November 19
Hasselblad creates 50MP multi-shot full-color camera
Hasselblad has announced a Multi-Shot (MS) version of its H3DII-50 medium format camera. First shown in the H3DII-39 MS in 2008, the system captures four shots in a row, moving the sensor by one pixel between each shot to record full RGB values at each position. THe H3DII-50 MS costs €23,000 with less expensive trade-in prices and a trade-up route for Hasselblad owners.
Adobe RAW 'release candidates'
Adobe has released 'Release Candidates' of Photoshop Camera Raw 5.6, Lightroom 2.6 and DNG Converter 5.6 for immediate download from Adobe Labs. The updates fix minor issues and provide additional Raw support for 19 more DSLRs, including the Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D3s, with additional DNG support for the Leica M9. The 'release candidate' label means the downloads are 'well tested' but not yet final versions.
November 18
Casio unveils EX-G1 rugged compact camera
Casio has unveiled the world's slimmest 'rugged' compact in the shape of Exliim EX-G1 - its thinnest side measures just 20mm (0.78"). The first in the company's new 'Exilim G' series of weatherproof cameras, named in reference to the company's well-known G-Shock series of watches. The G1 is designed to be dustproof, waterproof up to 3 meters for an hour, coldproof down to -10°C (14°F) and shock-resistant for drops of up to 2.13 meters. It incorporates a 38-114mm equivalent lens, 2.5" LCD, 12.1MP sensor and includes features such as Intelligent AF, Best Shot shooting mode and Interval shooting. Priced at US $299 and £279 GBP, the camera will start shipping from December 2009.
November 17
Bryce Bayer honored for key digital camera technology
Bryce Bayer, inventor of the color filter array used to determine color in virtually every modern digital camera has been given the UK Royal Photographic Society's Progress Award. Commonly known as the Bayer filter or Bayer pattern, his invention of a pattern of red, green and blue filters allows a light (but not color) sensitive sensor to record a broad range of colors in similar proportions to the sensitivity of the human eye. The work, conducted while working for Kodak, was patented in 1975 and originally described a system intended for recording video.
November 16
Just posted! Nikon D300S in-depth review
Just Posted: Our in-depth review of the D300S. By adding 720p HD video recording with contrast-detection AF and upping the continuous shooting rate to 7 frames per second, Nikon has made only subtle changes for its latest flagship APS-C DSLR, the D300S. However, its predecessor was an excellent camera and one that has proven hard to beat. So, has Nikon done enough to face up to Canon's rather impressive EOS 7D? Read our 30 page review to find out.
Zeiss launches ZF.2 lenses with CPUs for Nikon
Carl Zeiss is upgrading eight of its F-mount lenses by adding an electronic interface (CPU), allowing full support of automatic exposure modes and the inclusion of lens-related data to EXIF. Priced between €545 and €1,386, six of the new Nikon-mount ZF.2 series lenses will be available from the end of this month: 18mm/f3.5, 21mm/f2.8 , 35mm/f2, 50mm/f1.4, 50mm/f2 and 85mm/f1.4, while the Distagon T* 28mm/f2 and macro Planar T* 100mm/f2 will be introduced in Spring 2010. A reworked version of the Distagon T* 28mm/f2 will then follow in other mounts.
Casio adds back-lit CMOS for EX-FH25 & EX-FC150
Casio Japan has released two digital cameras that see the addition of 10MP back-illuminated CMOS sensors to existing models in the Exilim line-up. The Exilim EX- FH25 and EX-FC150 follow the EX-FH20 superzoom and EX-FC100 compact respectively, sharing similar features such as image stabilization, burst shooting rates of up to 40fps and movies at 1000fps.
November 13
Panasonic introduces tripod adaptor for Lumix GF1
Panasonic has introduced the DMW-TA1 tripod adaptor for its Lumix DMC-GF1 Micro Four Thirds camera. The design of the adaptor makes it easier to use tripods when large-diameter lenses such as Lumix G Vario 45-200mm or the HD 14-140mm are attached to the camera.
