October 20
DC Resource post review of Canon S10
Jeff over at DC Resource has just posted a review of Canon's ever-so-interesting 2.11 megapixel pocket wonder the S10. And, he likes it "The Canon PowerShot S10 is a fantastic camera. It's very small and light, and really stands out in a crowd, and the photo quality is very good. You can easily use it with one hand, and it's fast processing speeds let you record and view photos quickly. And the built-in USB support helps you get the photos onto your PC just as quickly. "
Still Samples from Sony DCR-PC100 DV camera
As the line between Digital Still Cameras and Digital Video Cameras gently converges Sony release the first DV camera (DCR-PC100) offering acceptable (just) still image capture quality onto their proprietary Memory Stick. The Japanese Magazine Mobile Central post a short article on the PC100 along with the first still capture samples to be found on the net.
Toshiba Japan announce PDR-M40
Toshiba Japan announce the PDR-M40, a 2.1 megapixel 40mm fixed lens digicam. Up against the Nikon Coolpix 700 and Olympus C-21 this compact digicam is priced at 75,000 YEN (US$675).
October 19
Olympus Japan announce C2020Z & C920Z
Olympus Japan announce two updated cameras, the C2020Z and C920Z (Equv. of US D450Z), updated on the C2020Z is the addition of Motion JPEG mini-movie capture, slightly faster image capture, manual mode and a much closer manual focus setting.
October 18
PC Watch post a samples gallery from the Casio QV2000UX
The Japanese webzine PC Watch have posted a samples gallery from the interesting Casio QV2000UX, this 2.1 megapixel 3x zoom digicam is up against some big players in the higher price band, slide over to PC Watch and check out the image quality for yourself.
SST announce 64MB & 96MB CompactFlash Cards
SST Expand their line of CompactFlash cards with new 64MB and 96MB capacity cards. Here's what they say: "SST today announced the addition of 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards to its successful, high-performance CompactFlash card family. SST developed the 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards to meet the market demand for increased storage capacity in applications such as digital cameras, MP3 audio players and personal digital assistants."
October 15
PC Watch post Canon S10 sample images
Once again the excellent Japanese website PC Watch has turned up the goods with a set of sample shots from the Canon S10, this is one interesting looking camera with a great image quality, some sensible options / functionality and all that in a neat, small yet sturdy package.. I'm looking forward to reviewing this camera.
Agfa cuts price of ePhoto CL50 to $549
No doubt in the face of stiff competition, Agfa have decided to drop the price of this 1.3 megapixel 3x zoom digicam (looking a little aged now).
October 14
Thanks to reader Andy Williams for pointing me at this story. According to the Korean website "ComTimes" Samsung have introduced a 1GB flash memory chip.
PC Watch post PDR-M5 samples
The excellent Japanese "PC Watch" site have posted some sample shots from Toshiba's "whale" the PDR-M5.
Here's some jolly news for Digicam owners (assuming more manufacturers actually implement USB)...480 Mbs Announcement Coincides With Specification Draft Release to Industry.
Nikon's 950 Stocking Filler: The "Coolpack"
Nikon have just launched the Coolpack accessories set & bag for the Coolpix 950, it includes: A set of four 28mm filters -- a UV, Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density 4 and a Neutral Density 8 -- all in a handy wallet that attaches to the camera strap; four rechargeable Energizer� AA NiMH batteries that can be recharged up to 1,000 times; and a battery charger with a five hour quick charge and LED indicator. The Coolpack comes in a ruggedly handsome beige canvas carrying case with a fully adjustable interior, lots of pockets, and places for assorted gear.
Steve Sanders posts Canon S10 User Review
Unfortunately Canon haven't been able to supply me with an S10 yet (are you reading this guys?) and he's posted a review of this very interesting "pocket sized power pack", here's what Steve says: "All things considered this is one great camera. It's everything the A50 is plus twice the resolution and even faster image processing. I'm no real fan of small cameras but the S10 is a very durable camera that performs better than other cameras three times its size. And at a price of $699 I see it flying off the dealer's shelfs and landing in a lot of stockings this Christmas. "
October 11
Ricoh Announce RDC-5300
Ricoh today announced (officially.. this news has been knocking around for a few weeks) the 2.3 megapixel, 3x zoom, RDC-5300. Interesting features include USB, bracketing (multiple shots at -0.5EV, normal and +0.5EV). And only $699.
October 9
PC Watch's resident pro photographer Yamada reports from the Japan Electronics Show 1999. Sony are showing off their next generation 3.2 megapixel CCD, and the guts of their upcoming DC-PC100 DV / digicam. Philips have a 6 megapixel CCD and Sanyo have a BIG 2/3" 2 megapixel CCD and a 0.8" organic EL LCD display for use in viewfinders. Matsushita (Panasonic) showed some odd looking digicams using their new SD flash storage cards (yes another new storage standard). Sony also showed a chunky MiniDisc digicam. Going back to storage Sanyo showed the 730MB iD magneto-optical disk.
