro 70 users will love this) and flip out and twist LCD screen for viewing at any angle, and there's RAW mode images too.. There's lots more goodies in store, so come on in for the full story. (We have exclusive images, menus and other details). UPDATE: Sample Images online.

Vitals: 3.14 megapixels effective (2048 x 1536), 3 x optical zoom lens (F2.0 - F2.5), flip-out and twist coated LCD screen, flash hot-shoe, Compact Flash Type II, ISO 50 - 400, JPEG / RAW image format, InfraRed remote control. Front-on just a little bigger than a S10/S20.

September 17
Shop @ Kodak in more countries

Over the last few weeks Kodak have been trickling out "Shop @ Kodak" online stores for different countries. Now open on websites for the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands. In some regions you can't yet buy Kodak digital cameras through these sites (it looks as though the US site is now selling cameras direct) there are a good range of Kodak accessories available including CF cards, power adapters, lenses, card readers, paper, CD-R etc.

First Olympus E-10 hands-on

Thanks to William Chang from for sending a note over that he has posted the first "hands-on article" of Olympus's Digital SLR the E10. He also has a couple of original sample images (the first full originals posted on the web as far as we're aware). So get over there and read his great preview and check out those samples...

September 15
Digital Photography at the Olympics

I thought it would be timely to mention the use of Pro digital cameras at the Olympics. We can be sure that there'll be plenty of Kodak DCS's, Nikon D1's and Canon EOS-D30's (maybe even the odd S1 Pro or two) filling up storage cards and burning their way through rechargeable batteries over the next two and a bit weeks. Most of the major manufacturers will have support teams in Sydney and a few of them have setup Olympics information websites.

September 14
Nikon Coolpix 990 1.1 firmware details

Someone just emailed me a link to a preliminary Nikon Coolpix 990 firmware 1.1 update. I feel it's my responsibility to warn you against trying to download / install this firmware even if you're told the link, Nikon have not yet officially announced it and it may still be open to update. It's obvious looking at the readme file that they haven't finished writing it. Patience. In the mean time we'll let you read what will be in this update. Nikon will make this update publicly available on 18th September.

September 13
Ofoto offer online photo enhancement

Ofoto today announced integration of the PictureIQ service into their website enabling customers to enhance photos in-browser before sending them for printing or sharing them with friends. "...customers can perform one-touch instant photo fixing, cropping, rotation of pictures and apply special effects, such as changing color photos to black and white. PictureIQ technology ensures that enhancements made on screen translate straight through to the printing process, resulting in a true 'what you see is what you get' experience."

September 12
Sony DSC-P1 review!

Sony's latest creation is certainly a head turner, ultra compact and beautifully designed it has build quality and solid feel you'd expect of more expensive "full size" cameras. And we can bring you a full in-depth review of this new digital camera. "Probably the most common comparison people will make with the P1 is to it's bigger brother the S70, as the P1 shares the same 3.34 megapixel imager, a 3 x optical zoom (although not Carl Zeiss) and very similar onboard software it really does look like a baby S70. However, there are some important differences". Review Now, Available October, Price $799.

Sony DSC-P1

Sony today announced their tiny DSC-P1. Althought not as small as their prototype "spy camera" it's still small, about the same height as Canon's Digital IXUS (S100) and a little bit longer, the big deal here is that the P1 has the same 3 megapixel CCD seen in the S70 & F505V AND a 3x optical zoom lens with an automatic lens cover (how did they ever fit it in there??). Other improvements seem to have been made, auto focus is said to be much faster as is zoom speed, and start up times of just 3 seconds. We have exclusive images of the camera, full specifications and a press release.

September 11
Canon set price of D30

Canon France have set the MSRP price of the new EOS- D30 Digital SLR at 22,000 FF including taxes (18,395 FF excluding taxes). That (at todays exchange rates) is € 2,800 or US$ 2,430, excluding taxes. Canon Germany have set the MSRP price to 6,499 DM including taxes (5,459 DM excluding taxes) that's € 2,800 or US$ 2,420.