Canon releases EOS-1D Mark IV White Paper
Canon has released a 'White Paper' of its recently released EOS-1D Mark IV pro DSLR containing in-depth details of the camera features. It additionally covers comparison to predecessors and an overview of compatible software and accessories. All Canon white papers, including the one for EOS-1D Mark IV, are available for free download from their website.
November 12
Bibble Labs releases Bibble 5 Preview v3
Bibble labs has released a preview version 3 of its Bibble 5 RAW workflow software. This latest version extends support to 50 new cameras and offers faster RAW file conversion, selective non-destructive editing tools and better photo organization options than its previous versions. It is available for immediate download from the Bibble Labs website.
Leica S2 samples gallery
Just added: Our gallery of images from a pre-production Leica S2. Just recently Leica announced a delay in production of its new S2 autofocus medium format DSLR which will now be available from December. However, we already have our hands on a pre-production model and took it out into the gray London autumn for some snapshots. So here are a selection of images using both the APO-TELE-ELMAR-S 1:3.5/180 and the SUMMARIT-S 1:2.5/70 ASPH lenses. There is a mixture of camera JPEGs and RAW conversions.
Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG OS for Sony & Pentax
Sigma Japan has announced the availability of its 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG OS image-stabilized telephoto zoom lens in Sony and Pentax mounts. The lens is suitable for use on both APS-C and full frame DSLRs. Priced at 59,000 yen, the Sony version will start shipping from November 27, 2009 followed by the Pentax version from the first week of December 2009.
Eye-Fi adds FTP support
Eye-Fi has announced the addition of FTP support for its Share Video, Explore Video and Pro memory cards. With this service, users can now upload photos and videos directly to their personal FTP servers using either FTP or FTPS protocols. Currently offering support only to JPEG files and videos, the new FTP feature is listed along with other online sharing options in the Eye-Fi Manager.
November 11
Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro review

Just posted! Our lens review of the Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L IS USM. A few months ago Canon announced a new optical image stabilisation technology, dubbed 'Hybrid IS', that promises greater effectiveness at close distances for which conventional IS systems tend to be ineffective. The first lens to feature this has duly arrived in the shape of Canon's latest 100mm Macro, which alongside image stabilisation has also gained the added attraction of the premium 'L' designation. We take a close look to see if it's worth the premium over the older EF 100mm F2.8 USM Macro, which remains in Canon's range.

November 10
Ricoh GXR A12 and S10 preview samples galleries
Just Added: Our samples galleries of the Ricoh GXR camera system. We've been given a chance to get out and about with both the lens modules the company announced this morning. So here are a selection of Beta samples from both the A12 APS-C 50mm equiv. prime and the S10 1/1.7" 24-72mm zoom modules. We've prepared 52 shots taken at a range of ISOs, apertures and (where appropriate) focal lengths, including a mixture of camera JPEGs and RAW conversions.
Ricoh GXR interchangeable unit camera, previewed
After several weeks of rumors Ricoh has unveiled its first digital system camera, the GRX. The system takes a novel approach by offering interchangeable slide mount 'lens units' - sealed modules containing both optics and sensor, meaning it can switch from a large (APS-C) 12 MP CMOS with a fast prime lens to a tiny 10 MP CCD (with a 24-70mm lens). We've had a pre-production GXR system in the office for a week and have produced an in-depth hands-on preview which you'll find after the link. We've also taken lots of pictures with both lens modules so look out a little later today for an extensive gallery of samples.
November 9
Pentax Europe corrects online store stories
Pentax Europe has said its forthcoming online store will provide wider access to accessories, rather than cameras as previously reported. The move will allow the company to directly sell a wider range of products to consumers in UK, Germany France, Switzerland and Hungary. A statement from the company corrects an earlier press release from online shopping specialist Digital River about an online store that will be established before the end of the year. Pentax has struggled to achieve widespread distribution of its full product range in some European markets in recent years.
November 6
Just posted: Our Canon EOS 7D review
Just Posted: Our in-depth review of the Canon EOS 7D. With a new 18 MP sensor, a 100% viewfinder, weather-sealed body, a new 19 point AF system and Dual Digic 4 imaging processors the EOS 7D is clearly aiming for the top spot in the semi-pro/enthusiast bracket of the market. What does the competition have to say about that? How does the camera fare in our studio tests? Read our in-depth review and find out.
