August 27
Sony launch micro MPEG-2 camcorder

IFA 2001: We don't normally talk about camcorders here, but this announcement is interesting because of the technology employed. The new tiny 'Network Handycam IP' DCR-IP7 'MICROMV' digital camcorder records digital video onto new MICROMV tapes (which are 30% the volume of a DV tape). The DCR-IP7 can also shoot 640 x 480 JPEG's or MPEG-1 clips onto Memory Stick, even more interesting is that the camcorder supports Bluetooth wireless transfer as well as USB and Firewire (IEEE 1394). This neat little camcorder can also send email and browse the web. Oh yes, and it's 2 x 4 x 3 inches and weighs in at 370 g (13 oz) with battery.

SanDisk expands retail in Europe

IFA 2001: SanDisk has today announced that it will be expanding its retail presence in Europe and will also be opening a large distribution center in Holland. "One of the new products going into Europe for the first time this summer is the SanDisk Secure Digital memory card, a new stamp-sized, removable flash card targeted mainly for use in mobile phones, Internet music players and small-size digital cameras."

August 24
EISA Awards 2001-2002

The EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Awards are chosen annually by a panel of Editors from 40 prominent magazines throughout Europe. This years photo awards were 35mm SLR: Minolta Dynax 7 SLR, Lens: Sigma EX 20mm F1.8 DG, Consumer digital: Sony DSC-S85, Professional digital: Nikon D1x, Film scanner: Nikon Coolscan 4000 ED, Photo Innovation: Epson PIM Technology and Photo Printer: Canon S800 Photo.

Canon EOS-D30 shot makes People cover

Thanks to the photographer for letting me know that the full page image (of Gary Condit and wife) on the front of this weeks People magazine was shot with a Canon EOS-D30. In his words, "People magazine cover story will come out on Gary Condit. The entire story and the COVER was all shoot on the D-30. This was shot under a extreme deadline, hence their openess to using digital.", "I have been using the D30 about 9 months . All most ALL my magazine work in this year (2001) has been digital on the D30, some of this work has been used as large as 2 pages."

August 23
Ickiewarez D1(x/H) rain covers

Here's a useful accessory for Nikon D1 / D1x / D1H photographers. The interestingly named Ickiewarez have new waterproof covers for the Nikon D-SLR which cover the camera and lens, they have a velcro strap for the lens and a clear back so you can still keep an eye on the LCD monitor.Available for the D1 / D1x / D1H plus 28-70 F2.8, 80-200 F2.8, 300 F2.8 or 400 F2.8.

August 21
Minolta confirm E201 for US market

Minolta US has today confirmed that the DiMAGE E201 will be released in America at a price of $299. This entry level digital camera has a fixed focal length lens (38 mm equiv.) and 2.3 megapixel CCD features a movie clip mode and has CompactFlash storage (Type I only). The E201 was initially announced back in May this year but at that time wasn't at that time destined for the US market.

Fujifilm NX-800M multi-function dye-sub printer

Not to be outdone by Sony and their DPP-SV88 multi-function printer Fujifilm has today announced the 'FinePix Memory Printer' NX-800M which provides the ability to archive and print. The NX-800M has both SmartMedia and PCMCIA slots for storage cards which can then be archived directly to CD-R/RW or printed on the internal 4 x 6 dye-sub printer. Prints can also then be made at a later date from the archived photos. The NX-800M also has a small LCD screen for preview / setup as well as connectivity to a TV/Monitor and/or PC/Mac via USB.

Sigma introduce 20-40mm F2.8 zoom lens

Sigma has today announced a new AF 20-40mm F2.8 EX DG lens. Again this lens appears to be aimed at owners of digital SLR's because it offers a relatively useable bottom end (wide end) to a normal mid point in a compact lens construction. For example, this lens on a Canon EOS-D30 would provide an equiv. range of 32-64 mm, on a Nikon D1x it provide an equiv. range of 30-60 mm. The lens has access at the back for filters.

August 19
Canon G2 - jagged diagonals further investigation

Following on from my review of the Canon G2 and based on some of the questions and comments from our Canon Talk forum I've add a little to the review with an investigation into the true cause of some jagged / stepped diagonal lines I noted in some of our sample shots. It does appear to be related to the cameras bayer interpolation algorithm and is enhanced by sharpening.