Foveon to challenge with 16 megapixels

Just two weeks ago Kodak announced a range of new / improved CCD's. Today the NY Times (online) is carrying a story of a new prototype camera from Foveon which also sports a 16 megapixel imager, this time a CMOS device at a considerably lower price (according to them) than the Kodak device. They say " to capture digital images with a resolution of 4,096 by 4,096 picture elements - or pixels - per square inch. That, by some measures, is about twice the resolution of 35-millimeter film."

According to a study by InfoTrends wireless imaging is "an emerging frontier" in the digital photography and wireless telecom services markets. It's interesting to note the timing of this announcement just as Ricoh are releasing details of their RDC-i700 which indeed supports wireless communications cards and Internet protocols. "Hardware vendors are creating new types of image capture devices - from wireless Internet-connected digital cameras to lens attachments for mobile Internet appliances. Software vendors and online photo services are optimizing their solutions for handheld platforms. Perhaps most importantly, a host of companies are attempting to solve the problem of how to optimize and deliver images for viewing on multiple platforms. "

September 10
Ricoh RDC-i700 Update

Last Wednesday we brought you news of Ricoh's new i700 digital camera with a touch sensitive 3.5" LCD panel and a FAX & Internet ready operating system (web browsing, email & HTML markup), there's a PCMCIA slot to take either a modem or ethernet card. On Monday Ricoh will announce this camera worldwide, Ricoh Japan have already put up their information page and some sample images.

Soon: Nikon Coolpix 990 firmware 1.1

Thanks to Huu Phuc, a forum contributor, for noticing a small detail on the Nikon-Image website, Nikon will be releasing firmware version 1.1 for download on September 18th. There aren't any specific details about what will be included in the new firmware other than support for some of the new accessories (MC-EU1 USB remote control, WC-E63 wide angle converter, ES-E28 slide copy converter). Obviously we're expecting some bug fixes and potentially new features but we haven't got any further details, yet.

September 9
Sony DPP-SV55 3 megapixel printer are carrying a news story about a new thermal sublimation printer from Sony which prints at 400 x 400 dpi on 10 x 15 cm paper (4 x 6") - max 2360 x 1560. The printer can natively support MemoryStick via a slot on the front and also supports other media as it has a PC Card slot. The printer can be hooked up to a TV for printer control and image selection. Supplied with a "printing pack" for 10 pictures at 10 x 15 cm. Priced at 500 EUR (~US$440) and launch in November.

September 8

The work of a professor at Columbia University has lead to the invention of a new approach to dynamic range on CCD's. This new system deliberately exposes neighbouring pixels of a CCD at slightly different levels, the theory being that if one pixel is over or under exposed information which is "nearly right" can be gathered from a neighbour. Interesting..."The computed image appears comparable in dynamic range to that produced by a high-end, professional grade digital camera,'' says Nayar.

Sharp OEM for Kodak...

As people "in the industry" know lots of big electronics companies do development / production work for some of the digital camera manufacturers (of course it's all nudge nudge we can't mention who). In a report from Bloomberg Kodak have confirmed that Sharp will produce digital cameras for them (I'll take a guess at the upcoming DC3800). "Kiyoshi Osaki, a spokesman for Kodak Japan Ltd., confirmed that Eastman Kodak is getting digital cameras from Sharp for sale in the U.S. He declined to provide further details."

Jeff Keller posts Kodak DC3400 review

Jeff Keller over at DC Resource has just posted a review of Kodak's familiar looking DC3400, here's what he had to say "The Kodak DC3400 is an updated version of the DC280 that we reviewed earlier this year. (Actually, I'm not clear on what's changed between the two models...It's a good camera, but not the best for the money. I compared the DC3400 to the Olympus D-490Z at the beginning of the review, and I'd say the D-490Z wins the battle hands down. If the Olympus had USB, it would be the perfect $500 camera."