Adobe releases app for Android

Adobe has introduced Mobile as an application for mobile phones running the Android operating system. It enables users to view, edit and apply effects to images. Once edited, images can be uploaded to the user's account for sharing or back-up purposes. Currently available only in the US and Canada, the application is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Rebates & Discounts round-up for the holiday season
To make your pockets a little lighter this holiday season, we have put together a list of rebates and discounts available from leading digital camera and lens manufacturers. So, before you shell out money for your gifts make sure to go through the list of available promotions. We will update this article regularly over the holiday season.
November 5
Sony updates firmware for A380, A330 & A230 DSLRs
Sony has released firmware v1.10 for its DSLR-A380, DSLR-A330 and DSLR-A230 digital SLRs. The latest firmware for all three cameras locks exposure on the focused subject, when the metering mode is set to Center Weighted or Spot. The firmware is available for immediate download from Sony's website.
Olympus announces two Micro Four Thirds lenses
Olympus has announced two Micro Four Thirds lenses and published an updated 'roadmap' of lenses it plans to introduce. The latest lenses are the M.Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 wideangle and the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 superzoom, both of which will be available in the first half of 2010. The roadmap mirrors aspects of the company's Four Thirds lineup, promising a fisheye, wideangle and telephoto macro primes and a super-telephoto zoom.
Leica X1 preview samples gallery
Just Posted: Our preview samples gallery from the Leica X1. We've had a fully functional sample of Leica's high-end large-sensor compact for a few days now, just long enough to grab a few sample shots to give you an initial impression of the image quality attainable at a range of ISO settings and apertures.
Canon issues EOS 7D firmware update
Canon has posted a firmware update for its EOS 7D digital SLR that corrects the previously reported problem where traces of a preceding frame may be visible in images captured in continuous shooting mode. The firmware is available for immediate download from Canon's website.
Olympus launches E-P2 Micro Four Thirds camera
Olympus has announced the E-P2 just five months after the launch of its first Micro Four-Thirds camera, the E-P1. It's a minor upgrade with the addition of a port for a new high resolution electronic viewfinder (or external microphone), two new Art filters and a pearlescent black finish. It also gains AF tracking and includes a new i-Enhance 'colour boosting' function. Available from January 2010, the E-P2 with VF-2 electronic viewfinder and either 17mm pancake or 14-42mm zoom lens will sell for a suggested retail price of $1099.99.
November 3
Wanted: Web development engineer is recruiting again. We've got grand ideas and grander ambitions but achieving them will really require another web development engineer. This is an opportunity to join our growing web development team as they enhance the web's foremost camera resource.
Kodak creates print and share app for iPhone
Kodak has introduced the Pic Flick print and share application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Currently available only in the US, the free app allows users to wirelessly print images from their iPhone and iPod Touch on Kodak's recently released Wi-Fi-enabled ESP 5250 All-in-One printer or upload them on the Easyshare W820 and W1020 wireless digital frames.
November 2
Kata announces the 'Dream Bag Challenge'
Camera bag maker Kata has launched the 'Dream Bag Challenge' with the opportunity to win the perfect camera bag. The person submitting the best 'dream' camera bag design will win their bag, packed with $5000 worth of photographic gear including a Canon EOS 5D Mark II body + two lenses, a Gitzo tripod kit and a Metz flash. Winners of the second and third prize categories will win a Kata bag packed with gear worth $4000 and $3000 respectively. Entries close on March 1st, 2010.
Carl Zeiss launches Distagon T* 2/35 lens for Canon
Carl Zeiss has launched the Distagon T* 2/35 ZE wide-angle lens in Canon EF mount, for both analog and digital EOS SLRs. This manual focus lens, with its large f2 aperture, is made up of 9 elements in 7 groups. Previously available in ZF (Nikon), ZK (Pentax) and ZS (M42 screw mount), the ZE mount version will start shipping from November 16 for a retail price of US $870.
October 30
Canon camera profits rise despite falling sales
The strong Yen has resulted in fifth consecutive quarter of falling sales income for Canon's camera division, compared to the same period in previous years. Despite this, the company's operating profit and profit margin increased, prompting the company to improve its forecast for the next quarter. Total sales for the division fell 8.3% to ¥229 bn ($2,545m) once currency effects have been taken into account, though they actually grew 6.2% in the currencies they were sold in.