August 16
SimpleTech 640, 850 MB and 1 GB Flash CF

SimpleTech has today announced the availability of Compact Flash Type I cards up to 640 MB in capacity and Type II of 850 MB and 1 GB. This announcement comes hot on the heels of one made earlier this week about their new partnership with Hitachi Semiconductor. "We can take Hitachi's leading edge flash memory silicon, double its density with SimpleTech's patented IC Tower(TM) stacking technology, and offer the world's highest capacity CompactFlash cards.'' said SimpleTech's Chief Technical Officer Mark Moshayedi.

August 13
dp-now Digital Photography Site launches!

Brave webmaster launches on the 13th! Fellow Digital Photography journalist, enthusiast and Brit Ian Burley has today launched his own site covering Digital Photography News, Reviews and Articles. Ian, a long time IT and photography journalist has years of experience behind him and we wish him luck in his new venture. Here's what Ian had to say, "Today we launched Digital Photography Now. Although there are some 40 pages already on this site for you to browse, DPN will grow rapidly over the next weeks and months."

August 12
Amazing ISO 800 & 1600 Nikon D1H samples

We haven't yet been lucky enough to get our hands on Nikon's fast shooting D1H but Scott Audette (Pro Photographer) has posted four ISO 800 and ISO 1600 samples on his website. It has to be said that these are some of the cleanest, sharpest high ISO images I've seen from any digital SLR (including Kodak's DCS620x). I've checked the images and they are original and unaltered. Simply amazing.

Kodak now friends with Microsoft

The saga continues... Looks like Kodak have had a slight (sarcasm) change of heart over the Digital Photography features in Microsoft's new Windows XP Operating System. In a new official release they're now saying, "The changes made to Windows XP are a positive move. Kodak is pleased that our EasyShare digital cameras and software will work well with Windows XP," said Phil Gerskovich, chief operating officer, Digital and Applied Imaging, and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. "We look forward to working with Microsoft to continue to improve the digital photography experience in Windows XP."

August 11
Just posted - Think! Fire-N-Ice review

We've just posted our review of Think! Computer Products' Fire-N-Ice Firewire hard drives. These new drives come in two flavours, a smaller portable unit and a larger (higher capacity) (still portable) desktop unit. Both are Windows and Mac compatible and both use the high speed Oxford 911 Firewire bridge and IBM hard disks. These relatively low cost, portable, high speed, high capacity units offer another potential solution for your mounting collection of digital images.

August 9
Win a party with 'Sex and the City' star

Nikon, as a part of their Coolpix 775 promotions has today announced a 'Funniest Photo Competition', the prize winner of which will spend two nights in New York and a private party with Kim Cattrall who plays Samantha Jones in the TV series "Sex and the City". The photo contest will run for four consecutive weeks, officially beginning today, and ending on September 10, 2001. Photos will be judged on overall quality, creativity and most importantly, "funny" content.

August 7
Lexar ship Pro 512 MB Compact Flash

Just before PMA 2001 we noted Lexar's press release about their new 512 MB Pro CF Type I card, today they've put out a press release which confirms that they are now shipping this card. Based on the same 'engine' as the 320 MB CF card it offers higher speed transfers, wearing a '12x' label (supposed to be 1.8 MB/sec). "The 512MB 12x is perfect for today's professional digital photographers, as it is capable of a sustained write speed of 1.8MB/sec. which greatly reduces file write time and camera recycle time.

August 6
Toshiba announce 128 MB MMC/SD card

Toshiba has today announced a new 128 MB MMC/SD (MultiMedia Card / Secure Digital card). Hot on the heals of SanDisk who announced a 128 MB card back in June. While I'm not a huge fan of new formats (surely we have enough already!) it's good to see that at least those who end up with MMC digital cameras will be able to buy relatively useful capacities. Toshiba also reveal that they hope to introduce a 256 MB MMC/SD card in 'fourth quarter 2001'.

August 5
Megapixel.Net August edition

The monthly bilingual webzine Megapixel.Net have released their August edition (in French and English), this month they've reviewed the Sony DSC-P50, Nikon Coolpix 995, Fujifilm FinePix 6900, Olympus C-700UZ. They also have a look at the effect of the shutter speed on photos.

August 4
Updated: Minolta DiMAGE 7 review

We've just posted an update to our original DiMAGE 7 review, we've managed to get our hands on a later production sample with firmware v021e. Items updated: Resolution charts, colour charts, white balance, ISO sensitivity tests, night shots, comparisons, noise levels, timing & performance. No significant differences were discovered apart from slightly cleaner resolution chart images (less diagonal stepping).