September 7
Two new digital cameras from FujiFilm

Two new cameras from FujiFilm are seemingly upgrades to older models, the FinePix 2400 (September sale) replacing the 1400 now with a 2 megapixel CCD and the FinePix 1300 (October sale) now replacing the old MX-1200 now with USB and several enhancements. Interestingly neither of these new digital cameras use the SuperCCD.

UPDATE: Samples from FinePix 2400 online

Imaging-Resource provide prints

Dave over at Imaging-Resource has compiled a set of Ofoto Albums containing their standard test samples from no less than 30 digital cameras, via links on the Imaging-Resource page you can select and order prints of these test images. If you've not joined Ofoto before (or you still have some left) you can use the 50 free 4 x 6 prints for some of these samples. Kudos to Dave for a great idea.

September 6
New Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS USM

Canon today announced a prototype Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM lens, the prototype will be shown at Photokina 2000 (which we will attend) in Cologne, Germany, from Sept 20 - 25. A full commercial version of the lens should be available in the first half of 2001. Diffractive optical elements use a diffraction grating to alter the light path, this new 400mm lens is significantly smaller and lighter (almost 1 KG) than Canon's current 400mm f/4.

First OEM 3.17 megapixel CMOS sensor

Today Y Media have announced the YM-3170A, a 1/2" 3.17 megapixel (2056 x 1544) CMOS sensor with a 3.3 µm pixel pitch which is aimed at "digital still cameras, video cameras and HDTV camcorders" (the inclusion last two kind of make you wonder what quality of image this device produces). It can also run up to 30fps @ 640 x 480 (for live video previews / movie capture).

Olympus Innovation - more info on E10 & E100

Thanks to forums contributor Jim Cockfield for noting a new website from Olympus providing even more detailed information about their upcoming digital SLR the E-10 and it's fast shooting smaller brother the E-100RS. This new website is nicely designed with lots of info and downloadable PDF brochures. If you're interested in either of these cameras I recommend you have a look...

Ricoh RDC-i700 - Internet ready digicam

Thanks to Herb Hou over on the Taiwan based for putting me on the trail of Ricoh's next 3 megapixel digital camera. Based on the RDC-7 the new RDC-i700 will have extended functionality, not least of which (a first in digital cameras) a 3.5" touch sensitive LCD display (to be used with supplied scribe) and supports Internet connectivity (another digital camera first). It will be possible to upload images and email images directly from the camera. This camera will go on the market in Japan on September 20th at 158,000 YEN (US$1,480). (Oh and you can browse the web, yeah ok so now you want one)

UPDATE: More information from Impress PC Watch.

September 5
1GB IBM Microdrive write speeds

Many thanks to forums contributor Matthew Williamson who recently acquired a 1 GB IBM Microdrive and has done some comparative Write Speed timing against a 340 MB Microdrive and a 160 MB Lexar 8X Compact Flash card using a Nikon D1. His results are interesting, especially if the introduction of the 1 GB pushes the price of the older 340 MB down it may be better to buy a few 340's...

MacBibble v1.0 official release

Just had a note from Eric Hyman that he's now made the first official release of MacBibble v1.0 for OS8.5/OS9. Bibble is a tool for accessing, converting and manipulating Nikon D1 .NEF (RAW files) as well as JPEGs. "This release represents all the features of MacBibble being online. All of the power of the original Bibble are now yours to use in MacBibble, as well as some unique macintosh features (preview icons)"

September 4
Real B&W from digital images

Ever wondered why when you convert full colour digital camera images to black and white they just don't look the same as 35mm black and white film? Because black and white film reacts differently to differet parts of the colour spectrum, and most photo packages don't take this into account. But help is at hand! SilverOxide have a set of Photoshop plugins which can reproduce the look of various brands of B&W film from existing colour digital images. And it really works!

CARDport Swift Syncro Review

The UK company Chase recently released the CARDport Swift Syncro USB card reader. This handy card reader can accept SmartMedia, PCMCIA Type II, CF Type I/II (by adapter), MemoryStick (by adapter) and many other media into its dual slots. Small, light, functional and well priced the Swift Syncro is one of those accessories that will pay for itself in your saved time. We've had one in-house and have posted a review of it...