October 29
Kodak Consumer Digital Imaging sees sales fall
Kodak has reported that its business division that includes digital cameras suffered a 49% fall in sales (compared to the same period last year) in the third quarter of 2009. "Continued declines in consumer spending have had significant impacts in the company's digital camera and digital picture frame businesses," it said. The sales drop has primarily been due to a decline of approximately $157 million in intellectual property royalty revenues, the company said.
Nikon releases 'Learn &  Explore' app for iPhone
Nikon has introduced the 'Learn & Explore' app for Apple's iPhone in collaboration with the 'interactive agency' Molecular. Currently available only to US customers, the app gives photo enthusiasts access to images, video lectures and audio commentary from the company's website and enables them to read and bookmark articles from the Nikon World magazine. It is available for download from the Apple App Store.
October 28
Panasonic announces digital photo competition
Panasonic's eighth annual online LUMIX Award digital photo competition is now open for entries. Participants can submit one image per month under this year's theme 'Visualize music'. Each month a winner will be chosen and awarded a DMC-ZX1 digital compact. The overall winner for the single best digital photo will receive a DMC-GF1 Micro Four-Thirds camera along with tickets to see the Blue Man Group performance theatre troupe, while two runner-ups will receive a DMC-FZ38 compact. Entries can be up to 1200x1600 pixels and must be smaller than 2MB. The competition is only open to European entrants and runs until April 30 2010.
Phase One discusses Capture One Version 5
With Phase One launching new versions of its Capture One software, we spoke to Claus Mølgaard, Vice President of Research and Development, to find out what's new and to get a better understanding of the work that goes into providing RAW support for the latest cameras.
Phase One unveils Capture One 5 PRO
Phase One has released Capture One 5 PRO, the latest version of its RAW workflow software. It extends RAW support for additional DSLRs and digital backs and includes a host of new features including Focus Tool and Focus Mask that allows users to instantly assess and make selections from the focused area in images. It also features a new Skin Tone enhancer for smoother skin tones. Furthermore, users can now add vignetting to images, adjust individual color channels and edit an expanded set of metadata fields. The software is currently available for US $399 and €299 from Phase One's website with reduced-price upgrades for version 4 users.
October 27
Canon identifies problem with EOS 7D
Canon has said it is investigating an issue with its recently released EOS 7D digital SLR. In a service notice it says there is an occasional issue where traces of a preceding frame may be visible in images captured in continuous shooting mode. The company says it will release a firmware update to resolve the problem.
Fujifilm Remora flash kit for underwater photography
Fujifilm has announced the Remora Slave Flash kit for underwater flash photography, which is compatible with its line-up of digital compact cameras and underwater housings. The kit consists of the Remora Flash unit with a guide number of 20 and a flash beam angle of 60 degrees, a flexible arm and a fibre-optic cable. It also includes a built- in mount to for a focus light to pre-focus under water. The kit is available for £229 from Fujifilm approved Dive stores.
Toshiba develops back-illuminated sensor
Toshiba has announced the development of a back-illuminated CMOS sensor suitable for compact digital cameras. The technology, as used by Sony in its Exmor R sensors, will now be used in a 14.6MP, 1/2.3" sensor. The company says it will start shipping the Dynastron-branded chip by the third quarter of 2010. It will initially produce 500,000 units and expand in response to demand.
October 26
Spyder printer calibrator now a standalone product
Color management specialist Datacolor has released its Spyder3Print SR printer calibrator as a standalone product. The spectrocolorimeter-based calibrator, previously available as part of the company's Spyder3Studio SR monitor and print calibration system, is available for a suggested price of US $339. It promises fast and accurate color measurement and the simple creation of ICC printer profiles.
Digital camera inventor receives honorary doctorate
Steve Sasson, the man credited with inventing the first digital camera, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Rochester for his work. Sasson developed the first prototype, with a resolution of 0.01 megapixels, in 1975 while working at Kodak and received a patent for it in 1978. Although the diagrams included in the original patent won't look too familiar, its description of 'a solidstate light responsive device' for image capture is instantly recognizable. Earlier this month, Sasson also received an 'Innovation Award' from The Economist magazine for the same work.