October 8
Asami Azuma's C2500L gallery
Asami Azuma (the photographer who took the previous C2500L / F505 images) posts a gallery of Olympus C-2500L images on the Japanese Digital Olympus website.
October 7
A personal congratulations go to Steve Sanders of Steves-Digicams for reaching the astonishing milestone of 2,000,000 visitors. Steve works very hard and always has the latest reviews, here's to your next 2 million Steve!! (Note: I'm just hoping we can hit 2,000,000 before Y2K).
Fuji PR21
Fuji Japan publish information about their new unique PR21 digital camera, it's a 2.3 megapixel digicam based around the MX2700 , the big deal with this little digicam is that it has a built-in printer which can print up to 62 x 46 mm (2.4" x 1.8"). And the damage? A pricey US$890.
October 4
Canon Announce Price and Availability of S10
Canon have announced in a press release that the S10 will be shipping to US dealers around October 15 to make the S10 available for the holiday season. The best news? The estimated street price of $699.
Three-Dimensional Optical Storage Technology
Ok, you can keep your CF cards, your MemorySticks and your SmartMedia... I want one of these in my digital camera... (just one, that's all you'd need...)
InfoTrends Research Group publish this interesting article on the digicam market: "The transition from film-based photography to digital photography is underway worldwide. Though the complete transition is still many years away, it is happening in all market segments, including youth, consumer, and business. InfoTrends Research Group, Inc.'s "1999 Low End Digital Camera Forecast Worldwide Summary" shows that worldwide digital camera sales will top 3.6 million units in 1999, growing at an annual rate of 36% through 2003. "A combination of forces are driving this growth, including increasing penetration of PCs, Internet connectivity, mass market awareness and digital photo retail and online services," says Michelle Lampmann, market research analyst at InfoTrends Research Group. "
Why you shouldn't trust PC magazine reviews
Why you shouldn't always trust PC Magazine reviews...
October 3
Sony To License Memory Stick to 6 Firms
Sony today announced that they will be licensing their MemoryStick technology to six other companies: Fujitsu, Aiwa, Sanyo, Sharp, Pioneer and Kenwood. This in an attempt not to repeat the Betamax debacle.
Sorry folks, but this has been a no-news week, hopefully next week will be more interesting. To note, Toshiba are shipping the PDR-M5 (which I reported on some time ago). I've also added the PDR-M5 to the database along with the HP C200 & C500.
October 1
Both DC Resource and Imaging-Resource have posted reviews of the Fuji MX-1700, on top of that Imaging-Resource have posted a review of the MX-2900 (a camera I'm reviewing at the moment). Steves Digicams posts an MX-1200 first look.
September 29
Thanks to Derek W who posted this link to a Nikon official list of D1 Set Contents and package pricing."The Nikon D1 Set will be sold in the United States by Nikon Inc. through Authorized Nikon Professional Digital Products Dealers and Authorized Value Added Retailers. The D1 Set will include the D1 camera body, EN-4 Battery Pack, MH-16 Quick Charger, Video Cable, Nikon View DX Browser Software, Nikon D1 Neck Strap, and Nikon's One Year Limited Warranty. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Nikon D1 Set is $5,580.00. Local prices may vary. "
September 27
District Court Judge Grants Lexar Motion for Preliminary Injunction
Nikon Coolpix 800 - 2.11 megapixel, 2x zoom
Nikon today announce the Coolpix 800, a half-way ground between the Coolpix 700 and Coolpix 950. The 800 features the same proven 2.11 megapixel CCD with an all new 2x optical zoom lens (38-76mm, 35mm equiv) in a similar small package to the Coolpix 700. The 800 also has a couple of new interesting (if questionably useful) features. Competition to the upcoming Canon S10 ? MSRP $700.
September 22
PC Watch Digital Camera Sales Charts: In Japan, the Olympus C-2000Z pops to the top of the charts, but the Fuji MX1500 holds strong at second place. New entries in at six and seventh places are the Fuji MX1700Z and Olympus C-2500L.
CompactFlash and SmartMedia Slug It Out for Dominance In the Digital Camera Market, IDC Says: While most digital camera vendors easily agree that flash memory is the most effective method to capture digital images, the debate rages on as to whether CompactFlash or SmartMedia is more effective. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the two camps won't come to an agreement any time soon.
At long last and after a lot of anticipation Agfa have sealed their tie-up with Iomega with a real product. It's a 1 megapixel digicam with a fixed lens, the damage? $549!! Yeah.. right. Here's what they say:
Minolta officially announce RD3000
Minolta have finally announced (although many of you knew of it already) the quirky RD3000. This odd looking digital SLR features two 1.5 megapixel CCDs to produce a total resolution of 2.7 megapixels. It takes Vectis lenses and is priced at 360,000 YEN (US$3,240).
Canon Japan update S10 page
Canon Japan have updated their BeBit Canon S10 information page, now has more info and two mores sample images (looking VERY nice).