September 3
Megapixel.Net September edition online

The monthly bi-lingual digital camera webzine Megapixel.Net have just released their September edition, under the reviewers eye this month are the Olympus D-490 Zoom, Minolta Dimage 2300, Pentax EI-200 (AKA HP Photosmart C618) and the Sony Mavica FD90. There's also an interesting article on colour correction.

September 2

In the "you get what you pay for" category. MegaVision have introduced the S3 Pro, a 3072 x 2048 single shot camera back

Olympus Camedia Gallery

Delayed, but now online Olympus's Camedia Gallery is currently showing images by three different photographers using the E-10 and E-100RS... And very nice they are too, unfortunately (and a bit of a let down after the wait) no full resolution samples are available.. And although there's an "Original Photo" area in the "Download" section of the website there's just a message saying they are "being prepared"... Oh, and the English pages aren't ready yet.. so it's all in Japanese at the moment.

September 1

Just had word from Mike Chaney that he's released QImage Pro 9.0. This innovative image processing application grew from a simple NEF (Nikon RAW image format) converter and print layout application to an almost indispensable tool for digital camera owners. There are so many enhancements I can't fit them in this summary.. see inside for more details.

Leica Digilux 4.3 and more

Carrying on their tradition of rebadging Fujifilm digital cameras, Leica have made public their Digilux 4.3. It's basically a Fujifilm 4700Z with a different badge, champagne case and rubber hand grip. Specification wise it's identical to the 4700Z. What's more interesting about the Leica offering is that there are two optional add-on lens systems, the "digicopy" for digitizing slide film and the "digimacro" for enhancing the Digilux 4.3 (Fujifilm 4700Z) macro abilities - quoted as "Objects down to 13 x 17 mm in size can now be photographed filling the whole frame." Shame about the "4.3" in the name.. that might suggest it had a 4.3 megapixel CCD...

Canon publish EOS-D30 samples

Canon Japan (BeBit) have today published seven JPEG samples from (according to my contacts) what is considered to be a production quality EOS-D30. These seven samples cover a variety of situations (including night and skintones). Don't forget, in addition to these samples we also have 26 sample images in our galleries from the D30, 4 of which taken in RAW.

UPDATE: Now with FULL exposure information.

Canon S100/IXUS goes for a swim

Ever wanted to go for a swim with your S100/IXUS? Now you can, Canon's AW-PS 200 waterproof case will allow you to go down to three metres, it also protects the camera from the odd knock and is also dust proof. It's available now (in Europe at least) for 225 EUR (£ 140, US$ 200). Thanks to for this article.

August 31
Olympus E-10 Q&A translated

Browsing over the Olympus Talk forum I noticed some interest in a partially translation of the E-10 Q & A from the Olympus Japan website. Taking this a bit further (and making it accessible to more people) I've spent about 2 hours or so translating, sifting and sorting that Q & A page to bring it to you in English (all 130+ questions & answers). There's also an intersesting comparison to the C-2500L. So if you're really interested in the E-10, you need to see this.

UPDATE: Now complete.

August 30
DIG announce completed DIG35

Adobe, Agfa, Canon, Kodak, Fujifilm, HP, Microsoft, PhotoChannel Networks, PhotoWorks, PictureIQ, Polarid and Workstation.Com. Some big names in there and in total there are around 80 companies involved in DIG. DIG35 Metadata Specification is a method for recording information about a digital image, exposure, ownership, copyright, location etc. (taking EXIF headers to a whole new level). DIG35 has just been completed and is now available for downloaded.

Seybold: In the box with the Coolpix 880

Over the last two days there have been a few press releases covering the products included with the Nikon Coolpix 880 (at least the package sold in the US). First off there's Altamira's GenuineFractals 2.0 LE perfect for resizing your Coolpix 880 images for BIG prints. Secondly Lexar announce the 8MB CF card bundled with the 880 will be an 8 x USB-enabled CF.