JPEG2000 plug-in for Photoshop (tested)

LuraTech, the creators of the LuraWave image compression format (which we've covered previously) has release a JPEG2000 plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. You can download a 30 day trial copy TODAY for a glimpse into the future of JPEG compression. The full version of the plugin is priced at $79.95, an SDK is also available. JPEG2000 files (at least as loaded/saved by this plug-in have the .JP2 extension). We've done some side-by-side analysis of JPEG vs. JPEG2000 using a 4 megapixel TIFF from Sony's DSC-S85, the results are impressive. JPEG2000 also features a highly compressed lossless 'sub format' which we've calculated equates to approximately 1 MB per megapixel (very impressive).

August 3

Catching up with reviews posted elsewhere on the Internet we note that Steve's Digicams has posted a Nikon Coolpix 775 review, Imaging-Resource has posted Coolpix 775, Olympus C-4040Z and Fujifilm Finepix 6900Z reviews and DC resource have covered the Nikon Coolpix 995 and Kyocera Finecam S3. Finally Peter iNova gives his opinion of the Coolpix 775 in his own user report.

Updated: Nikon Coolpix 995 review

We've finally posted our updated Nikon Coolpix 995 review. The review now reflects results based on a full production Coolpix 995 with firmware 1.6. We've re-shot resolution charts, colour test patches, ISO sensitivity, night shots, flash. All timings have been re-confirmed as have dynamic range results. Changes? There's less noise at ISO 100 and 200 on this full production unit and Microdrive timings have changed (subtley). Otherwise most of our original conclusions and results stand. NEW: Animated 990/995 Kodak Q60 target. Plus 31 new sample images!

Kodak not happy about Windows XP

Kodak has just sent me a press release on their official position on Windows XP and its new Digital Photography integration. Looks like things are not at all well between Kodak and Microsoft, in this press release Kodak accuse Microsoft of limiting consumer choice as to what the users default photo application should be, they also state that Microsoft is attempting to 'Tax the Internet' by having a list of Microsoft-Preferred photo finishing sites... Trouble brewing.

August 2
Just posted! Nikon Coolpix 775 review

We've just posted our full, in-depth review of a production (firmware v1.3u) Nikon Coolpix 775. This tiny, lightweight 2 megapixel digital camera has a 3x optical zoom lens, 1.5" LCD monitor and a range of pre-programmed scene exposure modes. Unlike some of its rivals the 775 has a comfortable hand grip and ergonomic control layout which make it small yet perfectly usable. So how does it stack up to our in-depth review tests?

August 1
FotoTime - another free site goes pay

The 'use to be free' photo sharing site FotoTime has either been forced or decided to go down the pay-only route. As we'd expected and even predicted long ago the revenues from merchandise (such as prints) was never going to be enough to support the huge bandwidth requirements of photo sharing sites. As from August 1, 2001 FotoTime will be charging $23.95 per year for image hosting (though you'll have 30 days grace).

Japanese digital camera exports up 34%

The Japan Camera Industry Association (JCIA) has today published a report on the shipment of digital still cameras for the first half of the year 2001 (Jan - June). It tells us that between January and June this year Japan exported 3.9 million digital still cameras (up 34% on the same period last year) with a total value of 143 Billion YEN / US$ 1.14 Billion (up 18% on the same period last year). Japan produced 2.1 million digital still cameras for its domestic market (up 86% on the same period last year) with a total value of 78 Billion Yen / US$ 624 Million (up 53% on the same period last year).

Now a megapixel is really a megapixel

The Japan Camera Industry Association (JCIA) has today officially announced new guidelines for the measurement and marketing of digital camera 'megapixels'. The guidelines recommend the use of effective pixel count (the actual number of pixels captured). We've known about this for some time, but this is the first time JCIA have made it official. What these new guidelines mean is that from September 1st, 2001 all new Japanese digital cameras must carry a label which states the effective pixel count, not the total CCD pixel count. This is a more accurate, fairer and less confusing method of labelling and should make it easier for the consumer to know what they are buying.

Sony makes Memory Stick price drop official

Sony US has today confirmed new retail pricing for Memory Stick storage cards. "Effective today, Memory Stick media in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities are available for around $25, $35, $50, $80 and $150, respectively at retailers nationwide and at" This means that a 128 MB Memory Stick has a cost per MB of $1.17, compared to Compact Flash at approximately $0.78/MB and SmartMedia at approximately $0.93/MB.

ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Service

Peak Development Ltd, a UK company has today announced its new 'Digital Image Recovery Service' named ImageRecall. This service aims to recover images lost on corrupt, deleted or damaged CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MMC/SD, Microdrive or PC Card storage devices. "We aim to provide a fast efficient service to all our image recovery customers and have historically been able to recover 80% of lost images" stated Kevin Bordley, Technical Supervisor. "Every week we have professional photographers asking for our service"

Windows XP Digital Photo Experience

It looks as though Kodak have made it up with Microsoft after their problems earlier this month. They were involved in today's Windows XP event in which more than 20 key industry leaders showcased their hardware and software solutions for digital photography on the Microsoft Windows XP platform. These companies demonstrated everything from digital cameras to photo-processing services, all designed to provide consumers with the ability to easily manage their digital photography using Windows XP.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens

Canon USA has today confirmed a lens which has been rumoured (and seen elsewhere) for some time. The new white bodied EF 70-200mm f/2.8L has a new improved IS (Image Stablisation) function as well as dust and moisture resistance which you would expect of an 'L' lens. On the EOS-D30 this lens would provide the equivelent focal length range of 112 - 320 mm. This beast of a lens weighs in at 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) and will have a street price of US$ 3,000 when it reaches the shops in September.

July 28
Just posted! Kyocera Finecam S3 review

Kyocera's tiny Finecam S3 is the smallest 3 megapixel digital camera on the market. It features a 2x optical zoom lens, a good range of manual controls and photographic features. It's supplied with an Lithium-Ion battery and charger / AC adapter, 16 MB MMC card, soft case and MMC card reader. The S3's tiny size and light make it one of the most portable digital cameras out there, so how does it stack up to our tests? UPDATED: Samples gallery now online.

July 26
ASCII 24 compares ten compact digital cameras

The Japanese site 'Digital Buyer' which is part of the ASCII 24 hardware network has just published a comparison of ten compact digital cameras with either 2 or 3 megapixel CCDs. The comparison includes: Canon Digital IXUS v (IXY 200 / ELPH S110), Canon Digital IXUS 300 (IXY 300 / ELPH S300), Pentax Optio 330, Konica Digital Revio KD-300Z, Konica Digital Revio KD-200Z, Sony DSC-P1, Fujifilm Finepix 50i, Casio QV-2400UX, Sanyo DSC-MZ1 and the Olympus C-1 Zoom (BRIO D-150).

July 25
Polaroid FUN! $69.99 digital camera

Polaroid redefine 'low cost'. The PhotoMAX FUN! 620 can take up to 15 VGA (640 x 480) images, store them in its 1 MB internal RAM and transfer them by USB. At just $69.99 you're not going to expect much on the image quality side of things but it may be a good way to get your kids into digital photography...

User review of the Canon EOS-D30

My good friends over at the hardware site 'Hardware One' have just posted a user review of Canon's EOS-D30. The article is based on Wymun's experience working with the camera for several months, he covers he personal experience with the camera and several different lenses. He came straight from Olympus's C-3030Z to the EOS-D30 and appears more than happy with the upgrade. "In short, I’m simply a hardware enthusiast who enjoys taking digital pictures, akin to several of my other HW1 colleagues."

iPIX kit now available for Coolpix 995

Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX) has today announced that it's "immersive imaging kits" (for creating 360 degree interactive 'bubble panoramas') are now available for the Nikon Coolpix 995. Available as a full kit including the Coolpix 995, Rotator arm, Tripod, Software, 48 MB CF card, Case and documentation. "The iPIX Professional Camera Kit featuring the Coolpix 995 camera is priced at $2,099. The iPIX Starter Kit for the Coolpix 995 camera is available separately for $495."

July 24
Agfa say 'no more digital cameras'

According to an article on 'The Register' dated 20th July, Agfa has told its resellers in Europe, "...not to expect any more digital cameras." The story also says that Agfa has decided to pull out of the low end scanner market due to current market downturn. The company does intend to continue making high-end scanners. This is hardly surprising when you consider the lack of any interesting digital camera products from Agfa in almost two years.

Shutterfly awarded by PC Magazine

PC Magazine has given the photo sharing site Shutterfly a 'PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award' for online photo services. This is the second consecutive year that Shutterfly has won this award. "Winning this highly regarded Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine two years in a row proves we consistently deliver the best quality and service in the industry," said Andy Wood, Shutterfly CEO.

Sharp Aquos LCD TV / picture frame

Sharp recently announced its new range of flat-panel TV's. The Aquos range, available initially in 13, 15 and 20 inch sizes have a secondary function - as a digital picture frame. The Aquos feature a PCMCIA PC card slot and can display images stored on various formats of storage card (with the appropriate PC card adapter) straight from a digital camera.