SanDisk Memory Sticks offer 32GB storage capacity
SanDisk has announced 32GB variants of its Ultra Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards. The Ultra-branded Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo with read/write speeds of up to 30 MB/s will ship from November 2009 at a price of $279.99 while the Memory Stick PRO Duo is available now for $223.99.
October 23
Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 Di II VC for Canon
Tamron has announced the availability of its 17-50mm f/2.8 Di II VC midrange zoom for Canon mount. This image stabilized version of the company's popular APS-C format fast standard zoom, announced in September, will ship from the end of this month. It is already available for Nikon with a built-in motor.
Nikon updates ViewNX software
Nikon has announced version 1.5.0 of its ViewNX image viewing and editing software. The new version resolves minor issues and extends support to the recently released D3S digital SLR. It also enables location tagging via GPS logs from third-party receivers (including cellular phones) and supports Epson's E-Photo printing plug-in. Furthermore the software can also now run on Mac OS X version 10.5.8 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. Nikon has also updated its Transfer software to version 1.5.1.
October 22
Nik Viveza 2 for Photoshop, Lightroom & Aperture
Nik Software has announced a new version of its Viveza selective color and light control plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Version 2 brings in a host of new features and improvements including global image adjustment feature that allows users to control most of the color and light adjustments in a single step.The plug-in will be available from December for $199.95 or $99.95 to existing users.
Pentax K-7 firmware update
Pentax has released a firmware update for its K-7 mid-level DSLR. Version 1.02 adds a new Fine Sharpness 2 custom function for extra sharpness in images. In specific shooting conditions, it improves image processing performance and stability. The firmware is available for immediate download from Pentax's website.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Beta
Adobe has released a beta version of its Photoshop Lightroom 3 workflow and image editing software. Available immediately for free download from Adobe Labs, the new version includes features such as 'intuitive' importing, improved noise reduction, enhanced slideshows and direct online publishing options (such as Flickr).
Lensbaby releases Fisheye and Soft Focus Optics
Lensbaby has announced the addition of Fisheye and Soft Focus lenses to its Optic Swap system, offering focal lengths of 12mm and 50mm respectively. Both are compatible with Lensbaby's Composer and Muse body units, and Soft Focus can also be used with the Control Freak. The lenses both use Lensbaby's familiar removable disk aperture system, although unlike earlier optics, they do not feature a 'sweet spot' of focus. The Fisheye optic is now available for $149.95, while the Soft Focus Optic is $89.95.
October 21
Leaf releases Aptus II 5 digital back
Leaf has released the Aptus II 5 digital back. Priced at €5,995, the new back is expected to ship from November 2009. Phase One's 645AF camera body with 80mm lens can be purchased along with the back for an additional €2,000. With a total price of €7,995 for the camera system, we are seeing a trend of affordable medium format cameras trickling into the market. Featuring the fastest capture rate of 0.9 fps in the Aptus-II product line-up, the back includes a 22 MP sensor, 2.5 touch screen LCD, 12-stop dynamic range and 25-400 ISO range.
Mamiya DM22 & DM28 medium format cameras
Mamiya has announced the price and availability of its new DM22 and DM28 medium format cameras. Priced at $9,995, for the body and 80mm f/2.8 lens D series lens, DM22 is one of the cheapest medium format camera around. The 22 MP camera has a 48 x 36 mm sensor and features true 16 bit/channel RAW files, dynamic range of 12 f stops and and an ISO range of 25-400. The 28 MP DM28 is identical to the DM22, except for its 44 x 33mm sensor and an ISO range of 50-800. It is priced at $14,990 for the body and 80mm f/2.8 lens and will start shipping along with the DM22 from November 2009.
Panasonic re-posts firmware for DMC-LX3
As promised, Panasonic has today re-posted the latest firmware update for its Lumix DMC-LX3 digital compact. After a brief suspension, v2.1 which is the corrected version of the firmware previously available as version 2.0, is now available for immediate download via Panasonic's website. Version 2.1 offers a host of additional functions and improvements.