New lenses from Canon

Actually, these lenses were announced (in the US) a week or so ago but we didn't cover them, as lenses are a new subject area for us we thought it'd be useful to highlight these new lenses from Canon: EF 28-90mm f/4.0-5.6 USM, EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM, and EF 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 USM. We've got the full press release and converted focal lengths when used on an EOS-D30.

August 29

As Digital SLR's become more prominent in the digital photography market place it looks as though we will also have to keep an eye on SLR accessories. Lenses in particular are so important to a Digital SLR, and especially ones with smaller focal lengths. Today Nikon have announced:

• AF Zoom-Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5D IF Lens
• AF Zoom-Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8-4D I Lens
• AF Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G Lens
• AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D ED-IF Lens
• Nikon N65 35mm camera

Seybold: Kodak Pro further price cuts

We've seen hints / heard of this for quite a few weeks, and it's clear that Kodak Pro representative offices in different countries are handling this in different ways, but today Kodak US announced clear price cuts for their 560 & 660 DCS cameras in addition to previous price drops in the DCS range. They note "This new pricing is possible due to ongoing manufacturing efficiencies", but we know that competition is the real reason... The heat is on for Kodak and they're getting sweaty.

Jeff posts Kodak DC4800 review

Jeff Keller over at DC Resource has just posted a review of Kodak's 3 megapixel DC4800. This all new camera from Kodak goes up against the Nikon Coolpix 990 and Olympus C-3030Z.. So what did Jeff think of it ? "I can't say that I've been a huge fan of Kodak cameras in the past, but boy how times have changed. The DC4800 is an exceptional camera, with a full suite of features, great photo quality, and a nice bundle, all at the attractive price of $799. I'd put this camera right at the top of the 3 Megapixel class, along with the Olympus C-3000 series and the Nikon Coolpix 990."

August 28
Imaging Resource post several reviews

Our good friends Dave and Mike over at Imaging Resource have had a busy few days recently, first off is their "almost full review" of a pre-production Canon D30. Then comes a review of Fujifilm's S1 Pro, a comparison of the S1 Pro, D30 and Nikon's D1 and finally a full review of Toshiba's PDR M70.. Just when I thought I was working hard ;)

Nikon Coolpix 880 - and reviewed!

Today Nikon will announce the Coolpix 880, what appears a logical upgrade to the Coolpix 800 announced about the same time last year. And at first appearance it certainly looks that way. But this is no cut-down 990, rather it uses the same engine and flexibility and adds a whole range of user friendly features which makes the 880 a seriously good digital camera. Best of all we have a full in-depth review for you (even before the press releases get out!)

Kodak DC3800

Kodak Japan announce the tiny DC3800, aimed squarly at Canon's Digital IXUS (S100 ELPH) this compact 2.1 megapixel digicam produces 1792 x 1184 images has a fixed 33mm lens (vs. Canon's sweet little 2x zoom lens). It's now confirmed that this will be a worldwide product, not just domestic.

Canon Japan announce delay to EOS-D30

Canon Japan have this morning posted a message on their BeBit website noting an apology for a change of sale date for the EOS-D30. Sale date (which was originally named as "beginning of September") has now been altered to Friday, 20th October (in Japan) for "reasons of production".

August 27

Wow, I was so busy working I missed the fact that we've now steamed through 10,000,000 unique visitors since we started the site in January 1999. Just a personal note from me to all the people who've supported us over the last 20 months, manufacturers, sponsors and most importantly you, our visitors. Keep coming back, we've got so much to come over the next few months... Digital Photography is just coming of age.

August 24
European readers - win prizes!

If you live in a European country (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland etc. etc.) and you'd like the chance to win a Canon BJC-50 (there are a total of six being given away) then spend a few minutes completing this joint digital camera survey produced in association with, GFK marketing services and Canon. The survey itself pretty straight forward and will go to help manufacturers produce better cameras for you in the future! (Plus you might win a printer... can't be bad)

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