Leica and Panasonic to make digital cameras

Leica and Matsushita (known by the Panasonic brand) have announced that they will be jointly developing digital cameras. The products will be marketed under both the Leica and Panasonic brands. This interesting announcement almost definitely puts a lid on the relationship Leica had with Fujifilm, the last product from which was the Leica Digilux 4.3 which was essentially a re-badged, re-cased Fujifilm 4700Z.

Olympus KP-001 dust & water proof case

Olympus Professional Marketing Japan has today announced a new 'Construction Site' kit for using a digital camera on a construction site. This kit is (individually) made up of two software packages 'Construction Photograph Control software' and also a new dust proof and waterproof case for the 2 megapixel C-200 Zoom (aka Brio D-510 Zoom) digital camera. The case is made of plastic and rubber and weighs 483 g (1.1 lb) without the camera. This may be a Japan domestic market only product.

RiTDATA announces 1.1 and 1.6 GB CF Type II

RiTDATA (a subsidiary of RiTEK Taiwan) has today announced 1.1 and 1.6 GB "CompactStor" Compact Flash Type II storage drives. These devices (similar to the Microdrive) use a tiny mechanical hard drive for their storage. There are plans to expand the range up to a 6 GB capacity card (phew!). No pricing is yet available.

dpreview receives copyright compensation has today received compensation from a Hong Kong publishing company for violation of copyright. The company published large portions of our Canon EOS-D30 review (including our sample images and test results) in a magazine last year. An observant reader noticed the similarity between our review and the article published in the magazine and contacted us. We'd like to pass on our thanks to him and our legal team for successfully bringing this matter to a close.

July 22
New merchandise available!

You asked for it and now we've got it, sweat shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, caps, hats and even a dpreview bag! T-shirts are high quality Hanes brand and we can even ship internationally! Caps, Hats and bags are currently on special offer. Every purchase contributes to the upkeep of this site.

July 18
Letsgodigital take a look at the Minolta E201

The guys over at have taken a look at Minolta's E201, this 2.3 megapixel fixed focal length (38mm equiv.) digital camera enters Minolta's new range of digital cameras at the lower end. "The new first starter camera from Minolta can produce photo realistic prints. It is very easy to use, there are no hidden redundant functions and everybody who has used a analogue camera before can immediate start to work with the E201. The Dimage E201 is available at this moment in the Netherlands and will be priced at EURO 449,-"

July 17
Steve's Digicams Reviews
Steve over at Steve's Digicams has posted his reviews of the Fujifilm FinePix 4800 Zoom and the Olympus D-370 here's what he concluded, firstly the Fujifilm "The FinePix 4800 Zoom is probably one of the best of the 'pocket size' cameras... is priced a little bit too high... is an easy to use camera that delivers excellent images" and the Olympus "small (pocket-sized) digital camera that offers a combination of good image quality with point-n-shoot ease of use"
Developers buy back PhotoPoint

And finally we get to the bottom of the reasons for PhotoPoint's outage over the weekend. Pantellic Software Inc., the original creator of PhotoPoint.Com have bought the site back from Sherwood Partners, Inc., the Assignee for PhotoPoint Corp (USA) - whose offices in San Francisco are now closed. ...PhotoPoint Corp. (USA) acquired the web site in 1999. Since that time, Pantellic has performed the development and hosting of, while PhotoPoint Corp was responsible for business development, sales and marketing. These functions will now be handled exclusively by Pantellic, who will be retaining the services of some of the former PhotoPoint Corp employees and maintaining many of its partners...

Kodak profits fall 36%

Kodak today published their second quarter sales & earnings report. This shows profits are down from $513 million second quarter last year to $325 million second quarter this year. "The (second) quarter's results are consistent with the economic slowdown, and we have yet to see signs of economic recovery,'' Kodak Chairman and Chief Executive Daniel Carp said. "We will continue to manage Kodak in recognition of this reality.''

July 16
Photopoint back online!

Good news for all Photopoint users is that they are now back online! Still no official news available on their website but they're definitely back in business. We will of course endeavour to find out why they were down. Over the last 48 hours I've been sent all sorts of rumours about the company and have bitten my tongue not to publish them. Lets hope we can get some official explanation out of Photopoint soon. Inquiring minds want to know.

Nikon D1X / D1H digital SLR's

Nikon today announce the new D1X and D1H digital SLR's. These two progressions from the successful D1 are an attempt to satisfy two sides of the professional market, first, the D1X aimed squarely at the commercial market, sporting a new 5.4 megapixel CCD but limited to 3 fps, second, the D1H featuring the same 2.74 megapixel CCD found in the original D1 but now with boosted buffer space and faster ASIC the D1H can shoot up to 40 frames at 5 fps.

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