Thanks to reader Kenneth Wong. Kodak Japan have just posted two samples from the upcoming Kodak DC290 (2 megapixel DC265).
September 21
These samples, taken by their resident pro photographer Yamada were taken using what PC Watch call a "production body" in RAW format then compressed back into JPEG for viewing in a web browser. Note: my D1 gallery contains combinations of straight JPEGs and RAWs exported from Nikon View DX as JPEG.
September 20
Say What? Yup... they've dropped the official price to $549, other than that it's the old camera:
September 19
Exclusive: Nikon D1 Hands-on Part II
EXCLUSIVE: I have had an exclusive hands-on preview and shooting session with the latest pre-production model of the Nikon D1 (Sample 235), this generation three pre-production camera is said to be very close to the final production unit.
September 16
New Site Feature: Owners Opinion
Introducing a new level of interactivity to readers of Digital Photography Review. Do you own a Digital Camera? Probably, in a recent survey we conducted over 65% of you do. Noting a recent trend on the Forums of people posting mini-reviews we've now extended the functionality of the Cameras Database to accept Owners Ratings and Owners Reviews (in short Owners Opinion).
September 15
Fuji announce MX-1200 budget digicam
Fuji today announced their latest in a now vast range of digital cameras, the budget MX-1200 aimed squarely at the $300 price level. It's a 1.3 megapixel, 38mm fixed lens, SmartMedia digicam with tiny proportions and light weight.
September 14
PC Watch's resident professional photographer Yamada has updated his large array of sample images from most of the current (and upcoming) digital cameras on the market, a great way for you to see how the image quality of one camera stands up against another. Updated (now fine weather shots): Toshiba PDR-M5, Casio QV-2000UX, QV-8000SX. Fuji MX1700Z UPDATED: ADDED SONY DSC-F505 Samples
A very short item this one, but I've had a rumour (and I don't normally publish unconfirmed rumours but this one is just TOO interesting). The rumour is that the D1 will indeed have an interchangeable CCD, that means that in its current configuration it'll be 2.74 megapixels. Nikon would then in the future release upgrades (probably only installable by their service centers) which would allow you to always be on the cutting edge of image resolution. If this is true it makes the D1 a very, very economical purchase and almost future-proofs it (especially if the firmware is user-upgradeable which we can assume it will be).
September 13
Sony DSC-F505 / Olympus C-2500L samples
I often get requests from readers for "more flesh tone photos", well these aren't mine but are some I found on a popular Japanese site "ASCII/DOS V", their resident professional photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa has posted two small galleries of F505 and C-2500L shots, there's even a Canon EOS D2000 (Kodak DCS520) gallery to compare them to.
September 11
Steve Sanders posts most of his Casio QV-2000UX review
Steve's been busy again, this time with the Casio QV-2000UX, which looks to be an interesting camera with some neat features (not least of being the ability to create HTML index pages within the camera)... "The QV-2000UX proves that Casio is up to the challenge, it is a 2.1 megapixel camera that easily competes (and beats) many other cameras. It features a CompactFlash Type II slot that handles any size CF Type I card or the IBM Microdrive. There's USB connectivity for very fast downloads to PC or Mac computers. Inside is a large internal RAM buffer that allows capture of up to 5 full-size images at the rate of one picture every 1.5 seconds. "
September 10
Thanks to Andy Williams who sent over this hot news story from the excellent UK technology journal "The Register": You could soon talk on your mobile phone for much longer between battery recharge sessions, thanks to some nifty research from Tottori University in Japan. If the breakthrough gains commercial acceptance, the life of a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery could be 30 times as long.
PC Watch report on another day at PC Expo 99, Japan. This time not that much on the Digital Photography front other than a MemoryStick USB reader/writer, Lexar's JumpShot USB CompactFlash card, HP's new printer with SmartMedia and CompactFlash slots.
September 9
PC Watch's resident professional cameraman Yamada reports on the World PC Expo 99 in Japan for the second time, this time he visits Kodak, Casio, Ricoh, Canon, Epson, Toshiba and Panasonic (Matsushita in Japan).
PC Watch post detailed PDR-M5 specs
PC Watch have posted the specifications of Toshiba's upcoming PDR-M5, it has the fairly generic 2.14 megapixels, 3 x zoom (40mm - 120mm), up to 2 minute motion JPEG AVI video, SmartMedia and USB. More specs inside. (Anyone else think it looks like a whale?)
September 8
PC Watch Digital Camera Sales Charts: In Japan, the Fuji MX1500 still holds the number one place closely followed by the Olympus C-2000Z (they're selling a barrel load of these!) and the Sanyo DSC-SX150. Amazingly the ever faithful Olympus C900-Zoom (D400Z) hangs on for fourth place. The Nikon Coolpix 950 surges on the back of new stock.
The observant amongst you may have noticed the addition of "www.dpreview.com" under the logo in the side-bar. This is an indication of our new domain name, you can now access the site at our new address of www.dpreview.com, we intend on leaving the old photo.askey.net address for as long as possible.
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